Friday, March 25, 2011

I want, pretty please, and thank you

I want one of these:

February Sale Price $449.00

And the only thing stopping me is:

(no, not the mountains and hills, the person.....oh, and probably the price tag) :O)

What about you?  You have a want right now, you can't have?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few Camden funnies!

Camden HATES that I sat him on the toilet today when he started farting and saying "poo poo." Unfortunately, it didn't scare the crap outta him, but it did scare the living daylight out.  He was screaming bloody murder!  I never knew kids were TRULY scared of the toilet!
I was scrolling quickly through facebook one day.  Camden was sitting on my lap because we had just done some ABC songs on youtube (he loves to watch but will, unfortunately, never join in on singing along).  As I was moving down through the pictures, Cam pointed at one and declared, "Jasu!" (which is how he says Jesus).  When I took a closer look, it was a picture of a Muslim.  I guess he just assumes any pictures of a man with a beard are Jesus!   
Camden is obsessed with balls.  He calls a basketball 'bakasu.'  The other day, there was a basketball game playing on the computer (we don't have television) and I could hear him saying "shoot! shoot! Go! Go!  Oh, shoot! Bakasu shoot!"  It was darn near the cutest thing!  
If Cam wants to go outside, he doesn't whine at me or the back door.  He just helps himself through the doggie door and enjoys some time in the great wide world.  The other day, while at my in-laws, he brought me some dog poop back in.  Thanks Cam.  That was a joy... 
*Cam still loves Elmo, telephones, and remote controls. He is starting to really enjoy jumping off of things, as well as turning on and off all the lights (mostly ON since that is his favorite word right now--besides bakasu).  He's quite the daredevil and is apparently not afraid of anything but the toilet. 

On a separate note, my husband came home from playing basketball tonight and said he has shot well from 3 point range for the last two weeks.  I'd say he knows how to Jimmer.  or perhaps he's intruding on someone else's court.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something you can learn about me....

I LOOOOOOOVE March madness!  Don't ask me why for sure, but I have always enjoyed the competition and rivalries, the comradery and unified feeling of watching a game in a community.  And certainly, Jimmer Fredette's superhuman abilities are contributing to my extra special feelings toward my alma mater (did you WATCH last night's game?!?!).  For me, there is just that innate desire for people to come together and be unified in a single purpose.  And sports isn't a bad place for that to happen.  Though, I'm not as big a football fan (as my husband), I do feel that sports can contribute to disciplining, uniting, and adding a sense of enjoyment for many people--though, I would much prefer basketball/soccer to any other (I don't at all like golf).  Not to mention, I have seen the great amount of bonding shared between my husband and his siblings through playing sports, as well as the fun I have had with my own family, so I certainly see their use.  I also LOOOOVED intramurals at BYU (I really just loved BYU period).  I miss them terribly!  It was such a good form of exercise and social fulfillment for me.  It's was just so nice to get off my butt and go DO something with the body Heavenly Father gave me.  Sports are fun family outings that are little to no money, which is always a priority for us.

I HAAAAAAAATE sewing!  I really thought it was just because I was in a small apartment for the last several years.  But nope.  I really just don't like sewing.  At all.  I even have a sewing machine and all the accessories.  My mother-in-law paid me to fix a whole pile of clothes several weeks ago.  Luckily, I got paid, because I have decided that short of earning money, I will not be sewing for fun.  Between the broken needles, rethreading bobbins, cleaning up tiny pieces of thread and fabric that make themselves comfortable around the entire house for weeks, wasting of thread, and just my utter distaste for the whole process (it is NOT relaxing for me....therefore=not fun), I have decided it's just not worth it to do on a regular basis. Sure, I love the finished product, but the process to get there is hardly ever worth it to me. I much prefer repurposing furniture and such to sewing (P.S.  Watch for it--the old fashioned table and chairs I bought recently are about to get a makeover---Okay, perhaps AFTER we move to the new home we will hopefully get {made an offer MONDAY; now just waiting for bank approval. Could still be months}).  That is what I enjoy.

I DOOOOOOONNNN'T like taking pictures.  I like being in pictures just fine, but I will never have the desire to make my picture taking skills equate to a photographer's.  It just isn't in me.  SOOOOO glad I have my sissy poo, JaNae, to take care of that department for me. Please, move closer to me ASAP!  (Otherwise, we may just be missing a big chunk of Camden's life--and perhaps several more children to come).  I just can't get in that good of a habit, unfortunately.  I did long for the habit of being able to take ANY pictures (that being separate from taking any GOOD pictures), but maybe that will still occur one day.

I will NEEEEEEEVER make time to paint my nails.  Not fun, smelly, and I peal off my fingernails anyway, so that would just draw attention to things undesirable to look at.  Further, if nails are short, I think they look goofy painted.  I am just not able to grow out my nails--piano playing (and nervous habits of pealing prior to playing in front of people) will do that to a person.

I am EEEEEEEECCCCCSTATIC to be teaching piano again!  My students are doing FABULOUSLY!  I just got so lucky to have obtained some naturally talented young ones, and we are just having SO.MUCH.FUN!  A nice bonus, is that I can get paid to do what I love, and Camden has luckily done very well with it so far.  I can control my hours and how much I work at it, too, so all around just a positive experience!  I can't wait until we get to the point of doing recitals!  They are AWESOME!  I have missed my intimate relationship with music.  Having music in my home is very important for my family.  It is one of the priorities of priorities for me and will certainly bring the Spirit into our home.

I LOOOOOVE cooking/baking, but only if I have my own kitchen stuff and I know where everything is.  I spend a great deal of time planning my meals for each week, as well as the grocery shopping I need to do (I keep my grocery shopping to a max of once per week and sometimes try to do it more like every other week).  I have been staying with my brothers-in-law this week and cooking has been more challenging because I don't have the kitchen items I am used to, but it is just so satisfying when people can sit together, eat dinner/lunch/brunch/breakfast, chat and be satisfied.   Plus, baking is the way I have decided to gift people for their birthdays, mother's days, etc. lately because it's an inexpensive way to give a gift, while still putting effort into it; especially when you're dealing with people who already have everything they need. (Plus, I REALLY don't like Bath & Body works kinds of things as gifts and that seems to be the alternative.  It's just an expensive cop out in my opinion.)  Anyway, I don't really like eating a lot of food, but I sure do like feeding other people a lot!! :O)

I THRIIIIIVE off of writing in my journal and reading the Ensign.  During my last 3 years of high school, and my first few years of college, I wrote in my journal every single day.  I never missed a day and I ended up having several books full of records.  When I got married, I kinda lost that everyday habit.  Journal entries became few and far between.  I have started to get back into the habit and it really does wonders for my disposition and happiness.  It is something I truly enjoy--it's just making the time to do it!  The Ensign has had some wonderful, wonderful articles (as usual) and I just love to read all of the stories and prophecies given by our church leaders.  It is a wonderful blessing to have that magazine!  There have been some articles lately that have specifically helped me during our house search.  It has been a real blessing to receive the inspiration while going through the experience.  I am grateful the Lord watches out for me personally.

A few updates:

-Camden is going to nursery now. He has definitely needed an adjustment period.  We're not there yet....
He also says a lot lot lot of words, but tries to combine them and it doesn't quite come out right.  He will be quite the talker though, when it all comes together for him.  He LOVES being in Las Vegas with his grandparents and some uncles.
-I have been spending a lot of time working on things.  My mom is now paying me to clean her house twice per month, piano lessons, and watching my down syndrome brother-in-law, Calvin.  Camden has a blast with all of this because he loves to be at Grandma's house, wants to learn the piano, and enjoys the fun sounds Calvin makes at him (as well as all the TOYS Uncle Calvin has!). 
-Devin is doing well at work.  He enjoys his job and the hours are certainly nice for him.  He has been doing a great job and the company is keeping regular work, so we are grateful and happy!