Thursday, September 30, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

When Devin was a young boy, his mom could pay him in baseball cards to do pretty much anything.  A few weeks ago, she handed us boxes--literally boxes--just like this one, that Devin had collected through the years.  Camden has enjoyed watching his father go through the boxes, one-by-one, picking out cards that may be valuable verses ones that were trash can worthy.  Camden brought me into my bedroom the other day, where he knew the cards were stored away, and "screamed" at me until I got the box down for him.  He played with the cards for a while.

Just out of the bath.  Messy, messy hair!

I was trying to teach Camden how to drink out of a regular cup, by himself.  No help from me.  He has forever been able to drink out of cups and water bottles if I am helping him, but he is having a hard time with the from-the-table-to-the-mouth thing.  This was his first try entirely by himself.  A little too hard a jerk made for it pouring down his head and chest.  He was NOT a happy little camper at that point.  A few minutes later, he broke out into hives all over his face, chest, and stomach.  As it is, he has an allergy to milk.  Who woulda thought?!  A bath,  3/4 tsp of benadryl, and a doctor trip later, and he was as good as new; with Dr's orders of no milk for a few months, but instead to stay on formula.  He doesn't mind that one--especially since he gets to keep his bottle.  Camden seems to have an special affinity for his bottle.

While at my grandparents cabin, we decided to "hike" (hike being a relative term) Cascade Falls.  I even carried Camden the whole way there and back--that's how much of a hike it was!  Here we are at the Falls.  Camden just started getting sick (which he has now been for at least 1 month straight!).  Poor little guy.

Cam was a little nervous for his first four-wheeler ride...
...but warmed up to it rather quickly.  Soon after this pic, he was grabbing the handles to steer. He LOVES to steer!
Quite proud of himself for figuring out how to be so much bigger than all of us folks on the floor beneath him.
Our half hike somewhere on Mt. Timpanogos. I am not much of a hiker (much prefer rock climbing, myself), so I didn't really have that much need to know where it was we were hiking to.  Camden with his first snake.

Didn't want to get any kisses from the snake, I guess.

Feeding the ducks
First Oreo Cookie (a few weeks before his first birthday, you know, to get him used to the sugar :O)
I'm pretty sure he liked it
Pure and utter bliss
One of his favorite things in the EN-TIRE world. And his first word

Whoops. Landed out of order and I don't feel like re-arranging
A new friend who comes to play almost everyday!  Trying to get used to the idea of sharing toys--and MOM!
He figured out to hold a phone to his ear without my knowledge. Never taught him this.  Guess I know what he learned by example.  Maybe I spend a little too much time on one of those...  

An ear infection (1st) to follow

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Camden!

The preparations and decorations:

 Yes, a do it yourself cake complete with Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch cupcakes

 Ok, we tried to draw the faces on the balloons.  That's what you get when you throw 
a birthday for $20.  I went to about $25 including gifts, decorations, grab bags, etc.. Couldn't help it!
 To the left: Camden loves his new Elmo blankie

The get-up:

Is that a NO on the hat??

Loves his Elmo shirt with his embroidered name-Thanks Grandma!

The People:

The cake:

The FUN:
Loves, Loves, LOVES the park! Climbing through the tubes is great fun (but 
a rather difficult phenomenon for Mom and Dad)

First slam dunk!  Thanks to Aunt Kristin's help and
Aunt JaNae and Uncle Taylor's fabulous gift!

Cried EVERY time we tried to take him out of the swing.

The gifts:

I didn't do a very good job taking pictures of all of the gifts, but he sure does love them! 

  • Train set, pj's, new outfit, and pillow from Grandma and Grandpa Waters
  • Elmo, books, and rolling ball toy from Grandma and Grandpa Romney (some seen on previous post)
  • Picture and gift card from Aunt Kristin (bought a new winter coat that actually fits! with it)
  • Bath toys from the Mayers
  • Firetruck car from Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Ronnow
  • Clothes and fun piggy bank toy from Great Grandparents Larson
  • Basketball hoop from Aunt JaNae and Uncle Taylor
  • Ball and car from Gabi
  • $ from Godmother Shelley
  • $2 from Great Grandparents Waters
  • Toy cat from the Browns 
  • Puzzles and Elmo blankie from Mom and Dad 

We found out the day before Camden's birthday that he had an ear infection and possible strep throat.  He was miserable.  Fortunately, he was able to start antibiotics immediately so he could at least, in part, enjoy his birthday party the next evening.  If you notice, he wasn't smiling in any of the pictures, nor looking at the camera in most of them.  This is not normal! ha ha  He's a big cheeseball, but was just feeling down in the dumps.  At least he found some joy and now he is doing MUCH better!  It was a fun party and a pretty darn Happy Birthday!

P.S. A big Thank YOU to my ma, Dad, Dev, JaNae, and Taylor for help with the preparations.  I couldn't have done it without you!