Wednesday, December 30, 2009


With only two days left, we have gained the lead...but are now only up by 200 views and the second place man is gaining on us a little each day. We want to secure the lead and win; so everyone who reads this, PLEASE post it to your blog so that it gets as many hits as possible. You can just delete it on Friday evening once the contest is over. If we can get it on several blogs, regular readers/blog surfers will be SURE to help secure our win! Thank you for EVERYONE who has helped! We really appreciate it and Trevor really appreciates it! If we secure this win, it will be the first thing he has won in his life! Let's help him make this dream come true! Thanks again! And here is the video

*just as a side note, I have a TON of things to update on, but I am waiting a few more days so that I can get as many views for Trevor as possible. Come back later for cute pics and our WONDERFUL Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're gaining on 'em....but still need your help!!

Thanks to YOUR efforts, we have narrowed the gap from 400 to about 200 views!!! That's amazing and we REALLY appreciate everyone's help!!!

Keep up the good work and please keep spreading the word!

P.S. Once I am finished promoting my little brother, I will post all of our recent happenings. There are lots of cute pictures of our handsome guy!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello Everyone!

I don't often try to ask others for help, especially electronically because I know it can sometimes be found bothersome, however, I really love my brother and am trying to help him succeed in his goal! Please read below:

I am trying to help my brother get to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. He has to have the most views on this you tube video, however, for some reason it is not showing in the search results on you tube, so his numbers are much lower than the results of his competitors whose videos ARE showing in the search results. We are trying to rally a lot of people to just "watch" the video to increase his numbers, but we have to spread the word by different means because of this unfortunate event. Please watch this video (you don't actually have to WATCH it, just play it through to the end) and then email it to at least 10 others (PLEASE!) in your address book to do the same. Also, if you wouldn't mind posting it to your own blogs, we could get more numbers and hopefully more people to post it to their own facebooks, blogs, emails, etc. It would mean so much to my technology-loving brother, and our family, for him to win.

Thank you a TON! Because of the mishap, he is already 400 views behind, even though he was ahead in the beginning of the competition. It would be the best Christmas present to him EVER if we can make it happen! Please help us! Thanks again!

~Meg Romney

P.S. Only one view per IP address will register, so watching it multiple times will not be necessary. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Pictures

We took these over a month ago, but I haven't had a chance to put them up until now.

(And Shelise, they show my short hair...except for one that was taken around Halloween)

I never wrote my whole birth story.... I want to get it recorded now. As much as I can remember anyway.

Let me just start out with the fact that I was EXTREMELY terrified of labor and delivery! So much so that it took me a while to convince myself that I could actually do it--before I got pregnant--and then I had to constantly reassure myself, and be reassured, that it was possible. My mom told me "Meghan, millions of women have done it before you, and millions will do it after you, so it is possible for YOU." I believed her...and she was right! :O)

I was supposed to have a doctor appointment on Wednesday, September 16th--my second one of the week--because my Dr. Young wanted to speak with me about induction options. He had been dangling the option in front of my face for a few weeks, but never actually allowed it because he didn't feel my body was quite ready to be induced and therefore, it would be extremely difficult on me. I had dilated to a 2+ and was 75-80% effaced by the previous Friday, but hadn't changed much by my Monday appointment, so they made a second appointment Wednesday. However, Tuesday, they called and told me they had just WAY overbooked and so they were going to open specially on Saturday of that week and wondered if I could come in then instead. I was SEVERELY disappointed, but consented. I thought to myself--well, I am going to go into labor before then anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

So, I went about my normal routine. On Thursday, September 17th, I did my big grocery shopping. (Good thing, cuz we wouldn't have had food for a week otherwise :O) I thought that the more active I was, the better, so I went walking as quickly as I could--which wasn't very quick, I might add. I went to Costco, Walmart, and then Days Market; along with the bank, etc. I had been having quite a bit of contractions for the last several weeks, so I was quite used to just pushing myself through them. They weren't ever regular, so we didn't worry about it. I hurried home to make dinner and got the old folks fed and ready for bed. Then, I rushed off to watch the ward girls and my sister play soccer for our team. One of the husbands of the girls said, "You STILL haven't had him yet?! When is he due?" I told him I was due that Saturday, but that I would probably go into labor after the game and have him that night :O)

Sure enough, my contractions started to get a little more intense and were more regular, starting after the game. I went to sleep and was able to rest for several more hours until about 4AM when the contractions were too intense to be able to sleep through (I'm typically a pretty heavy sleeper). Once I was up, I started to get things together, plug in the camera, take a hot shower to relax my muscles, etc. It took a while because I had to pause between contractions and take sitting breaks. Finally, around 6:30AM, I called my mom and told her I thought I was in labor this time. She asked me if I was timing my contractions, but I hadn't been. I just knew they were intensifying and I could tell they were coming regularly.

So, I timed my contractions for the next hour and they were on the dot every five minutes. I then woke Devin up and told him I thought I was in labor and we should probably get ready to go because I didn't know if it would be a short or long labor and delivery. He got up and started to get things together. I called my mom again and told her how frequently my contractions were and that we may go to the hospital. Since this was not the first time I had called telling her about contractions, she told me to call her again later if we actually went to the hospital and they told me I was going to stay. I continued to do stuff at home to get ready and in the next hour, the contractions stayed very consistent, so we decided to head out.

Devin videotaped us leaving the house and during some of our stay at the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital (about 9AM), the nurse took a look at me and said she knew I would be staying, just by my countenance, but that she would follow the necessary procedures to be sure. I was dilated to a 4+ and was having regular contractions, so she said she would prep my room and call the anesthesiologist if I wanted him to come.

At that point, my contractions weren't too bad, so I thought about just going through the process naturally, but I decided to go with it anyway. The anesthesiologist did a really great job administering the epidural (about 10:30AM). It wasn't bad getting it AND I could actually move around decently well still. I heard so many horror stories about them and also how debilitating it was to different women, so I was happy that I could still turn myself from side to side and scoot around a tad.

At that point, we were moved to the room and just hung out for several hours. Both Devin and I took a short nap, looked around for movies, videotaped some more, tried to make the TV work, did some reading and waited for nurses to check on my progress.

I didn't dilate too quickly from there. And my water didn't break, so it was a decent wait. Around 3PM, they decided to break my water for me. When they went to do so, they saw that my water had broken, but that I had a second 'water' sac as well and they would need to break that. They did so around 3:30 and because I still hadn't dilated much (only a 5), they gave me a pit drip around 4:30. My parents arrived about 6:00 and the nurses came to check on me about the same time. I had dilated to a 10 but wasn't quite all the way effaced, so they would have me wait just a little longer before I started to push. One of my friends was giving birth at the time as well, so they asked me to wait to push for a bit longer so they could have some more staff on hand for her.

At 7:30, they had me start to push. Which I did for about 15 minutes before the doctor said I had two options. Camden was posterior, so I could 1) Push for another 3 hours and maybe Camden would come or 2) have him use forceps to turn Camden so he was turned the right way. I was TOTALLY against the idea of forceps right up until that moment, which I promptly responded, "okay, let's turn him." With a baby that big, it would have been REALLY difficult to push him out when he wasn't turned the correct way.  It took about a half hour to get the forceps, so they said I could push whenever a contraction came if I wanted, or I could just let them pass. I pushed a bit more and then the doctor started using the forceps. Can I just say those were the most painful part of my labor and delivery?! It seriously felt like he was scraping my insides out with those things...and they are MUCH bigger than I anticipated.  I was EXTREMELY grateful for the epidural at that point, because I can't even imagine what that would have been like without one.

Once Camden was turned, I started pushing again. As I was pushing, the doctor asked the nurses, based on my size, what they thought the weight of the baby would be. All of them guessed around 7 lbs or so. The doc then proceeded to tell them that at my 34 week ultrasound, he was weighing approximately 6 pounds--and that was almost 6 weeks ago. After about 10 minutes, he came. Everyone was SHOCKED! He was HUGE-9lbs 12 oz! They said I was not having a newborn at all. (He fit in newborn diapers for about 5 days)

Devin did pretty well during the whole ordeal. Better than I anticipated anyway.  My sister, JaNae, was in the doorway so as soon as Camden came, she could take pictures of him.  That way, Devin wouldn't have to remember to do so during the big moments!  Devin, however, got a little out of it a few times during the delivery.  He isn't into the whole medical stuff much--it makes him sick to his stomach.  So, there were a few times he wasn't helping very well because he was so engrossed in what was taking place.  JaNae had to come in just to make sure he was always stable, so she got some funny pictures of him wondering "what the heck is that?!" and "what is happening to my wife?" ha ha!  We all had quite the laugh about it!

Camden was WONDERFUL!  Even from the start, he just was SUCH a good and pure baby.  Everyone commented on how sweet his countenance was and what a handsome little man he is. He is a joy and we love him very much! 

I must say, if all of my pregnancies, labors, and deliveries go THIS well, I will definitely be having many more children with no problem; however, I do not plan or expect that.  I feel we were very blessed this time around because of the various circumstances we are living under--not to mention all of the infection and illness we had afterward.  Recovery was definitely the most difficult part for me.  I tore very badly and the doctor said it was like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together.  He sewed me up for a long time afterward.  I did really well with the recovery for the first week (my mom said I was living on adrenaline).  I went to the store and out to the restaurants to eat.  I even stopped taking meds the third day so I could nurse without it affecting Camden at all.  I think the meds were making him more sleepy and he had jaundice so he needed to wake up.  The second week, however, was a terrible experience because I had endometritis.  I realized that all of my recovery pain stemmed from that infection.  I didn't know it, because it was my first time, but when my fever finally spiked to 103 and wouldn't go down with ibuprofen, we went to the doctor.  She almost hospitalized me at that time, but decided to give me antibiotics--two shots to the hips and then two other prescriptions.

After the shots, I immediately began to feel a little better, which was a great sign.  The pharmacist said that I must have had something pretty bad because I was given some extremely strong antibiotics.  Usually they make people feel very sick.  I was mostly just very tired.  The baby couldn't really breastfeed because of it, but my breastfeeding stories will be saved for another time :O)

It was all worth it though for our little Camden.  We love him immensely and are so grateful he is here and life is slowly getting back to "normal."  Anyway, sorry this is so lengthy! It's mostly for my records, but for those who made it to the bottom, good job! :O)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We must love him

Camden HATES (and by hates, I mean, DESPISES) being on his stomach. Another thing he does not do well-->falling asleep on his own. Yesterday, I put him on his stomach. He immediately started to get upset, but because I am a loving mother and know it will be good for him, I let him throw a mini fit so he could get his vital tummy time. Next thing I know, he is FAST asleep. And this happened TWICE. So I snapped a few photos.

He actually looks peaceful and decently pleased in that photo

We have to prop him up on a pillow so he can look around. It keeps him pacified for a little longer than if we did otherwise. He's learning to like it a bit more each day, which is probably why he allowed himself to fall asleep this time.

I just thought it was funny that normally he is so unhappy and this time, he was SO far gone.

Another few photos of the smiley guy:

I also wanted to post a video that demonstrates his talking a little better than the last.

Friday, November 13, 2009

This is for the grandparents...

So, this is one of those videos that won't be interesting to anyone else except those who can claim him--considering, he is not really DOING anything. It is cute nonetheless. We just wanted to show the fam how he is interacting. This isn't his norm--he is usually MUCH more interactive than this--even so, it is very adorable and gives you an idea of his recent noises. He is actually interacting quite well for an 8 week old; despite the fact that he is so distracted by the camera I am holding.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zeee baby!

**Be sure to check older posts, this one takes up the whole page**

We thought Camden looked hilarious with his little hat and blessing outfit on.
He's a darling little guy.
I love him :)
He's tasty.
This one he looks just like Megs!
Half smile/Half scared
A little more full.
Love it.
Delivered by: Dr. Wayne Young
Soul searching
Hmmm. Thanking hard.
Blank stares.
RX: Feed when hungry. Change when wet. Love me dearly. And don't forget.
Beevis. (says Devin)
Sleepy lil guy.
Love, JaNae

My husband saved my life

And I love him for it! :O)

...This post was more or less so that Devin can feel like my life is not all about the baby. Although, it kind of is right now--considering his age and his inability to take care of himself. But nonetheless, here's to Devin!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Pumpkin Day!!!

I went with Daddy and Mommy to trick-or-treat at Aunt JaNae's. She took some cute pictures of me while I was awake, but as soon as we started trick-or-treating in Springville, I fell right asleep in Daddy's arms.

And I just kept sleeping...

But Mom got some cute pictures with McGruff...

Darth Vador...

Mark Twain...

And some Pioneer Women...

They all thought I was pretty special! :O) Here I am at home after the festivities.

But I was getting hungry, so I tried to eat my costume.

When I couldn't get a piece of it--nor would Mom or Dad give me any candy that I helped them collect--I got a tad bit upset.

Believe it or not, I am already smiling! This is just a half smile this morning when I woke up, but you can see it in my pumpkin costume pictures too! I'm such a cutie!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey, it's Camden here!

After my first bath. I got a cute frog robe. It makes me a lot happier than I would otherwise be because I get SOOO cold afterward and it warms me right back up!

Mom and Aunt JaNae made me look like a gangsta. Grandma Romney thought it was funny. She likes my binkie that Aunt Robin gave me. I don't keep binkies in my mouth very well, so this occurs far and few between.

I am growing a tail. It gets longer all the time. I would have mommy cut it, but I have seen some of the haircuts she's given Daddy, and I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that one quite yet.

I'm a muscular little man, aren't I? Doing one of my favorite things. I am a lady charmer :O)

Mom is messing with me while I'm trying to sleep.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Newest news

Camden has H1N1 for certain. The test came back positive so they are starting him on Tamiflu. Problem is, I noticed a BIG change in him when he was breastfeeding while I am on the Tamiflu--I think it is upsetting his stomach. We have been formula feeding him for the past two days and he is doing much better that way, but I am nervous that it is the Tamiflu that is causing him so much discomfort and pain. We will see what happens. I am requesting that we stay until we know how he reacts to the medication. I want to make sure he is keeping food down and eating regularly still so that we don't go home and have him dehydrated again.

My advice for the day is trust your instincts mothers. I have never felt so sheepish and paranoid as I have in the last several days while trying to explain that something is wrong with my boy. The doctors told me he was not showing symptoms strictly of the swine flu. They talked with the infection disease control person who also didn't feel he has it. I knew the tests would prove otherwise but just had to wait. I could tell certain doctors thought I was off base, but I will truly be grateful forever to the pediatrician who decided to admit us to the hospital because without him, I do not feel we would be reporting good news at all right now. So far, my instincts have been right, when the Drs may not have been. Just trust your instincts--the Spirit will guide you as He has me.

I spoke too soon...

Since my last post, I have undergone the stresses of being a mother :O) I was certainly paranoid about Camden's condition every second of the day, but have now found out it was rightly so. My last few nights have been spent in the hospital. He was just not the same Camden and was EXTREMELY lethargic, fussy, and in pain. When I took him to the Dr.--after practically BEGGING the nurse to let us in during after hours on Monday--he decided to hospitalize him right away and get him on an IV while they ran tests to figure out what is wrong. Minus the details, the IV helped him A TON within about thirty minutes of getting it going. Since then, he has improved even more drastically. Although we are still unsure as to what his condition is, he is doing MUCH better than he was before. Poor little guy has IV's in him, but here is the proof that he has perked up a bit since we've been here.

Yes, fussy again, but he is showing INTEREST in something again!

In the middle of a spit up
"Oh my, what are all of those machines?!"

And here is some MOVEMENT! What a big deal!

Those were all after he received the fluids via IV. He started to even want food again. Today, I even got a smile :O)

But he was still kinda miserable because of throwing up...

What we DO know:

-His white blood counts are off-indicating a viral infection
-The x-rays of his lungs indicate a mild respiratory infection
-He has pretty bad acid reflux and is now on medication for the next several months. We hope it helps and improves his situation
-He is no longer dehydrated. He even produces tears like he is supposed to! Oh the simple joys!
-He has been tested for H1N1. Doc thinks that he has it because Devin had it last week, but we are still waiting for the results.
-He started an antibiotic today and finally pooped tonight! (Who would have thought a mom would be HAPPY about that?! :O)
-We LOVE Camden SO much and are glad that he is doing so much better. Hopefully it will continue this way! We are blessed and thank you for your thoughts, prayers, love and support!

Please know we love and care for you!