Saturday, January 23, 2010

And so we continue...

Since I have mastitis, I have to take it easy; so, I decided it would be a great time to try to catch up on my blog!

I want to record a few of the things that Camden likes:

  • Jingle bells.  I made a Christmas decoration that has bells on it.  It apparently wasn't that cute, so it has become a chew/shaker toy! (It used to have a cute bow on it)
  • His mom. (I won't show a picture of that, but just take my word for it).  He KNOWS she's the one with the food!
  • Jack-in-the-box: Though it kinda startles him
            • His bear mobile that hangs from his swing. We wake up to him talking to these bears pretty much everyday

  • Music!  YAY!  He LOVES when I sing songs to him (for falling asleep, it's that sleep song Mary Poppins sings).  He has recently enjoyed "playing" the piano.  And whenever he hears music he gets really excited.
  • His bumbo.  He wants to be a part of things. Plus, it's where he gets his new food!
  • His dad. He laughs and laughs and LAUGHS with his dad.  Devin will tickle him on his head and he will just giggle uncontrollably!  Video to come...

  • Books!  Camden LOVES to read with me.  He will sit and pat at the book, talk back, and try to turn the pages.

Thing he HATES--and by HATES, I mean, screams uncontrollably until it is out of sight and he is safely feeding from mother instead:

I swear he thinks it's the Devil.
Even when I put my own milk in it, it just won't suffice. He wants THE REAL DEAL.

Fast Forward to AFTER Christmas (that will get it's own post)

Excited to start the Texas Championship Game!

"Oh no.  Colt McCoy is injured."

He's actually enjoying being on the ground (probably better than watching Texas get killed)

Cheesin' it up!

Our happy little guy some more

This game is so miserable.  Stop taking pictures. (I think this game was literally on Devin's mind
for 2-3 days after it.  It was just devastating to this Texas fan)

We sold this baby...

 I have many a memory in this car, but as is necessary, things must come to an end.  And it was for good reason.  Stay tuned...

Last Wednesday, Camden had his 4 month well check-up! I KNOW, I can't BELIEVE he is already that old!  My little boy is growing so quickly.  He is now 15 pounds, 7 ounces (dropped from 91st percentile--when born--to the 62nd).  He is not gaining as quickly as I thought he would for being so big at birth.  His length is 26 and 3/4 inches (now 95th percentile from the 62nd--when born).  And his head is 17.2 inches (84th percentile from the 72nd percentile)  He will be a watermelon head like his father. Definitely a Romney trait.

Because he is well, we decided to start him on rice cereal that evening!  Here is that experience (minus the video because we do not have a digital camera to hook up to the computer--but take my word for it.  It is A.DOR.A.BLE)

"Mommy, do I have to wear this?!"


But he did really well with it.  He looks really crazed when he's eating it. He grabs the bowl and tries to force it all in his mouth.  He wants it RIGHT NOW.  Guess that's another way he takes after his father.

And the next day, he had a fun time playing.  Here he is concentrating on attacking the toy.

And it was a success!

 Now, we're all caught up--if you don't count the whole month of December!  I will get those up eventually!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have a problem...

It's been FOREVER since I've actually updated and there is so much to update on, that it almost overwhelms me.  My dilemma, I work all day when the computer isn't in use, and then when I possibly have some down time, Devin needs it for homework.  So, I think this will be the super quick version because I'm being told the computer is needed once again.

This is all going to start before Christmas.  Here is one of my fabulous ex-roomates--but super friend and named "godmother" to Camden (though, we are admittedly not Catholic)--Shelley!  We love her!  She got this cute outfit for Camden for Christmas.  He is well pleased.  And it is one of the few outfits he has decided not to 'poo' his way out of.  He must like it!

 Not unlike his father, Camden is a big football fan!  He loves this football that Grams gave him when he came home from the hospital.  Who knows, maybe he will be a football star one day?!?  I
bet his daddy would love it.  They do enjoy watching football games together already. (But I am not losing him yet!  He loves his music, books, and food, too!)

These make me laugh.  He looks like a greedy little gnome in this one, and the other, he is about to chomp down.

We didn't get any really GOOD shots with Santa.  At least he wasn't afraid of the old guy.  I bet he will be someday. We were just trying to make him smile in these pictures, but all he would do was suck on his hands and look up at daddy.  Not to mention, I'm not very pleased with Devin's camera.  I can only get blurry pictures it seems! I want MY camera back

And here are a few for Grandma Romney.  Daddy says you like baby bums?!?  Don't ask me why one cheek is red :O)  These are a little more censored than the others.  But the others were cuter.  I'll save Camden the embarrassment. 

Oops!  I ran out of time.  (To be cont...)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Thank you, thank you, and thank you again and again for all of your help in the win! Trevor appreciates everyone who was so willing and generous with their time. Thank you for watching the video and letting others know to do the same! We cannot thank you enough!


P.S. Keep posted because I'll be putting up pictures soon!