Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy 5 years!!

So, basically, the last 5 years have been filled with their ups and downs, great days and bad, difficult and easy, but most of all, LOTS of change!

In 5 years, we've......

1. Upgraded from a 550 sq ft apartment, which we rented, to a 2460 sq ft house, which we own

2. Moved 7 times
3. Held approximately 15 callings between the two of us
4. Had one child, and one on the way

5. Graduated both of us from BYU
6. Had 10 different jobs (again, between the two of us)
7. Learned to like football (Meg) and learned to play songs on the piano (Dev)
8. Spent over 1200 hours doing dishes
9. Played A LOT of sports (and won one intramural soccer championship at BYU)
10. Changed close to 3000 diapers (give or take 500)
11. Gone on a cruise and to Monterrey, Mexico

12. Gone from swearing we would never live in Vegas (Devin) to embracing it; almost moving to NEW Mexico
13. Gotten only 2-3 speeding tickets (this is GOOD for Devin) :O) and one accident (just today actually--not his fault, luckily!)
14. Received two brothers and one sister home from a mission
15. Stayed in the hospital 3 times

16. Lived with, and took care of, an elderly couple who influenced many goals for our own future

17. Gone on at least 6 hikes together, and I can't even count how many apart!

18. Each had at least one very distressing hair cut/color mistake!
19. Won our apartment door Christmas decorating contest with dollar store decorations (well worth the money because we got a good prize!)

20. most of all, grown closer together and deeper in love!
(Among many, many other things)

I love you Devin!  Happy Eternity!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girl or Boy

I've basically had the next baby name picked out forever.  (You know how you make those "Future Baby Name" lists in high school??)  I tried to throw some new ones in the mix when we actually found out about this pregnancy, you know, for Devin to choose from, but it seems he loves these names as well.

Note: We decided at Camden's birth that we would continue the Kevin and Karen Romney tradition of the 'in', 'en', 'yn', 'an' ending sound in the names of our future posterity.  You know, since my name fit (Meghan) and Devin's was obviously already a part of that tradition.

So without further adieu, here are the names we have narrowed it down to (yes, I do this very early on in pregnancy.  I like to feel like the baby is already a part of the family--I don't like to call it 'the baby' for very long.

Girl--- Jadyn Marie Romney   (probably call her Jade for short; and it's Mom and my middle name)...always, ALWAYS loved that name since the Jaded song by Aerosmith
Boy-- Landon Miles Romney (Yes, because I LOVE 'A Walk to Remember'; now you're probably thinking I'm crazy because these names are based off of pop culture, but I have my own DEEPER reasoning) OR Larson Dean Romney (After my mother's maiden name/grandparents; Devin's dad's middle name.  I'm still trying to convince Devin of this one--he seems to be scarred from a certain friend of his being shortened to LARS and he just can't bear the thought of his child being called that)

I'm betting it's a girl, Devin has no opinion on the matter yet, and my mom thinks I'm crazy for trying to guess at all.  Well, there's a 50/50 shot!  What are your guesses (yes, yes. It's a full 10 weeks away, but I'm giving you plenty of time to think about it)?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ghost Candy

This is a sucker that Camden found in his trick-or-treat candy.

He calls him 'The Holy Ghost.'

I have no idea where he got that. 
(I'm even his nursery leader, so I know he didn't learn it there, and
 I PROMISE I didn't even call it a ghost when he took it out of his bag in the first place)

Made me laugh!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween pictures

 Getting ready for the trunk or treat

He kept saying scary, but just wanted to sit and stare at it!

 Our little dinosaur.  Devin is goofy and I am an elephant

 LOVED seeing his grandma and trick or treating at her house!

 But he has especially been obsessed with Grandma's pumpkins this year

 Camden would not wear his hat unless I wore this one....I guess it's a good trade--I pick his costume, he picks mine.

 Halloween Day outfit.  We went to my first baby Dr. appointment together on Halloween!

Getting home--checking out the spoils!