Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby update

We went in for an ultrasound this morning and found out some fun facts.

-Our baby's head is HUGE! He is more than in the 90% bracket. This runs in both our families, so I guess I will be lucky to give vaginal birth to him...
-Everything else is about normal for how far along I am,


-He is already more than 6 pounds (roughly a pound and a half more than should be at this point)! Which means, I am going to be a big fan of him coming sooner rather than later,


-might be possible because he is already turned head down, face to my back, and REALLY low in my pelvis! (We couldn't even get a good picture of his face because he was too far down) I felt the "lightening" last Wednesday and could definitely tell he had dropped even lower into my pelvis

Our Doc was out of town today but we have an appointment with him next Monday; so she said I'll need to talk with him about what we will do (since his head and weight are larger than normal). It could all happen anytime, I guess!