Thursday, October 20, 2011

All I can do

This broke my heart today.  I mean, it hit me HARD.  And I'm not even entirely sure why.  Part of it may be that these pregnancy hormones are affecting me a little crazier this time than the last (so I've definitely been more emotional/grumpy, but that's for another post), however some of it is for sure warranted.  I mean, I know as well as anyone that media can put a huge spin on things.  I know they can make you believe something that is a little (or a lot) off the truth and that we have to use our rational brains to pick apart and dissect what is real verses made up, however, the idea of this actually happening, if it is true, frankly sickens me.  And that is my fear---that it IS true.

I mean, I look at that man, and he's about the age of my own father.  I can't possibly imagine my dad being hungry.  Not having anywhere to go.  And then resorting to something he knew was wrong, feeling the pang of guilt, trying to do right by it, and then suffer the consequences to an outrageous degree.

I continue trying to console myself by thinking about the possibilities going to jail MAY have (but probably not) offered this homeless man.  Regular food, shelter, a chance for detox?, companionship??  But I also know how insane, scary, and downright dangerous prison can be.  And my heart ACHES.  I literally bawl my eyes out EVERY time I see this.  I can't believe that a man who is starving, trying to change (perhaps??) his life, and then realizing a mistake and trying to recompense that mistake ends up in jail approximately 5 times longer than a man who probably affected the consequences for millions more in a painstaking and irrevocable way (I mean, c'mon. THREE BILLION dollars!!), but it is a white collar crime....and it is not in Louisiana.  I may be inferring and therefore implying too many things about that, but still, I can't help but feel our country is not where it needs to be--in many things--but especially in equality among all men.  We still have a long way yet to go.

I don't know the backgrounds of these men, and honestly, it doesn't matter to me from an issue point of view (it matters like crazy to me from a personal point of view).  The punishment does not fit the crime, and men, women, REAL HUMAN BEINGS, cannot be left to be treated this way.  Left starving and for want--I don't care what the reason, let God be his judge.  I know there must be consequences to our actions, but I just can't believe this is the right outcome, and I fear for our world.  True, I may not be as faithful as I should be, but this kind of story rests on my soul for quite a long time because I just don't know how it can be fixed.  And I am, to a certain extent, an idealist.  I want the world to be a better place.  I want people to feel loved and to love.  I want for people to have their bellies full and their hearts warm; a place to call home.  I want all to have their loneliness satiated and their righteous desires fulfilled.  And I know how that can be done. 

the Atonement.
and our Hands.

So I continue to say, please Lord, "grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage [and will] to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference."

And for now, that's all I can do. 

(except, perhaps, continue to bawl my eyes out)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping and Airplanes

This is how we went shopping yesterday. 


 I'm still on my learning curve for the mac and trying to get pictures to work.  You'll just have to look at it sideways I guess.


Everyone was just in awe of the cute little boy doing some grocery shopping.  Some people even stopped to take pictures! My mother-in-law found this little grocery cart at a garage sale, and he has been in love with it ever since.  Though our shopping trip took a little bit longer, it was a great learning experience, a lot of fun, and a HUGE entertainment (it kept him SO involved with the shopping process!), so it was well worth the extra work involved.  Everyone in the store was so nice to us; even when we got in their way, so I was grateful it turned out well. 

We were looking through some pictures on Facebook and Camden stopped me at this one because he saw his uncles.  "Dallins....and Byrins.  Temple! And clouds....but where da airplane go?"  Anyway, if you know this place, it's Disneyland....NOT the temple, but I thought it was funny that he thought it was, and I was so glad that he recognizes his uncles still.  Not to mention, he obviously thinks there is always an airplane in the sky (we live right by the airplane flight route in Vegas, so there kinda is), so it's funny that he would even recognize this sky does NOT have one.  Anyway, he's just a cutie and we're glad to have him!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The house

So, after finally finishing putting everything away from the move, and then tackling 7 loads of laundry I was behind on because of the move, I was/am exhausted. It took me a little while, because I started having pain in my lower abdomen and didn't feel like I could lift up the stairs; even if it was a tiny or lightweight one.  Devin was so busy with work, that it became a long and mundane process as I told him what I needed moved and to where (he hates when I tell him what to do and I had/have a LONG honey-do list) right when he got home from work, but it was just getting to a point where I knew if I kept lifting heavy things, we would be disappointed with the results.  I have also been doing quite a bit of painting, so I  think I've been pushing my body to the max.  I probably went up and down the ladder approximately 80 times this weekend, along with all of my up and downs and all arounds with the paint roller, and the moving of took quite a toll on this pregnant girl's body.  But I am finished with the big stuff, and can now just worry about the painting and decorating.  Still a lot of work, but at least our house is livable.

 Here are the before pictures of our house though...and later, I'll post each individual room as I finish it.  Which will probably take forever.  But I'm working on it.  And actually, most of the pictures are fuzzy.  PRobably because I downloaded them off the internet (they are what it looked like with the previous owners stuff).  I just didn't want to send you to the sight, because that would completely give away our address.  And it may anyway for people smart enough to figure it out with the pictures, but I'm not computer savvy enough to fix that problem.  Anyway, have a happy day!

On second note, every time I try (for days I've tried this, mind you) to load the pictures from my mac, a thumbnail pops up saying the server is down.  Is there something I don't know?  How do I upload my pictures on this computer??

Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're BA--ack!

This ugly picture taken courtesy of my iMac in my brand new house; WITH the internet!  We're back in business people!  LOTS more to come--when I feel a little more settled.  Hope you're awesome!