Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Pumpkin Day!!!

I went with Daddy and Mommy to trick-or-treat at Aunt JaNae's. She took some cute pictures of me while I was awake, but as soon as we started trick-or-treating in Springville, I fell right asleep in Daddy's arms.

And I just kept sleeping...

But Mom got some cute pictures with McGruff...

Darth Vador...

Mark Twain...

And some Pioneer Women...

They all thought I was pretty special! :O) Here I am at home after the festivities.

But I was getting hungry, so I tried to eat my costume.

When I couldn't get a piece of it--nor would Mom or Dad give me any candy that I helped them collect--I got a tad bit upset.

Believe it or not, I am already smiling! This is just a half smile this morning when I woke up, but you can see it in my pumpkin costume pictures too! I'm such a cutie!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey, it's Camden here!

After my first bath. I got a cute frog robe. It makes me a lot happier than I would otherwise be because I get SOOO cold afterward and it warms me right back up!

Mom and Aunt JaNae made me look like a gangsta. Grandma Romney thought it was funny. She likes my binkie that Aunt Robin gave me. I don't keep binkies in my mouth very well, so this occurs far and few between.

I am growing a tail. It gets longer all the time. I would have mommy cut it, but I have seen some of the haircuts she's given Daddy, and I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that one quite yet.

I'm a muscular little man, aren't I? Doing one of my favorite things. I am a lady charmer :O)

Mom is messing with me while I'm trying to sleep.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Newest news

Camden has H1N1 for certain. The test came back positive so they are starting him on Tamiflu. Problem is, I noticed a BIG change in him when he was breastfeeding while I am on the Tamiflu--I think it is upsetting his stomach. We have been formula feeding him for the past two days and he is doing much better that way, but I am nervous that it is the Tamiflu that is causing him so much discomfort and pain. We will see what happens. I am requesting that we stay until we know how he reacts to the medication. I want to make sure he is keeping food down and eating regularly still so that we don't go home and have him dehydrated again.

My advice for the day is trust your instincts mothers. I have never felt so sheepish and paranoid as I have in the last several days while trying to explain that something is wrong with my boy. The doctors told me he was not showing symptoms strictly of the swine flu. They talked with the infection disease control person who also didn't feel he has it. I knew the tests would prove otherwise but just had to wait. I could tell certain doctors thought I was off base, but I will truly be grateful forever to the pediatrician who decided to admit us to the hospital because without him, I do not feel we would be reporting good news at all right now. So far, my instincts have been right, when the Drs may not have been. Just trust your instincts--the Spirit will guide you as He has me.

I spoke too soon...

Since my last post, I have undergone the stresses of being a mother :O) I was certainly paranoid about Camden's condition every second of the day, but have now found out it was rightly so. My last few nights have been spent in the hospital. He was just not the same Camden and was EXTREMELY lethargic, fussy, and in pain. When I took him to the Dr.--after practically BEGGING the nurse to let us in during after hours on Monday--he decided to hospitalize him right away and get him on an IV while they ran tests to figure out what is wrong. Minus the details, the IV helped him A TON within about thirty minutes of getting it going. Since then, he has improved even more drastically. Although we are still unsure as to what his condition is, he is doing MUCH better than he was before. Poor little guy has IV's in him, but here is the proof that he has perked up a bit since we've been here.

Yes, fussy again, but he is showing INTEREST in something again!

In the middle of a spit up
"Oh my, what are all of those machines?!"

And here is some MOVEMENT! What a big deal!

Those were all after he received the fluids via IV. He started to even want food again. Today, I even got a smile :O)

But he was still kinda miserable because of throwing up...

What we DO know:

-His white blood counts are off-indicating a viral infection
-The x-rays of his lungs indicate a mild respiratory infection
-He has pretty bad acid reflux and is now on medication for the next several months. We hope it helps and improves his situation
-He is no longer dehydrated. He even produces tears like he is supposed to! Oh the simple joys!
-He has been tested for H1N1. Doc thinks that he has it because Devin had it last week, but we are still waiting for the results.
-He started an antibiotic today and finally pooped tonight! (Who would have thought a mom would be HAPPY about that?! :O)
-We LOVE Camden SO much and are glad that he is doing so much better. Hopefully it will continue this way! We are blessed and thank you for your thoughts, prayers, love and support!

Please know we love and care for you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I started to write a post about two weeks ago about life RIGHT after the baby, but things just kept happening that prevented me from finishing. We LOVE our little boy! He is so adorable and so sweet!

For a quick overview, in his quick four weeks of life, we have had the regular sleepless nights, feeding like crazy, and trying to balance our elderly care job and Devin's schooling with a new baby (with LOTS of help from our moms).

However, we have also had the irregular: recovery after an almost ten pounder that I thought was just really bad until we realized my 103 fever and killer pain was an infection called endometritis, and ALMOST hospitalization, 2 shots to my hips, 2 weeks of antibiotics with mucho nausea, the out-the-"other-end" experience that follows REALLY strong antibiotics, another infection that comes with all of that, limited breast feeding options, and beaucoup problems for baby's tummy because of the five pills I was taking; and now, a week of the swine flu for Devin--accompanied by all its disinfecting, endless worry, constant rectal temperature-taking for Camden, etc. etc. (Yes, that is the hugest run-on sentence ever! But that is literally what our life has felt in the recent weeks) We have had to ask for a lot of help and are very appreciative of all of the ways we were extended help and blessings. Luckily, Camden nor I have gotten the flu, but I am sure we are not over the scares yet. Believe it or not though, I can honestly say things have really gone well for us! We are so grateful for our handsome young man. He gives me some of the cutest smiles!

In the midst of all of that, we WERE able to bless our handsome boy. He was SO sharp in his little white tux and SOOO good! It was his first experience at church outside of the womb and he did AMAZINGLY well! Devin gave a beautiful blessing and I was impressed, as usual, with the spirit that he is able to convey. I'll get a few pictures up when I can get ahold of them.