Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I forgot to tell about my graduation, so I'll just put a few pictures up of it....people usually like the pictures better anyway. Later, I will write about it because it was definitely an AWESOME event and I am SOOO glad I chose to go.

(Originally, I wasn't full-heartedly embracing the situation because I didn't want to wait so long in lines, spend hours listening to speeches, and get a fake diploma, AS WELL AS take a few precious days off of work for the whole occasion, BUT it was WONDERFUL and I wouldn't have traded it for the world those two days)

Here is Devin, holding me because he is so proud. These are all around the infamous "The World is Our Campus" and "Enter to Learn Go Forth To Serve" signs at the entrance of campus.

I'm just standing here :O)

And then....

TA DA!!! I threw my cap up in the air--flat box-hair and all!

And one more just for fashions sake. I mean, a square on top of your head and a big over-sized tent of a robe are SO attractive!!! :O)

Obviously, I conquered the world for the day. Red shoes and all...

They really were important though...that's the way my parents spotted me.

I will probably put up a few more pictures of the event later on along with telling a little bit about the experience. I just have to wait till I have a little more time to write about it and my parents send me some more pictures via email.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Little tidbits

Hello all! I am back again...for a short time. I have been working a lot and playing a lot of soccer on my free time; so, I haven't really kept up on the blog. The extremely exciting thing, at least for Devin and I, is that our co-ed team has made it pretty far in the tournament. We only have one more game to win before we are in the championship game! Wahoo! If we win, we get a BYU intramural t-shirt! YAHOO! ha ha Our last game was pretty close. It went into sudden death 10 minute overtime, where no one scored. Then, we had five penalty kicks and were tied again, so we went into sudden death PK's! Our team scored and we went crazy! It has been a ton of fun; especially cuz we've had several of our ward friends to play with. I just love it!

This leads me to my calling in our ward--and yes, you really only find this type of calling in a BYU married ward. It is not the typical calling, nor is it a calling I ever thought I would have, but.....I am the new Relief Society sports coordinator. I work in conjunction with the Elders Quorum sports coordinator and pretty much do whatever we want to sports. I am hoping to play something each Saturday afternoon starting with water-kickball. It is wonderful to get some exercise and an absolute BLAST to get to know other ward members in a whole new light. I would really like to take it from the standpoint that because our soul constitutes a body AND a spirit, we need to take care of both. "Sobering though it may be to contemplate, when we overeat or undereat, overexercise or underexercise, become obsessed with our bodies or neglect our bodies, we may be slowly relinquishing control of our bodies to Satan--as our spirits increasingly lose control" (108, Watson, Purity and Passion). Anyway, I just want to focus on getting the right balance, having our bodies yielding to our spirits--instead of vice versa-- and doing it all with something fun (because I absolutely DETEST doing exercise all by myself in a boring, repetitive motion). Hopefully, everyone will embrace it as I have! We shall see...

Devin hasn't gotten his calling yet. We'll probably find out soon. It's a good thing in some ways though, because he has been incredibly busy these last few weeks while finishing up the term. Next week he has finals, and then hopefully we can get a little bit of the break for a week! We MIGHT be able to go to Newport Beach in July because my parents have a timeshare there. If I can get the week off of work and Devin can afford to take off a few days of class, we can definitely go! That will be REALLY exciting!!! Especially because I do not have any more days off the rest of THIS month; so, I could definitely enjoy some days off in July.

We bought a new couch last week with some money I got for my graduation. It is super exciting because we haven't had a REAL couch the whole time we've been married thus far. It is really comfortable and very cute. I didn't want to get something that looked leather-like because everyone gets those. It's just a loveseat, but it has some cute green pillows that came with it. The Sage matches my house really well. Eventually, I would like to get the chair that goes with the set. It is the same material as the pillows! It will be SO cute! Here is a picture....it definitely doesn't do it justice.

I love the couch though. I am trying to do a lot of projects around the house to spiffy the apartment up, so that's probably what I'll post for a while now. Here was my last project. I wish that I had a before picture, but I don't know that I have one anywhere. We bought this dresser for $10.00 at a garage sale just before we got married. I waited a long time to paint it because we didn't have the money, but again, I used some of my graduation money to buy some paint and got my projects started! I didn't quite finish the mirror yet because of lack of time, but I will do that when I complete the headboard. It will be REALLY cool because I am going to paint some of it gold underneath and then pull it through the black. I am excited to get it done! I will paint a few other items and get some other decorations up, and THEN I will have to find some other projects to get started on. It's a ton of fun to decorate the house...and especially for as cheap as we can!

Well, there are some little tidbits for ya! I will let you know if we win the tournament! Hope everything is going well for everyone else! Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you. :O)