Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fabulous Football

We won our game tonight! It was AMAZING because it came right down to the end~ Here is a happy team afterward...what a great picture-taker and cheerer Devin is! :O) Oh...I am trying to show my "muscles." ha ha!


P & J said...

Nice muscles, Meggie! And is that Kristine Kerr on your team? Love you! (patandjen.blogspot.com)

Brynley said...

I'm excited you have a blog too. It is fun uplaoding the pictures.

Shelise said...

Awesome. Thats cool that you can play. I dont have any clue how to play pretty much any sport so congratulations to you. lol

Chris and Kara Wood said...

Hey there!
To answer your questions.. Yes anyone can use it (I think)..how it works is pretty simple. For the procedure they put a needle in your arm right above your elbow and then insert a little white rod (which is the birth control) and then you are done (I didn't feel a thing).
You don't need any other birth control and can take it out whenever you are ready to have a baby =) Pretty simple huh? Yes, it's very exspensive IF your insurance doesn't cover it. We paid cash so we got a big discount. Hopefully your insurance covers it. Also, you need to see a doctor that is trained to do this procedure..luckily my doctor was.

Here is the website so you can read more about it.


Life is not that much busier but by the end of the day I'm exhausted. HAHA! Lauren is a great little girl and sleeps wonderful so that makes things on me a lot easier. =0)

Sorry for the novel =0)

How have you been? Do you mind if I add you to my blog links?

Chris and Kara Wood said...

p.s. I forgot to mention that you don't even feel anything and it's not noticeable since it's under neath your skin. I had a little bruise but that's it.

The Dynamic Trio said...

what a cute picture! :) i LOVE the mountains behind you...good ol' beautiful UT. Way to GO playing so many sports, and P.S. football is DEFINITELY the BEEEST!
you're awesome.