Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh the Joys!

Well, my last post seemed like a real downer, even though I didn't mean it to be; so, I decided I better post quickly before everyone thought I was sulking. I have too much to be happy about.

First of all, I'm so grateful that I had a willing and able husband that suggested we try living in Las Vegas for a few months to see how it went. He has never been much of a Vegas fan, but he knows how I have LOVED growing up around my family and that ALL of our family get-togethers have been highlights of my life, so he thought we should try it out if he got an internship here. He did, and we have been here for the last four months. There have been a lot of fun things about being around family, playing softball, and having new jobs and experiences....and there have been a few things from which we have since learned our lessons. I have loved it here...Devin has coped well, and we will be returning to Provo in the next 2 weeks for my graduation and for some new fun adventures. (I am personally excited to get back to intramural sports again. I LOVE to play co-ed soccer with my hubby! He is AMAZING! It is also fun and great exercise, and I just plain feel better. Plus, we are JUST in time for rock climbing season! All I can say is WAAAHHOOOO!!!) I really will miss the family though. I get a little bored in Provo sometimes. Mainly because I don't do as many silly things as I did when I was single and we don't have a dishwasher. ha ha. I know...pity me. --Trevor likes to remind me that only 2,000 people (in Australia) have dishwashers out of like 3 million) then I am forced to count my blessings--

Second of all, I'm glad we were able to make some money. It's not going to be much and it won't last long with tuition and stuff, BUT we actually had an income for almost FOUR MONTHS! WOW! I can't even believe the luxury it is to be able to work and have a consistent income from BOTH of us! PLUS, I was able to get transferred from my store here to the store in Springville; so I will continue to have a steady job with some GREAT benefits! :O) The only thing is, we're gonna have to get used to both of our full time jobs to just me being PART time for a least until they can rotate me into a full time schedule. I'm sure once I get there it won't be a problem. I was offered a position at another branch too, but had already accepted the other offer....I am still trying to weigh out the options and determine what might be best for us.

Third, I am SO thrilled about the friends I was able to make at this branch here in Vegas. I know that there are some frustrating people in the world, but for all of them, I swear there are at least 15-20 absolutely FANTASTIC people if we truly give them a chance and our love. I have met people from all walks of life who DO truly care about people believe it or not. And we have had a blast! I have really loved my team!

Fourth, it is SO wonderful to have a practically fully functioning body again~! I haven't been on permanent medication for about 3 months now and have been JUST fine! I am still very tired most of the time, but I can get over that compared to what I WAS experiencing! I am grateful for a body that can get the things done that I need to get done!

We'll just do one more and then I'll be done. Last night, I was able to go to the Savior of the World musical that they had here in Vegas at one of the recreation centers. It was BEAUTIFUL! The music was inspiring and my testimony has grown! I'd like to thank all of the people who put so much hard work and dedication into sharing that beautiful message! (Thanks Kara!) I love my Savior and I hope that we as LDS members can share that love with ALL people we come in contact with...whether it be through our actions, thoughts, or words. Christ loves us all and I am so grateful to know that He is there and listening, guiding my family, and providing the way for us to return to Him! I am grateful for that knowledge!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! It is joyous to be here on earth! (And yes, Becca, a little sunshine can go a LONG way~!!!!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Joke Gone Bad

Well, I was GOING to play a GREAT April Fool's joke on Devin today. I know, I's typical....telling him that I was pregnant, but it was going to be SO good. I was going to buy a little Texas Longhorns baby outfit and have one of my pregnant friends "pee-on-the-stick" for proof and all; however, after having what we think was my second miscarriage last week, I just couldn't carry it through! Dang, it ruined all of my plans. I've seriously had it planned for months, but when you have a miscarriage, you can't hide it; so, it's not like I could have pulled it off at this point...not without some SERIOUS proof from an OB/GYN anyway.

We weren't trying to get pregnant or anything...not yet. But I could tell that my new birth control wasn't quite working properly (that is a whole other story in itself--we just can't get me on ONE birth control pill that doesn't cause some sort of major problem with my health). Two weeks ago, I started feeling pretty nauseated in the mornings and throughout different times of the day. It wasn't very bad, but it was noticeably different. Then, my back started ACHING! I stand all day at work--we're talking 9 1/2 hours), so I thought maybe I just needed to sit for a while, but it didn't make sense because I had already stood through the entire previous month without any problems. I thought, "maybe it is because of the car accident a few years ago??" but I haven't had MAJOR problems with that in a while, so I shrugged it off. Anyway, I started to sit down at work (because we can if we have a Dr's note) and hoped it would get better...which, it didn't over the next several days afterward...

After a few days of this pain (I SERIOUSLY couldn't MOVE; especially after work), I started spotting even worse than I have for the past four months, so I was semi-concerned. Last Tuesday, however, I didn't just spot...I full on bled...BIG TIME! Now, my back is feeling MUCH better and I haven't been spotting as much since...which kinda makes me wonder how long I was pregnant, and if I had known that that was the reason for my spotting earlier that this story may have ended a little differently. Anyway, so much for my April Fool's joke gone bad! Did anyone else get a good one in?!?!?!