Monday, April 16, 2012

Almost ready

I was getting a little nervous because I wasn't finding any little girl clothes while I've been out garage sale shopping.  I literally had a handful of girl clothes, and all of them were too big for a newborn.  This weekend, despite the rain, and my increasing desire for staying in my bed longer each day (getting WAY more tired), I went out to see if I could get my luck to change.  I found all of this between 2-3 houses (plus some other small items) in a matter of an hour and wanted to share my spoils. We so could not afford to clothe our kids without garage sales, so I am grateful to finally have some clothes for Jadyn.  These clothes range from 0-24 months.

-17 Pajamas
-8 Shorts
-26 Pants
-18 Skirts
-3 Leggings
-8 Jeans
-15 Dresses
-2 Hats
-2 mitten pairs
-1 slipper pair
-1 bib
-9 diaper covers
-1 sock pair
-5 shoe pairs
-5 swimsuits
-14 jackets
-38 tops/shirts
-48 onesies
-2 blanket

Total items: 223

Total cost: $57     (If I would have bought even the shoes new, it would have cost me about this amount--JUST for the shoes)

Total cost per item: 25 cents


We are *almost* ready!

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