Friday, November 2, 2007

Animal Adorer

So, Devin absolutely LOVES the mountains and the animals you can find therein. I decided that I should put a few pictures up of him that depict his love for animals. First and foremost, I have put some pictures up of our honeymoon spot. We went to a little bed and breakfast in the Zion area and it was beautiful and SO MUCH FUN!!! Here is a picture Devin got of me because he wanted me to see how close I could get to the deer (in the background). Needless to say, I was too loud and a lot worse at it than he was, so I broke out in laughter.

Devin likes to feed the raccoons that live outside our apartment, so we have a pile up of gross food and leftovers that Devin leaves out for them right outside of our back door. Then, he waits patiently for them to return so he can watch them. There is a momma with 4 babies that come to feed nightly at around 8 or 8:30 PM. Here is Devin at the door watching as one raccoon comes up for a bite...

He also loves to go into the mountains behind our apartment for a good hike and nature's beauty. He likes to think and ponder about various things while he's up there, and it is definitely something he needs from time to time so that he can rejuvenate himself and participate in his own recreation. Being outdoors with the animals and nature is truly his first love. Here he is at the top of the mountain. He was literally "in the clouds" with this day and hike.
(Yeah, not necessarily a GREAT shot of him...not many of these ARE great shots, but we were hiking and honeymooning...not caring about our appearance until a year later when we are actually sharing the pictures with people)
A few weekends ago, Devin took his dad and brothers up the mountain and ran into some moose. They were even fighting and stuff. Here is some video you can hopefully appreciate as much as Devin. Seeing bull moose is definitely a treat if you have never had the opportunity. Plus, it is pretty difficult to find them. (Hint: Turn up the volume and listen very carefully to the excitement and determination in Devin's voice :O)

The very last thing I will put are pictures from two separate trips we went on last year. One of them was on our way out of town from Vegas to Dallas, Texas. We saw a whole herd of big-horned sheep. There are pictures of that.

The other trip was our honeymoon to Zion. We took a hike up to Angel's Landing. If you don't know about this hike, you should. Several people die while hiking it EACH YEAR (if you don't believe me, read the sign).

It is very steep and also has very narrow passageways to the very large "Angel's Landing." If you fall, you die...that's all there is to it. There are pictures to kinda try and demonstrate how high it was as well as pictures about the fun Devin has with it! It's a good thing that I go rock climbing and LOVE the adrenaline rush! If not, this would not have been a good hike to go on. There are chains with which to "hang on for dear life." I didn't use those much, cuz it was wide enough for me...but Devin got a little nervous. One time, I ACTUALLY almost tripped off, but caught myself on the chains, so I guess it's a good thing they are there or else I wouldn't have been married in this life for long. Anyway, enjoy!

Here is a picture of the narrow passageway to get to the top of Angel's Landing. You can see some people crossing it toward the bottom.

Here I am at the top of the passageway coming from Angel's Landing. You can see a little bit of the chains used to get to the bottom. Devin is at the beginning of the hike. You can see Angel's Landing above him.

The last pictures are us at the top with the view and the height of it all included.


Taralee said...

How pretty! And that is funny about the raccoons coming to eat out on your porch. That would be so cool to see!! :) Those pictures are nice. How fun huh?!!

Brianna said...

Hi Megan-

I don't know if you remember me from High School. I stumbled across your blog the other night and I thought I'd write you. Since I don't have your email I thought this would be the best way to drop you a note and tell you hello. You can comment on my blog at or write me at

I've been reading about your adventures and I can't believe you're married. Congratulations! It seems like forever since I last saw you. Hope you can drop be a line when you get a minute.

Brianna (Combs) Johnson

The Dynamic Trio said...

WOW! I think this is my favorite post so far! lol. I love all the pictures, you 2 are such a cute couple. This looked like SO much fun. But one question...aren't racoons like REALLY mean?! your hubby must be brave!