Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ALMOST completed bedroom!

Devin and I finally got the headboard for our bed that we bought at a garage sale a few months ago. Devin's mom and sister are very into garage sale shopping; so, we do that from time to time when we go home to Vegas to visit the families. Devin and I don't purchase things very often, mainly because we are low on money and do not have any more room in our little apartment for more decorations, however, we saw this antique looking headboard for a pretty inexpensive price and decided to snatch it. I just finished the "curtains" today too, so I took some pictures to show it off to the world! The curtains are actually a shower curtain that I bought several months ago because it was cheaper than anything else I could find. I cut it down the middle, sewed the ends together, and hemmed up the edges. All in all, it was very easy...and MUCH less expensive than it would have been to try to buy some curtains. Plus, it didn't take me hardly any time to make them. I would have liked to do a little bit different style, because the real reason I wanted curtains was to cover up the window at night since the lights outside our apartment are pretty bright, but I still think it looks pretty good for just a temporary room!

Maybe for Christmas I will get some paint (for the headboard) and some ribbon (for the candles) so that I can finish up the bedroom with a splash of color. With white walls, that's really the best we can do! After that, maybe I'll be able to make some curtains for our living room sliding-glass-door. Really, we won't be here too much longer (only about 2 1/2 more months), so it's probably not the best idea , and we have enough decoration throughout the house thanks to everyone who gave us SUCH CUTE THINGS at our reception! Thank you!!

Anyway, thanks to my wonderful husband for hanging (and rehanging repeatedly) the curtain hooks and plaque...as well as taking apart the ENTIRE bed so that we could put the headboard behind it. It is up on these big bed lifter things, so it makes it a much more difficult ordeal. PLUS, we have all of our food storage and "extras" under the bed that we can't fit anywhere else. Needless to say, he was a real trooper!

He has been Mr. "fix-it" this week more than ever. He's spent a lot of time fixing up his bike so that he can make sure he is extra safe on the road. We have a big hill he has to go down everyday to get to school, so breaks and good tires are a must. He's been taking the bike apart and putting things back together. It's a great "feel-good" activity for him! :O)

We are currently deciding on if we will leave Provo for an internship in the Winter...watch out Vegas peoples, we might be coming after you. It's still not a high possibility, but at least now Devin is considering it...mostly for my sake since I love it there and I don't want to go to Texas!

Last update of the day, my parents had to give away my dog on Sunday. We have been searching for the right people to take him and we found what seems like a really good home for him. My parents were AMAZING taking him for the past month and a half, but they just can't have two dogs running the house. One is definitely enough for them. I know that my dad really loved Scruffy too, so it was hard on both of us. Dad said that he thinks even Sparky was sad to have him go (Sparky pouts sometimes when people he likes leave long-term--like Trevor and now Scruffy. I'm sure he'll get over it quickly) I am really grateful that we were able to find a good home for Scruffy though, even though I am absolutely bereaved over losing him. It will be good for him to have a permanent and loving home, so that makes it easier for me.

Anyway, that's enough of my life! Hope you have a great day!


The Dynamic Trio said...

oh i LOVE the bedroom! We want to get a sign that says "And they lived happily ever after"...yours is cute! Where did you find yours? And im sorry about your doggy.. :( thats sad, Scruffy was SUCH a cute dog!
p.s. i LOVE the curtains...i can't believe how creative you are

Shelise said...

Meghan, I love your bedroom. I would like it if you guys lived here then I could see all the stuff you have in your house. Everyone says its cute. You sound like your doing so well. That makes me smile. lol. Im glad you have a blog now. I like keeping up with people I love

Taralee said...

Good job Meghan! You're very talented. You and Shelise are putting me to shame :) I love that sign too. I almost bought one while I was in Minnesota at a home place. They had the cutest stuff, but I didn't buy it. Fun post. I love seeing your life and keeping in touch via the blog! Love ya.

Janae Walker said...


so, i was watching tv the other night and flipping through channels. my husband, tyson, stopped on the byu channel and there was a commercial with bronco mendenhall in it. so, we were watching and who is at the end, but meghan!!!! i screamed and was like, "hey, i know her!" my husband thought i was crazy, but just sort of laughed it off. anyways, i am glad to know that you have entered the blogging days. i am not very good at it yet, but i am starting to get the hang of it. oh, i am pregnant and will be having a baby in march!!!!! yahoo :) anyways, check out our blog at tynaewalker.blogspot.com - i miss you!
love ya,
janae (rowberry) walker

Brynley said...

love the bedroom. Its my wedding colors. I really love the combination.