Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nostalgia in my high school form

I thought I'd do this because I was tagged by one of my high school friends. Right now, we officially have NADA internet (meaning none) at our house, and I do not have my computer with photos on it; so I will have to upload those at a later time.

Did you date someone from your school?

Well, there were many crushes in my first year, but really only ONE person I dated seriously and had deep feelings for.

What kind of car did you drive?
A silver Saturn. It was so cute and petite and my father and I went shopping together for a car for several weeks before we decided on it. It was killed by a blue car one sunny afternoon when I was going to pick up my siblings from school. I then picked up my dad's old car, as he used the insurance money to buy himself a new car :O) I still have that trusty (or not so trusty until we replaced the engine) '96 pewter (more lovingly known as silver) bonneville to this day. Thank you, DAD, for being so generous so that I don't have to walk 15 miles to and from work, through the snow, uphill both ways :wink:wink:

Were you a party animal?
I would say YES, YES, YES. I was always having parties, attending parties, or planning some extravagant ordeal with friends. I was a social butterfly until my senior year. At that point, I basically stuck to working and hangin with the boyfriend and his group of friends; although, I did have occasional parties. A true party girl can never fully give up the longing for a HUGE social event from time to time.

Were you considered a flirt?
I considered it being friendly, guys considered it otherwise. I really never meant any harm.

Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
Four years of choir. Madrigals, concert choir, advanced womens, women's barbershop, fusion, etc. I dropped out of Mads my senior year--stayed in concert choir-- because of other interests and a desire for a serious LACK of drama in my life, but loved the time I DID do choir. I think I would have liked to continue the show choir, as that is right up my ally, but it was discontinued after my sophomore year, so I no longer had that experience! There are a lot of memories though that I cherish and a ton of people that I love very dearly from those experiences. We were DANG good, too!

Were you a nerd?
Definitely. I would NEVER consider myself as the "IN" crowd, nor do I ever want to be. I like to be behind the scenes mostly--as a people-watcher--or being the weirdest, most eccentric person in the room. I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT a weirdo though, and LOVE to be known as that! I am so weird that my husband and I just have to laugh at pretty much everything I do. Being "cool" was NOT my forte, nor did I want it to be. I have a passion for being weird...it makes life a lot less serious.

Were you on any varsity teams?
Nope...I hadn't found my drive for sports quite yet...or I just wasn't good enough. One of the two :O)

Did you ever get suspended or expelled?
No way. I was too scared of authority to ever go against it

Who were your favorite teachers?
This is a hard one, because I don't remember my high school teachers as well as middle school. Is that weird? I will say Mrs. Spencer (middle school). She was my English/Drama teacher. I still remember her getting up in front of the class with the songs about grammar that most people in HIGH school never even learned well. I LOVED being involved with her for our drama class. She was an extremely creative woman. In high school, I really have to say I LOVED my Government class with Mr. Peterson. I really liked the class discussions, the opening of ideas and spins on ways of thinking. It was there that I developed my passion for politics, and the beginnings of my own ideas, and not just what I'd heard from everyone around me. It's all developed from there, and is certainly different from that time, BUT it's where the foundation started and I have loved government ever since! Other teachers that may not be considered certified teachers, but people who taught me a lot during my high school years--in no particular order: My parents, Michael Howarth, Devin Reese/Wyson, Brother Kavanaugh, Marilyn Bennett, our prophet, Brother Tesch, etc. They each had a profound affect on who I am to this day.

Could you still sing the fight song?
Hail to Green Valley Glory! Hail, that's the Gator story! Hail, hail! the green and blue the champions of the WEST! (at least as far as choir is concerned). Of course I remember that song!

Where did you sit during lunch?
Each year, a different place. Sometimes it was in the lunch room toward the northeast corner, sometimes it was at my own house, a lot of times, it was at the Cory's house, or port of subs. Others, I spent in the choir room or Shelise's house. Even the car!

What was your school's full name?
Green Valley High School

Did you go to Homecoming?
Yes! Taylor Morris was my first one. We went on the Gondola at the Venetian and he kissed my cheek. I also remember they secretly had someone following us around with a camera and we watched the video at the end of the night.

My second was with Michael. I wore my favorite dress to that dance. It was my red one with rhinestones down the back and the train. We went to Blue Man Group and danced in the church parking lot. I'm pretty sure he kissed me too. (Ok, so it's pretty obvious, considering)

What do you remember most about graduation?
Michael was able to borrow a cap and gown so we could take a picture together. He got his GED, so I really wanted him to be able to take a picture in a cap and gown since he didn't actually get a graduation.

Where did you go senior skip day?
We went to the gas station to gas up and get some treats. We basically just bounced from one friends house to the other. It wasn't actually MY senior skip day...it was my junior year. But I went with some friends--after asking my mom of course (again, the authority thing). I believe we finally went back to my house for a swim.

Were you in any clubs?
Senior Class Committee I suppose. Theater, but I never really went to any

Have you gained some weight since then?
Not in the slightest. I am just about the same.

Are you going to your 10 year reunion?
Haha, if our class leaders are sober enough to plan it. :) <--Either that one, Becs, or if they remember. I highly doubt they will want to put the effort into planning it.

I tag...

Tara--after all of the cute posts of CHASE! that you can possibly handle, Devin--that would be the day!, JaNae--if it's been long enough that you can consider them memories

Injury of the Century

We had a pretty eventful weekend this past weekend. It all began with Devin's soccer game on Friday night. Things were going terribly, as is usual for this team, and I could tell Dev was getting pretty frustrated...it's just about the time he starts trying to do everything himself--as if it will get them the seven goals they still need just to be tied! :O) Anyway, with about two minutes left in the game, he went for a 50-50 ball, however, he was stretching for it a little more than the other guy was. Because he didn't have as much weight into the ball, he received most of the force and BAM! All I heard was this deafening scream and him tuck into a ball and start rolling while clutching at his ankle/leg/knee....I couldn't tell! I guess I'm not as much of a worrier as I thought, because I didn't immediately run over to be by his side (although, I really am a loving wife, I promise:O)).....until......he KEPT screaming, kept yelping, and continued to roll and groan. I. HAVE. NEVER. seen him react like that to pain...EVER. In actuality, I don't believe I have ever seen ANYONE react that way to pain. It was THE WORST drama I've ever seen!!!!

Everyone asked me if he was faking it for a call or something, and I said that was absolutely NOT the case. He NEVER has a reaction to pain, let alone one even remotely similar to this. I thought his femur had snapped in half for sure. A group of us rushed to be by his side, get him some ice, and see if he wanted an EMT, which he quickly responded with the affirmative. He had heard something snap in his knee. He continued to grimace. We started asking him questions for the EMT when all of a sudden, while I was holding the ice on his knee, he suddenly pushed the ice away. Then he responded that he no longer wanted the EMT. And to add to it all, he began to LAUGH--I think from sheer embarrassment at the thought of his dramatic presentation! I was feeling a little bit flabbergasted at that moment. I didn't know what to think, I mean, we all thought he was dieing a slow and painful death at the way he was reacting to this incident. One friend even commented that it seemed as if someone was sawing his leg in two. HOW could he be LAUGHING?!?! He said "the pain just stopped all of a sudden." For all I know, it was the injury of the century with the drama we were experiencing, but then the pain just STOPPED?! Well, it didn't ACTUALLY stop, but apparently it started to feel a lot better and he decided it wouldn't be worth paying for the ambulance just for a little help (yes, he is indeed a Romney); so, he just wanted to walk it off. He is still limping a little bit, and not quite able to attend work yet, but the doctor wants to see him again Thursday because he may have had a meniscus tear. All I can say is at least it wasn't his ACL (I think it actually may be a miracle because we REALLY need him to be able to work right now, and I know the Lord was watching out for us), AND we now have a DRAMA KING to add to the family.

P.S. Devin has even torn ligaments in his knee and broken bones, and he says it never hurt as bad as this. He wanted me to tell you that.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello world! Here we are!

It's been a while, but that doesn't mean we haven't had A TON going on in our lives! I will start from the most recent and work my way back.....

Last night, for FHE, Devin and I went to the Monte L. Bean Museum on BYU campus. I found out earlier that day that they were having a live show on certain reptiles! I, like most, am not the hugest fan of reptiles, which is why the wildlife specialist was probably trying to convince us that they're really not so bad. This, however, was a night especially for Devin. I didn't capture a picture of it, but he had the absolute HUGEST, little boy grin on his face the ENTIRE show. That's why I love him! He was giggling and squirming in his seat the entire time. I, on the other hand, was squirming for a different reason.....like when the viper snake was let to wander by itself on the ground. There was also an iguana (pictured below) and a lizard that is similar to a komodo dragon. I don't think I was paying attention to the name of it, instead, I was watching that little devil like a hawk. I was sure it would leap out of the specialist's hands onto me at any given point in time. It didn't seem he had too good a hold on that strong little booger.

Here is Devin with the polar bear and several other arctic animals. It was the only other picture I took, because Devin was slightly embarrassed when I told him to turn around and say cheese in front of all of the little children. :O) I guess I was just a little too motherly.

Here's my baby sleepin! Can you tell what's in his arms?!

Yes, there it is a little better!!!!! It is our build-a-bear named Snuggles! We put her together on our date night a few weekends ago. She will be a part of our life until our next little one gets here (note: this is not an announcement) in a little while; at which time, we will give her to him/her. It says various things, like my favorite "I love you."

A few weeks PRIOR to THAT, we went ice blocking at Rock Canyon Park with a couple from our ward. Here are the Jones! We can just say we were trying to keep up with the Jones' the whole time. They were up and down that hill bunches of times!

Here is my daredevil of a husband going down on two blocks, standing up! He was just falling off as I snapped the picture.

We decided to try and go down in more "interesting" positions. I am laying on Dev's back and Tim and Maria are going down as a train.

Devin all messy

Outside of our apartment, we have a huge grassy hill. Around the beginning of August/end of July, we came home to this:

It was a huge "slip-N-slide" with TONS of dish soap and water all over it...
Again, Devin going down standing up.

You can't QUITE see the grass here, but it was MESSY

From the upward angle looking down

And that's all I have of pictures. BUT, eventually, I will go private and put pictures up of the little girl I just started nannying! She is without a doubt THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and adorable little girl I have ever nannied. ha ha. Okay, so she's the only girl I have ever nannied, but we've had a blast so far! Maddie is turning 5 this week, but just started preschool because she missed the deadline to start last year. She is super intelligent though and so much fun to be around! We have gone to the library for storytime, to the Monte L Bean museum, to feed the ducks, to explore the BYU campus, etc, etc. It has been so enlightening for me to know a little more about what it will be like for me to have my own children. I LOVE to plan fun activities, so this will be right up my ally! We already have all of September filled and there are a MILLION ideas for the rest of the school year. I went to the library and checked out books on what to do in Utah, or just for fun activities for children of her age and intellect. It has truly been a joy and just makes me more excited for our own kids someday~ I always get nervous about whether I will be a good mom....this experience is somewhat calming my fears. Not only did those books hold good ideas for my nannying, but it also had some phenomenal things we can do on our date night. We can get a little more adventuresome for the future. I would recommend the library for ANY ideas you may need so you don't always do the same routine. Getting out of the routine is sometimes so healthy for date night, because it helps you to get to know your spouse in a totally different arena. We love the fabulous ideas we've been given!

Our family is also getting geared up for a new season of intramural sports. I will be the captain of three teams (almost four, but I decided I just wouldn't have enough time) and Devin will be on two teams. We are doing Co-ed basketball together (with the rest of our siblings who are up here at BYU, now three), each our own soccer--because it's not co-ed this semester--and my sister will be the highlight of this team since she is SO talented, and I am captaining our RS women's volleyball team. It will be an ABSOLUTE blast! I love to get out and play with Devin, my siblings, and the girls from the ward! It is a great bonding experience for us, some wonderful exercise, and a good motivator to get outside of my comfort zone a little bit. I am, by no means, extremely agile and skilled at things that take coordination.

Devin has been studying pretty intensely. I have never seen him THIS determined...and he is a pretty determined guy~! Our whole marriage, he has always had a weekly goal sheet that he keeps track of ALL of his time on....it's kinda like he's still on his mission. In fact, it IS his mission scheduler--he makes new copies of it when he runs out, AND it is in portuguese. He is VERY good at following the goals he makes each week. This is just one of the reasons he is so remarkable. Anyway, back to my point, he is doing very well at keeping on track and studying EVEN THE TINIEST LITTLE moments he gets. I think he is really getting excited about his major. He is also taking a history class this semester. He loves to tell me all of the interesting things he is learning, and I love it too, cuz I miss taking classes! Good thing he's teaching me!

As summer draws to an end here in Provo, I am a little disheartened. Winter time is not my forte, nor do I enjoy carefully maneuvering down the slick mountain our apartment sits on to get to work or to campus. Winter will bring other fun activities our way I am sure. I will keep you updated on the Fall...until then...