Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scruffy baby!

There is a lot going on in our little bitty lives. I am ever so anxiously waiting to get my little baby back! lol. I know he's not REALLY a baby, but I really have become quite attached. He just loves me SOO much! And I love him! Many people don't like him, but if you look at his sad little face, you can't help to feel bad for him and want him to just have a permanent home--unless, of course, you're Devin. Because he hates dogs, it has been an interesting experience having one. Scruffy has to stay at my parents house for the time being until we move to a new apartment where he can live with us once again! I have no other children to brag about, so I'll brag about him! He has really come a long way since we have had him. I have spent a lot of time training him and I have definitely learned a lot about how dogs should be "raised." I have taught him how to sit and to lay down...and if you know this stubborn little guy, you know that is a tough feat to overcome! He is really obedient, for ME, but he has yet to learn how to respect EVERYONE. He definitely has a long way to go, but I know that we can do it! And I am excited to try!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the beginning there was Dev and Meg

I have officially decided to begin our blog. Maybe it will encourage me to take more pictures of our family and to remember so many more of the funny moments we have! I am very forgetful! It is just the two of us for now.... Anyway, I hope that you can enjoy it despite the fact that we are not cute little children :O)