Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scruffy baby!

There is a lot going on in our little bitty lives. I am ever so anxiously waiting to get my little baby back! lol. I know he's not REALLY a baby, but I really have become quite attached. He just loves me SOO much! And I love him! Many people don't like him, but if you look at his sad little face, you can't help to feel bad for him and want him to just have a permanent home--unless, of course, you're Devin. Because he hates dogs, it has been an interesting experience having one. Scruffy has to stay at my parents house for the time being until we move to a new apartment where he can live with us once again! I have no other children to brag about, so I'll brag about him! He has really come a long way since we have had him. I have spent a lot of time training him and I have definitely learned a lot about how dogs should be "raised." I have taught him how to sit and to lay down...and if you know this stubborn little guy, you know that is a tough feat to overcome! He is really obedient, for ME, but he has yet to learn how to respect EVERYONE. He definitely has a long way to go, but I know that we can do it! And I am excited to try!


Taralee said...

scruffy scruffy scruffy...I know you love that little dog! (even if he does bite my kids)--JK, no hard feelings though :) I'm SOOOO excited you started a blog! You, Jean and Shelise were the main 3 people I really wanted to start one and I've succeeded because you were the last of the 3. I'm a champ :) Woohoo, I'll add you to my family list. Do you check mine often? See ya.

Lindzie said...

i met Scruffy! He seemed normal then!

The Dynamic Trio said...

I love your cute page meg! That dog is adorable, end of story. You and your husband are adorable! I hope all is well :)