Friday, April 17, 2009

Last one

I realize that I never put ANY pictures up from Christmas....I know it is extremely delayed, but I wanted to get these up anyway. Hopefully I will be able to get some copies of the pictures when we went to Wicked, too! I will have to track them down I guess!

Devin's family minus Robin and CJ (and Dev who is taking the picture)
My family minus Trevor
This is back when Devin had shaved the right side of his head accidentally when I was giving him a haircut! Ha ha! I forgot about it until I saw this picture and it made me laugh cuz a big chunk of his hair is missing!!

Devin and Sparky. Don't let him fool you. He really DOES like dogs!

Here are the few...

I was sick of all of that hyperlinking for no good reason, so I decided to begin a new post. So again, these are the pictures JaNae took of us at Christmas. She is thinking about majoring in photography even though she has NEVER done a class or anything online. She just enjoys it! I think that she has talent for sure! I hope she goes for it! I am sure there is a ton to learn, but she took some great shots! These first few are just normal-ish; trying to get some of the lighting down.

My hair is so dead. Poor split ends

Anxiously engaged in a good cause :O)
Trying to get Dev to lighten up a bit because he always HATES taking pictures! From here on out, we started having a little more fun and a little less seriousness.
Oh except this one! He is my hottie husband!

Goofballs! We were experimenting with AWKWARD poses! All my doing...

Water anyone?
This is Devin's favorite way to "kiss" when he knows I am not interested at the moment! Although I have never seen it, this is the make-out kiss from Dumb and Dumber. (Too dumb for me to ever get into but he thinks the kiss is HILARIOUS!!)

Kissing like old people

"Ok I am so done!" says Dev. We took him away from a precious football game and he just couldn't stand it anymore!
This was before the "done" pictures. He really likes his football. We enjoy many a Saturday afternoon watching the games.
Goin in for the tackle!

18 a few

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

oK oK...

I guess I might as well explain the previous "joke." Almost all babies have 10 toes and 10 fingers to help them count to 20. Only one gender has 'a little something extra' that can help him count to 21 :P Now you know why it's a joke boys like more than girls like it. :O)

In other words, we're having a little one of these...(yes, teddy bear and all)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our baby.....

Can count to 21~! That is Devin's new favorite joke! See if you get it...