Monday, March 31, 2008

Perfect times

Things have gotten AMAZINGLY better at Wells Fargo for me. I have balanced perfectly for over a month now and have made a lot of progress on my sales. The most important thing is that I have been able to develop some meaningful relationships with some of my coworkers. They know I will be leaving soon, and it will definitely leave a hole in each of us until we can meet again.

Everyone at work knows I am LDS and I have therefore been the center of many stereotypes and jokes; however, the reason it is all worth it happened a few days ago! One of my coworkers, Jessica, has held a special place in my heart from the beginning. She is just one of the nicest people on earth and is SO willing to help anyone and anything she can.We were both helping drive-up and Jessica's questions started flowing. "Are you one of those die-hard Mormons?"..."Is it your duty to pro-create?"...and then finally "What is the Book of Mormon" and "Families can be together forever?" It can't get any better than that! One of my other coworkers bore testimony of her love for the principles of the gospel and another gave her a pass-along-card. AMAZING!!! I answered a lot of her questions and told her about missionaries. At this point, I am not sure what will come about. We had to leave in a rush and she has been out of town many days since, so Wednesday, I will be able to talk with her again!

It is SO exciting to be able to share the gospel! That is something I've kind of missed while being in Utah. Not that the gospel CAN'T be shared there, but the opportunities aren't as great in the BYU bubble. I am excited to see where this takes us and I am thinking of inviting her to the Savior of the World performances next week....I'll keep you all posted!

The other perfect thing is that the missionaries came over for dinner Saturday night. There's a whole story behind that (cuz I thought it was the month previous) but I was able to talk with them and get some good ideas. It is true that the Lord knows everything and guides our lives perfectly if we just follow him. Devin and I had a lot of fun feeding and talking with them. Devin LOVES to talk about his mission and missionary work; so his face just LIGHTS up with the happiest smile EVERY TIME he talks about Brazil and missionary work. It was a great night for us and we are happy to do whatever we can for the Lord! It also made me think a lot about Trevor and the mission he is serving in Australia. He's doing such a wonderful job and is always as happy as can be! We are grateful for his service and pray for him often. I guess feeding the missionaries here kind of helps me feel like I am doing something for Trevor out there! I can help take care of the missionaries here just like those families are taking care of my little brother out there! Missionary work is truly needed! Let's get out there and do the work! :O)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life in a hurry...

Well, blogging obviously hasn't been my forte in the last month. I have been keeping very busy with my new job as a teller at Wells Fargo, as well as all of the wifey types of things I try to keep on. I am also taking a class this semester that I am hoping I will even get done with because....I finally turned in my graduation papers the other day! I know, I know, I was certainly putting it off because I'm just not sure that I want to graduate....EVER, but I finally relented and will be walking in April. I only turned the papers in yesterday, and that was after a lot of prodding from my parents and Devin. They said they will still accept them; so, the whole family will be going back up to Utah on the 23 to watch me walk. The closer it comes, the less I see the need....maybe it's because I've been there, done that. It will be exciting that day though I"m sure! But I'll probably cry. I just love taking classes! It's such an easy way to swallow a bunch of knowledge in a short period of time and I just love to learn. It will be very bitter-sweet.

'Doing school' is so much more carefree than 'doing life' I suppose. I was never NEARLY as stressed in school as I can be when I'm not doing school. I guess it's just my new job as a teller. I mean, it's simple in a lot of ways, but I never thought it would be this stressful to make sure I am in balance every single day and catch fraudsters and sell things to people and work with a bunch of gossiping girls. There are some people I have really come to like there, but overall, I have heard it's one of the hardest stores at which tellers for WellsFargo work because they go above and beyond on selling things. I have balanced well every day since I've been there except two....and the reason I didn't was because I had a fraudster! grrrrr! Well he was really an exchange artist. I wasn't even supposed to be on a drawer yet because I hadn't gone to training (a whole different story in itself because had I known I wasn't supposed to be on a drawer yet, I would have told my supervisor "no") so it makes me upset that I will take the blame for it. Another girl stole someone's identity, so I've had to deal with the stresses of giving $900 extra to someone who wasn't really that person. I guess it's just because I am such an extreme perfectionist! I DO NOT want to mess up and if I do, I am VERY hard on myself.

The interesting thing is how the job has been affecting me. Devin says at various times throughout the night (while dreaming) I will yell out "JaNae, don't do that transaction!" or "50,000 accounts receivable!" lol He will try and talk to me, but I, of course, only mumble and go back to sleep. I talk about banking most every night. I just sit and was never this stressful. And who would have thought I would be THIS stressed at a job like the one I have. It's not THAT hard, is it?! I must say, however, that they offer GREAT benefits and lots of discounts on things (such as 26% off our monthly sprint bill) so that will really help longterm. I have also begun my 401K and have gotten on a lot better health insurance than I had at BYU, which is VERY needful. Mostly because on my healthcare alone, Devin and I spent at least $2,000 out of our own pocket last year...and the insurance covered about $10,000. Boy are we grateful for health insurance!

Anyway, the fun stuff is that every Wednesday night, Devin and I play on a softball team together. We have a blast! I have actually done surprisingly well! I hit pretty much every time and because of my speed, I get around the bases quickly. Devin, as always, is amazing at sports! He is obviously very fast, but not only that, he completely sacrifices his body for any sport! He will probably die someday playing in a sport game! Last week, he came home literally bloodied all over his arm and a big chunk of his hand was gone. To spare you all, I have opted to not take a picture of it and put it on here, but you can take my word for it, it was GROSS! Good thing he had long sleeves to cover it up so in his words, " no one else would see and pull him out of the game because he was bleeding." He's a crazy one! I never sacrifice myself like that for a game :O) Sometimes, I feel like this though....

The whole team drinks and drinks and drinks the whole game (no wonder we haven't won ONE!) They are all guys and gals from Devin's work and they obviously love to drink. I get offered a beer every game--they apparently haven't noticed that I never accept...or they just want to be nice and make sure I feel welcome?? ANyway, they really are VERY kind people! They have been extremely welcoming and encouraging and they even think I"M good! ME! Crazy huh?!

Devin is enjoying his work as well. He is learning a lot of new things at his internship and thinks the building they are completing is AMAZING. He is gaining a lot more things to do; so, he is feeling much more useful at this point. (When we first got here, he was feeling VERY disposable...which is completely natural for a new worker who only has a semester of the Major under his belt). Now, things have definitely improved. Martin-Harris has DEFINITELY been good to us!

Other than school, work, and hanging out with our families, Devin and I eat crepes (MMMM! MMMM!!), eat ice cream, eat REAL food, and watch American Idol and Survivor--Guess which one goes with which person! Devin has been an EXTREME help around the house because I've been so busy with working and stuff. Last week, for the first time since we've been married, he took COMPLETE initiative and did ALL of the laundry without me even knowing it! I was utterly shocked! What a good man, eh? He's taken a lot of stress off of me, which I appreciate, and we are enjoying being here. Devin has also been up to the Valley of fire and some bird sanctuary (which has hopefully been enough nature for him to suffice for now) and so I'll put a few pictures up of that.--scratch that, I can't find the I'll put it up later.

Anyway, that's a slight update on us at the moment. I really want to get taking some pictures, so I'll try my best in the near future! Have a fabulous day!