Saturday, December 8, 2007


We hope that Grandpa Larson had a very HAPPY Birthday! We love him and are so grateful for him! Thanks for everything Grandpa!

Christmas Date!

So, Devin and I went on our date tonight to Salt Lake City!! First, we went to a basketball game for BYU vs. Michigan State. We had TERRIBLE seats that truly give me a headache, so I didn't end up watching most of the game. Devin was still able to enjoy it. I have been really sick lately though because of the antibiotics I've been on, so it just didn't sit well with me. I ended up reading some talks I wanted to get caught up on for teaching in RS. We lost...

After the game we grabbed a little bite to eat and then headed off to temple square to see the lights. Devin nor I ever actually REMEMBER seeing them; so we wanted to have a chance to go before we headed back to Vegas. It was really FREEZING, but the falling snow made it even that much more beautiful! They had lots of beautiful lights and various nativities. Here are some pictures of Devin and I at the nativities and outside lights. I really wish Devin would have remembered to take off his hood, but that's ok...he's still my handsome :O)!!

As we were walking around, Devin said "I feel like we should be singing Christmas carols or something" and so, we did! And YES, he actually did sing--though quietly because he was slightly embarrassed that no one else was singing! It was pretty fun!

Here is the reflection pond. It had tons of different candles floating on top of it! I couldn't QUITE capture it on the camera, but it was REALLY COOL!!!
We also captured one with the peaks of the Salt Lake Temple...if you look closely, you can see the snow falling pretty! (Not me, the snow :O))

After we looked around outside, we went to the North Visitors Center, which is my favorite one! I believe it is also Devin's favorite, but he just loves Temple Square in general. We were able to see the Christus, which is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and breathtaking EVERY TIME you see it! We also saw a short film on the Saviors birth. I am continually in awe as I read and learn more of the birth of Jesus at how Mary and Joseph conducted themselves throughout the whole ordeal. It is truly amazing how they were able to keep their hopes up and how beautifully it all occurred. Joseph took such good care of Mary and Mary had such undaunted faith! It is truly indicative as to why they were chosen to be Christ's earthly parents. It was just a short film, but you can feel so much about what they really went through during that short time before Christ was born....and then how many people it affected immediately after. I am truly so grateful! This one is one of my fav's!

We spent a bit of time after that going around and viewing a lot of the short films that they have there at the visitor's center. We especially liked to view the ones on family (and children) and the church's welfare program. What inspired leaders we have!

This picture is of us at a tree in the visitor's center....

As we were walking away, Devin said that one day he would like to have a bit of money saved so that we could stay at one of the hotels around temple square. Then we could spend all day there and into the night viewing all of the videos at the visitors centers, go to several sessions at the Salt Lake Temple, and do some of our family history and stuff. I think that would be A TON of fun! Hopefully, we can get a chance to do everything on Temple Square someday. For now, this has to suffice. We have had a chance before to do a live session at the Salt Lake Temple before though. It was really neat to see it's just even that more real somehow. It makes you think differently. Anyway, here is one last picture before I sign off! It was one of my favorites because it has the lights and the temple in the background! Have a wonderful Christmas full of service this season (if I don't get to say it sometime before Christmas)!! Love you all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tagged Thrice! :O)

I am supposed to write 6 quirky things about me and 6 things I'm thankful for....the last six will be easy....I don't feel very! yeah right!

Quirky Six:

1) Whenever I pop a blackhead--mine or someone else's--I chomp my teeth once or twice. No idea why?!?! Craziness really...My friend noticed it in high school and I have tried, with complete failure I might add, to quit that addiction.

2) I, like Shelise, type words I am hearing. I try to keep up with my professors at school. Most of the time I can, but I get REALLY upset when I make mistakes...and believe me, I KNOW when I've messed up--I can see the keyboard right in front of me for heaven's sake!! I also play the piano whenever I hear piano music. At church, you can literally see me playing my legs like a piano whenever there is a hymn being played or someone is playing a special musical number!

3) I like to poke people if I want attention. In high school, it was Shelise (and it would DRIVE her NUTS if I touched her arms at all) and now it's Devin. For some reason, I just get an energy HIGH and need to be listened to or get some of my energy out. Poor Devin...Sometimes he is trying to sleep and I just keep poking him because I need some attention! It's not actually that I ENJOY poking's just the only outlet I have for whatever I need to get out. :O)

4) My most recent quirk is that EVERY TIME I am going to the bathroom lately, I have to stop and think "Is this real?!" I, for some odd reason or another, have been having weird dreams; so, before I start to tinkle, I stop and ask myself if I am REALLY awake or not....

5) Sometimes I just have to URGE to call one of my parents. I don't have anything specific to say or anything, I just HAVE to call them. It's like my security blanket or something. I just have to make sure they're ok!

6) I break out in dance all the time! I just love to's usually weird dance moves though, and Devin and I laugh at me :O) I'm such a weirdo!


1)A magnificent year of learning and growth. Can I just say that I have never learned so much about life in my life as I have in the last year?! I'm sure that will drastically change when I have kid. Anyway, I just love to learn. From the sciences, to families, to spiritual things, to politics, there is always some way to grow and something to benefit from! I can honestly say I am sad to graduate from college. I know it won't be an ending to my learning new things, but I know it is one of the last opportunities for me to truly increase my knowledge this quickly and easily. Everything is just so accessible. Also, I always want to grow and better myself. I know that the only way that can truly happen is because of Jesus Christ; so that leads me to my next one.
2)Jesus Christ. There is no one better! :O) I know that is easily said, but I truly marvel at what an example He is to all of us. The way he conducted His life on earth is truly remarkable!! Being married has changed a lot of my perspective, and I can't put it into words, but it really is a miracle that he was able to control His thoughts and words and actions SO PERFECTLY. I can't imagine being able to think and act as I should every moment of every day....and so, I am EXTREMELY grateful for His perfect life and for the Atonement. I know there isn't any other way. I know that if we turn to Him and use that Atonement, we can be changed, in our hearts, and be molded into what the Lord would have us be. What a marvelous thing!! I am so deeply grateful and blessed to have a Savior who loves ME!
3)My husband. He's so handsome :O) PLUS, he is a great example to me of a humble person who is willing to submit to the Lord's will and to change himself each day to be a better man. And each day he is! He is ALWAYS working, always trying, and always setting goals and accomplishing them. He is such a helper, too! Each day he does the dishes--which I hate--and doesn't complain a wink. We truly are best friends and always strive to be equal partners drawing close to the Lord. He's fun to cuddle with and keeps me warm (and this is a BIG DEAL to me because my feet and hands are always FREEZING, but he is so willing to sit on my feet and warm my hands so that I am comfortable). And he's a good lover...not to mention a GREAT masseuse!!!
4)My parents. I have never been so grateful for my parents as I have been since I've been married. I think it was just because I was such an unappreciative spoiled brat! I am so grateful for the way they have raised me. It has made it so much easier for me to live a productive and enjoyable life! They taught me how to deal with emotions, how to solve problems, how to strive for a good education, how to work, how to save money, how to interact with people, how to love people, and most importantly, how to draw close to and love the Lord with all my heart! They were wonderful examples of dedication and service to the Lord because they always fulfilled their callings as diligently as possible! They also had daily--and even hourly--conversations with me about the gospel and about Jesus Christ. They were always examples of striving to live the principles of the gospel and helped me to be the person I am today. I know I am not perfect, but I am grateful that they taught me that I am a daughter of God and should be valued as such and that everyone else in the world is too (either a son or daughter, I should say). I learned to value people and look at things from their perspective and that has been so very important to me in my life! I just could not be ANYWHERE I am today without them and I am EXTREMELY grateful for their sacrifice and willingness to do what was needed for our family.
5)My siblings. I swear, I just feel closer and closer to them each day. I love them all for their own special personalities, talents, and abilities. They are always so kind and forgiving. I know that I did not always treat them as I should have, but I am certainly grateful for the relationships we have developed as of late. Trevor is on a mission and I have NEVER seen someone SO willing or SO happy to serve. He is a great example to me and is so good with people. JaNae takes on so many things. She has so many talents in so many areas. She is compassionate, funny, good at sports and music, a hard worker, and the list could go on. Dallin is so intelligent and ready to learn. He is the one in our family who is more quiet...and sometimes that can be a REALLY admirable quality among all of us. Anyway, they are each WONDERFUL and cherished in their own special ways.
6)Prayer. I LOVE to know that at any moment (and believe me, there are TONS of moments when this happens), I can just talk to my Heavenly Father. He is a great listener and at ANY time when I am feeling low, happy, or somehow empty, He is truly the one who helps me feel whole and complete. I always need someone to talk to and I am grateful He taught us about prayer so that we can talk with Him daily, momently, and always!

I was also tagged to tell 7 weird/random facts about myself (boy oh boy, you just get to know all about me today, don't you?!)
1) My entire family can ride the unicycle except for me. I have been "learning" for years, but have never actually jumped on board whole-heartedly!
2) I LOVE my bed! :O) I love being all cuddled up and warm. If it didn't ultimately give me headaches and prevent me from getting everything else done that I enjoy, I would probably stay there quite often!
3) I drink really weird. BOTH my husband AND Dallin (my younger brother) have mentioned this several times and make fun of me for it. I like kinda circle up my lower lip and bring in my upper lip and gulp it down so it won't touch my upper lip. I think it's because I've always been a milk drinker and so it's my way of preventing a milk mustache. I don't like being dirty...which leads me to the next one...
4) I have a serious phobia of GERMS! In fact, so much so that no matter the cost of our monthly laundry, I HAVE to use a different towel to dry myself every day. I also wash my hands a TON each day....not just during normal things, but especially while I'm cooking. I think my record has been 20 times in one hour period of time. My hands are almost always dry and crackling.
5) I can't drink soda....sad, but true. It gives me HORRIBLE stomach aches and I end up losing all of my food.
6) I am trying to turn the raccoon in the backyard into my pet dog. Every since I lost Scruffy, I have been searching for something! ha's going to take A LOT longer to train (considering it's wild) but if we continue to live here in Provo, I will make sure to get him loving us! He already comes and sits at the window for food several times each night.
7) I always think I have cancer.

Anyway, let's see....I tag Tara, Becca, and Cristi for any of the above....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday Bash (and a little more proof)

Here is more proof of the below post (Animal Adorer). Yes, this is ACTUALLY a raccoon INSIDE MY HOUSE!! ha ha. Devin just couldn't help it...he HAD to string slices of bread into my home so that the raccoons would enter...

And this is him so happy and holding ever so still so that they will continue to come in the house.
Tonight, Devin and I brought my sister-in-law, Kristin, to a place called Color Me Mine for her birthday. She is very artistic and creative, so we thought this would be a special thing to do for her birthday. She really seemed to enjoy it! Surprisingly, Devin did too! (Here, Kristin is laughing at something funny Devin is doing)

When you get there, you pick out a pre-made piece of pottery and you pick colors and paint it however you want. Kristin painted a "studly man" mug (with RAGING biceps) and Devin and I painted a snowman plate thing (so we can try to get more decorations for Christmas). It was a lot of fun for us to do together and a great activity to do for Kristin's birthday. Happy Birthday Kristin!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Animal Adorer

So, Devin absolutely LOVES the mountains and the animals you can find therein. I decided that I should put a few pictures up of him that depict his love for animals. First and foremost, I have put some pictures up of our honeymoon spot. We went to a little bed and breakfast in the Zion area and it was beautiful and SO MUCH FUN!!! Here is a picture Devin got of me because he wanted me to see how close I could get to the deer (in the background). Needless to say, I was too loud and a lot worse at it than he was, so I broke out in laughter.

Devin likes to feed the raccoons that live outside our apartment, so we have a pile up of gross food and leftovers that Devin leaves out for them right outside of our back door. Then, he waits patiently for them to return so he can watch them. There is a momma with 4 babies that come to feed nightly at around 8 or 8:30 PM. Here is Devin at the door watching as one raccoon comes up for a bite...

He also loves to go into the mountains behind our apartment for a good hike and nature's beauty. He likes to think and ponder about various things while he's up there, and it is definitely something he needs from time to time so that he can rejuvenate himself and participate in his own recreation. Being outdoors with the animals and nature is truly his first love. Here he is at the top of the mountain. He was literally "in the clouds" with this day and hike.
(Yeah, not necessarily a GREAT shot of him...not many of these ARE great shots, but we were hiking and honeymooning...not caring about our appearance until a year later when we are actually sharing the pictures with people)
A few weekends ago, Devin took his dad and brothers up the mountain and ran into some moose. They were even fighting and stuff. Here is some video you can hopefully appreciate as much as Devin. Seeing bull moose is definitely a treat if you have never had the opportunity. Plus, it is pretty difficult to find them. (Hint: Turn up the volume and listen very carefully to the excitement and determination in Devin's voice :O)

The very last thing I will put are pictures from two separate trips we went on last year. One of them was on our way out of town from Vegas to Dallas, Texas. We saw a whole herd of big-horned sheep. There are pictures of that.

The other trip was our honeymoon to Zion. We took a hike up to Angel's Landing. If you don't know about this hike, you should. Several people die while hiking it EACH YEAR (if you don't believe me, read the sign).

It is very steep and also has very narrow passageways to the very large "Angel's Landing." If you fall, you die...that's all there is to it. There are pictures to kinda try and demonstrate how high it was as well as pictures about the fun Devin has with it! It's a good thing that I go rock climbing and LOVE the adrenaline rush! If not, this would not have been a good hike to go on. There are chains with which to "hang on for dear life." I didn't use those much, cuz it was wide enough for me...but Devin got a little nervous. One time, I ACTUALLY almost tripped off, but caught myself on the chains, so I guess it's a good thing they are there or else I wouldn't have been married in this life for long. Anyway, enjoy!

Here is a picture of the narrow passageway to get to the top of Angel's Landing. You can see some people crossing it toward the bottom.

Here I am at the top of the passageway coming from Angel's Landing. You can see a little bit of the chains used to get to the bottom. Devin is at the beginning of the hike. You can see Angel's Landing above him.

The last pictures are us at the top with the view and the height of it all included.

Halloween Haunting's been a while! I have lots of catching up to do because my internet hasn't been working very well for the last week. That means, I just do the bare minimum online at school--which always ends up being schoolwork instead of fun things! :O)

We began the Halloween spirit in our home on Monday night. I LOVE Halloween, so I'm usually a lot more involved, however, the lack of money and time equals little preparation time. Monday night, however, was my excitement! I did my traditional eating out of pumpkins dinner. I made chili, cornbread, and bought apple juice and pumpkin bread (Great Harvest's is THE BEST!). Devin and I invited a few couples from the ward to join in on the fun. We use those little pumpkins that are normally used for making pumpkin pie or bread or something and carve the centers out. Then you bake them a bit and use them as bowls for the chili! It is a really fun tradition for me. Devin gave our family home evening lesson on the Holy "Ghost." We got a little creative, but it was a SERIOUS lesson, I swear! ha ha I didn't get any pictures because I completely forgot, but I LOVE that tradition, so I had to tell everyone about it! We had a blast!

I had a soccer game Halloween night and we won 5-4! Woohoo! I feel like I did extra well. I am getting a lot better at soccer and a lot less afraid of going after the ball. I had an assist (meaning, I passed the ball to the person who kicked in the goal) and was hit so hard by one girl that I went flying backwards and she got a foul called--yeah, I'm kinda sore now. I am getting aggressive! ha's fun for me considering a lot of the tension I've had over the last few months. I really love--and NEED--to go play!

Anyway, for the extra fun stuff (cuz it includes pictures)...

After my game Devin and I came home and got ready to go to a homemade haunted house and my friend Jessica Gillespie's Halloween party. Here are the fabulous pictures we took at home (Devin picked what I was going to be, so I got to pick what HE was going to be).

Don't we just look so into character?! ha ha

And again...

This was fun because we had it be our date night in the middle of the week instead of during the weekend.

The haunted house we went to was, like I said, homemade.... It wasn't the least bit scary, which was good because Devin got to experience his favorite part of Halloween, and I didn't have to get really scared. The people who did it had A TON of props and have apparently been doing it for years. Their neighbors do "Thriller" performances each year, too! It's just right in their home in Orem! Seems like a pretty fun family tradition for them! Here is a picture we took together next to one of their props...We finally made it to Jessica's party...just in time for the end of it and cleaning up. We just sat and pigged out on all of the leftover food. Treats at Halloween time are my very favorite...

Jess was nice enough to take a picture of us on our way out. This is one of my favorites of us.

Anyway, this part is for Tara....

I am accomplishing my goals of taking more pictures now, simply because of the blog. The FUNNY part, however, is that Devin has now gotten involved. I had my camera in hand and he said "Now you can take pictures of us to put on your blog." HA! He can join the Blogger Father s club! lol! Just thought you'd find that funny.

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Happy Halloween! Good luck on the rest of the holidays and just so you're all aware, they are already playing Christmas music on 106.5! Gotta love it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ALMOST completed bedroom!

Devin and I finally got the headboard for our bed that we bought at a garage sale a few months ago. Devin's mom and sister are very into garage sale shopping; so, we do that from time to time when we go home to Vegas to visit the families. Devin and I don't purchase things very often, mainly because we are low on money and do not have any more room in our little apartment for more decorations, however, we saw this antique looking headboard for a pretty inexpensive price and decided to snatch it. I just finished the "curtains" today too, so I took some pictures to show it off to the world! The curtains are actually a shower curtain that I bought several months ago because it was cheaper than anything else I could find. I cut it down the middle, sewed the ends together, and hemmed up the edges. All in all, it was very easy...and MUCH less expensive than it would have been to try to buy some curtains. Plus, it didn't take me hardly any time to make them. I would have liked to do a little bit different style, because the real reason I wanted curtains was to cover up the window at night since the lights outside our apartment are pretty bright, but I still think it looks pretty good for just a temporary room!

Maybe for Christmas I will get some paint (for the headboard) and some ribbon (for the candles) so that I can finish up the bedroom with a splash of color. With white walls, that's really the best we can do! After that, maybe I'll be able to make some curtains for our living room sliding-glass-door. Really, we won't be here too much longer (only about 2 1/2 more months), so it's probably not the best idea , and we have enough decoration throughout the house thanks to everyone who gave us SUCH CUTE THINGS at our reception! Thank you!!

Anyway, thanks to my wonderful husband for hanging (and rehanging repeatedly) the curtain hooks and well as taking apart the ENTIRE bed so that we could put the headboard behind it. It is up on these big bed lifter things, so it makes it a much more difficult ordeal. PLUS, we have all of our food storage and "extras" under the bed that we can't fit anywhere else. Needless to say, he was a real trooper!

He has been Mr. "fix-it" this week more than ever. He's spent a lot of time fixing up his bike so that he can make sure he is extra safe on the road. We have a big hill he has to go down everyday to get to school, so breaks and good tires are a must. He's been taking the bike apart and putting things back together. It's a great "feel-good" activity for him! :O)

We are currently deciding on if we will leave Provo for an internship in the out Vegas peoples, we might be coming after you. It's still not a high possibility, but at least now Devin is considering it...mostly for my sake since I love it there and I don't want to go to Texas!

Last update of the day, my parents had to give away my dog on Sunday. We have been searching for the right people to take him and we found what seems like a really good home for him. My parents were AMAZING taking him for the past month and a half, but they just can't have two dogs running the house. One is definitely enough for them. I know that my dad really loved Scruffy too, so it was hard on both of us. Dad said that he thinks even Sparky was sad to have him go (Sparky pouts sometimes when people he likes leave long-term--like Trevor and now Scruffy. I'm sure he'll get over it quickly) I am really grateful that we were able to find a good home for Scruffy though, even though I am absolutely bereaved over losing him. It will be good for him to have a permanent and loving home, so that makes it easier for me.

Anyway, that's enough of my life! Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fabulous Football

We won our game tonight! It was AMAZING because it came right down to the end~ Here is a happy team afterward...what a great picture-taker and cheerer Devin is! :O) Oh...I am trying to show my "muscles." ha ha!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sporty, Sports, Sports

So, thus far I have not been a better picture taker! What do ya know?! Devin and I have both been really busy doing school. We have also been involved in intramurals this semester. Last night, I played soccer and our team did SOOOO well! I am also playing football, which is crazy! But I have become quite competitive and have even dived for the flag (flag football)! Devin is amazing as always at soccer and football. He makes all the goals on his team and is really competitive too! We have a lot of fun cheering for one another! Next game, I will have to take some pictures and post them...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scruffy baby!

There is a lot going on in our little bitty lives. I am ever so anxiously waiting to get my little baby back! lol. I know he's not REALLY a baby, but I really have become quite attached. He just loves me SOO much! And I love him! Many people don't like him, but if you look at his sad little face, you can't help to feel bad for him and want him to just have a permanent home--unless, of course, you're Devin. Because he hates dogs, it has been an interesting experience having one. Scruffy has to stay at my parents house for the time being until we move to a new apartment where he can live with us once again! I have no other children to brag about, so I'll brag about him! He has really come a long way since we have had him. I have spent a lot of time training him and I have definitely learned a lot about how dogs should be "raised." I have taught him how to sit and to lay down...and if you know this stubborn little guy, you know that is a tough feat to overcome! He is really obedient, for ME, but he has yet to learn how to respect EVERYONE. He definitely has a long way to go, but I know that we can do it! And I am excited to try!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the beginning there was Dev and Meg

I have officially decided to begin our blog. Maybe it will encourage me to take more pictures of our family and to remember so many more of the funny moments we have! I am very forgetful! It is just the two of us for now.... Anyway, I hope that you can enjoy it despite the fact that we are not cute little children :O)