Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Date!

So, Devin and I went on our date tonight to Salt Lake City!! First, we went to a basketball game for BYU vs. Michigan State. We had TERRIBLE seats that truly give me a headache, so I didn't end up watching most of the game. Devin was still able to enjoy it. I have been really sick lately though because of the antibiotics I've been on, so it just didn't sit well with me. I ended up reading some talks I wanted to get caught up on for teaching in RS. We lost...

After the game we grabbed a little bite to eat and then headed off to temple square to see the lights. Devin nor I ever actually REMEMBER seeing them; so we wanted to have a chance to go before we headed back to Vegas. It was really FREEZING, but the falling snow made it even that much more beautiful! They had lots of beautiful lights and various nativities. Here are some pictures of Devin and I at the nativities and outside lights. I really wish Devin would have remembered to take off his hood, but that's ok...he's still my handsome :O)!!

As we were walking around, Devin said "I feel like we should be singing Christmas carols or something" and so, we did! And YES, he actually did sing--though quietly because he was slightly embarrassed that no one else was singing! It was pretty fun!

Here is the reflection pond. It had tons of different candles floating on top of it! I couldn't QUITE capture it on the camera, but it was REALLY COOL!!!
We also captured one with the peaks of the Salt Lake Temple...if you look closely, you can see the snow falling pretty! (Not me, the snow :O))

After we looked around outside, we went to the North Visitors Center, which is my favorite one! I believe it is also Devin's favorite, but he just loves Temple Square in general. We were able to see the Christus, which is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and breathtaking EVERY TIME you see it! We also saw a short film on the Saviors birth. I am continually in awe as I read and learn more of the birth of Jesus at how Mary and Joseph conducted themselves throughout the whole ordeal. It is truly amazing how they were able to keep their hopes up and how beautifully it all occurred. Joseph took such good care of Mary and Mary had such undaunted faith! It is truly indicative as to why they were chosen to be Christ's earthly parents. It was just a short film, but you can feel so much about what they really went through during that short time before Christ was born....and then how many people it affected immediately after. I am truly so grateful! This one is one of my fav's!

We spent a bit of time after that going around and viewing a lot of the short films that they have there at the visitor's center. We especially liked to view the ones on family (and children) and the church's welfare program. What inspired leaders we have!

This picture is of us at a tree in the visitor's center....

As we were walking away, Devin said that one day he would like to have a bit of money saved so that we could stay at one of the hotels around temple square. Then we could spend all day there and into the night viewing all of the videos at the visitors centers, go to several sessions at the Salt Lake Temple, and do some of our family history and stuff. I think that would be A TON of fun! Hopefully, we can get a chance to do everything on Temple Square someday. For now, this has to suffice. We have had a chance before to do a live session at the Salt Lake Temple before though. It was really neat to see it's just even that more real somehow. It makes you think differently. Anyway, here is one last picture before I sign off! It was one of my favorites because it has the lights and the temple in the background! Have a wonderful Christmas full of service this season (if I don't get to say it sometime before Christmas)!! Love you all!


Taralee said...

Great post girl. I've still never seen Temple Square with Christmas lights. But I loved the pictures of you guys (so cute) and of everything AND the temple in the background.

What a great date :)

The Dynamic Trio said...

This looked so fun!! You guys are so flipping cute.