Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy 5 years!!

So, basically, the last 5 years have been filled with their ups and downs, great days and bad, difficult and easy, but most of all, LOTS of change!

In 5 years, we've......

1. Upgraded from a 550 sq ft apartment, which we rented, to a 2460 sq ft house, which we own

2. Moved 7 times
3. Held approximately 15 callings between the two of us
4. Had one child, and one on the way

5. Graduated both of us from BYU
6. Had 10 different jobs (again, between the two of us)
7. Learned to like football (Meg) and learned to play songs on the piano (Dev)
8. Spent over 1200 hours doing dishes
9. Played A LOT of sports (and won one intramural soccer championship at BYU)
10. Changed close to 3000 diapers (give or take 500)
11. Gone on a cruise and to Monterrey, Mexico

12. Gone from swearing we would never live in Vegas (Devin) to embracing it; almost moving to NEW Mexico
13. Gotten only 2-3 speeding tickets (this is GOOD for Devin) :O) and one accident (just today actually--not his fault, luckily!)
14. Received two brothers and one sister home from a mission
15. Stayed in the hospital 3 times

16. Lived with, and took care of, an elderly couple who influenced many goals for our own future

17. Gone on at least 6 hikes together, and I can't even count how many apart!

18. Each had at least one very distressing hair cut/color mistake!
19. Won our apartment door Christmas decorating contest with dollar store decorations (well worth the money because we got a good prize!)

20. most of all, grown closer together and deeper in love!
(Among many, many other things)

I love you Devin!  Happy Eternity!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girl or Boy

I've basically had the next baby name picked out forever.  (You know how you make those "Future Baby Name" lists in high school??)  I tried to throw some new ones in the mix when we actually found out about this pregnancy, you know, for Devin to choose from, but it seems he loves these names as well.

Note: We decided at Camden's birth that we would continue the Kevin and Karen Romney tradition of the 'in', 'en', 'yn', 'an' ending sound in the names of our future posterity.  You know, since my name fit (Meghan) and Devin's was obviously already a part of that tradition.

So without further adieu, here are the names we have narrowed it down to (yes, I do this very early on in pregnancy.  I like to feel like the baby is already a part of the family--I don't like to call it 'the baby' for very long.

Girl--- Jadyn Marie Romney   (probably call her Jade for short; and it's Mom and my middle name)...always, ALWAYS loved that name since the Jaded song by Aerosmith
Boy-- Landon Miles Romney (Yes, because I LOVE 'A Walk to Remember'; now you're probably thinking I'm crazy because these names are based off of pop culture, but I have my own DEEPER reasoning) OR Larson Dean Romney (After my mother's maiden name/grandparents; Devin's dad's middle name.  I'm still trying to convince Devin of this one--he seems to be scarred from a certain friend of his being shortened to LARS and he just can't bear the thought of his child being called that)

I'm betting it's a girl, Devin has no opinion on the matter yet, and my mom thinks I'm crazy for trying to guess at all.  Well, there's a 50/50 shot!  What are your guesses (yes, yes. It's a full 10 weeks away, but I'm giving you plenty of time to think about it)?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ghost Candy

This is a sucker that Camden found in his trick-or-treat candy.

He calls him 'The Holy Ghost.'

I have no idea where he got that. 
(I'm even his nursery leader, so I know he didn't learn it there, and
 I PROMISE I didn't even call it a ghost when he took it out of his bag in the first place)

Made me laugh!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween pictures

 Getting ready for the trunk or treat

He kept saying scary, but just wanted to sit and stare at it!

 Our little dinosaur.  Devin is goofy and I am an elephant

 LOVED seeing his grandma and trick or treating at her house!

 But he has especially been obsessed with Grandma's pumpkins this year

 Camden would not wear his hat unless I wore this one....I guess it's a good trade--I pick his costume, he picks mine.

 Halloween Day outfit.  We went to my first baby Dr. appointment together on Halloween!

Getting home--checking out the spoils!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

All I can do

This broke my heart today.  I mean, it hit me HARD.  And I'm not even entirely sure why.  Part of it may be that these pregnancy hormones are affecting me a little crazier this time than the last (so I've definitely been more emotional/grumpy, but that's for another post), however some of it is for sure warranted.  I mean, I know as well as anyone that media can put a huge spin on things.  I know they can make you believe something that is a little (or a lot) off the truth and that we have to use our rational brains to pick apart and dissect what is real verses made up, however, the idea of this actually happening, if it is true, frankly sickens me.  And that is my fear---that it IS true.

I mean, I look at that man, and he's about the age of my own father.  I can't possibly imagine my dad being hungry.  Not having anywhere to go.  And then resorting to something he knew was wrong, feeling the pang of guilt, trying to do right by it, and then suffer the consequences to an outrageous degree.

I continue trying to console myself by thinking about the possibilities going to jail MAY have (but probably not) offered this homeless man.  Regular food, shelter, a chance for detox?, companionship??  But I also know how insane, scary, and downright dangerous prison can be.  And my heart ACHES.  I literally bawl my eyes out EVERY time I see this.  I can't believe that a man who is starving, trying to change (perhaps??) his life, and then realizing a mistake and trying to recompense that mistake ends up in jail approximately 5 times longer than a man who probably affected the consequences for millions more in a painstaking and irrevocable way (I mean, c'mon. THREE BILLION dollars!!), but it is a white collar crime....and it is not in Louisiana.  I may be inferring and therefore implying too many things about that, but still, I can't help but feel our country is not where it needs to be--in many things--but especially in equality among all men.  We still have a long way yet to go.

I don't know the backgrounds of these men, and honestly, it doesn't matter to me from an issue point of view (it matters like crazy to me from a personal point of view).  The punishment does not fit the crime, and men, women, REAL HUMAN BEINGS, cannot be left to be treated this way.  Left starving and for want--I don't care what the reason, let God be his judge.  I know there must be consequences to our actions, but I just can't believe this is the right outcome, and I fear for our world.  True, I may not be as faithful as I should be, but this kind of story rests on my soul for quite a long time because I just don't know how it can be fixed.  And I am, to a certain extent, an idealist.  I want the world to be a better place.  I want people to feel loved and to love.  I want for people to have their bellies full and their hearts warm; a place to call home.  I want all to have their loneliness satiated and their righteous desires fulfilled.  And I know how that can be done. 

the Atonement.
and our Hands.

So I continue to say, please Lord, "grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage [and will] to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference."

And for now, that's all I can do. 

(except, perhaps, continue to bawl my eyes out)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping and Airplanes

This is how we went shopping yesterday. 


 I'm still on my learning curve for the mac and trying to get pictures to work.  You'll just have to look at it sideways I guess.


Everyone was just in awe of the cute little boy doing some grocery shopping.  Some people even stopped to take pictures! My mother-in-law found this little grocery cart at a garage sale, and he has been in love with it ever since.  Though our shopping trip took a little bit longer, it was a great learning experience, a lot of fun, and a HUGE entertainment (it kept him SO involved with the shopping process!), so it was well worth the extra work involved.  Everyone in the store was so nice to us; even when we got in their way, so I was grateful it turned out well. 

We were looking through some pictures on Facebook and Camden stopped me at this one because he saw his uncles.  "Dallins....and Byrins.  Temple! And clouds....but where da airplane go?"  Anyway, if you know this place, it's Disneyland....NOT the temple, but I thought it was funny that he thought it was, and I was so glad that he recognizes his uncles still.  Not to mention, he obviously thinks there is always an airplane in the sky (we live right by the airplane flight route in Vegas, so there kinda is), so it's funny that he would even recognize this sky does NOT have one.  Anyway, he's just a cutie and we're glad to have him!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The house

So, after finally finishing putting everything away from the move, and then tackling 7 loads of laundry I was behind on because of the move, I was/am exhausted. It took me a little while, because I started having pain in my lower abdomen and didn't feel like I could lift up the stairs; even if it was a tiny or lightweight one.  Devin was so busy with work, that it became a long and mundane process as I told him what I needed moved and to where (he hates when I tell him what to do and I had/have a LONG honey-do list) right when he got home from work, but it was just getting to a point where I knew if I kept lifting heavy things, we would be disappointed with the results.  I have also been doing quite a bit of painting, so I  think I've been pushing my body to the max.  I probably went up and down the ladder approximately 80 times this weekend, along with all of my up and downs and all arounds with the paint roller, and the moving of took quite a toll on this pregnant girl's body.  But I am finished with the big stuff, and can now just worry about the painting and decorating.  Still a lot of work, but at least our house is livable.

 Here are the before pictures of our house though...and later, I'll post each individual room as I finish it.  Which will probably take forever.  But I'm working on it.  And actually, most of the pictures are fuzzy.  PRobably because I downloaded them off the internet (they are what it looked like with the previous owners stuff).  I just didn't want to send you to the sight, because that would completely give away our address.  And it may anyway for people smart enough to figure it out with the pictures, but I'm not computer savvy enough to fix that problem.  Anyway, have a happy day!

On second note, every time I try (for days I've tried this, mind you) to load the pictures from my mac, a thumbnail pops up saying the server is down.  Is there something I don't know?  How do I upload my pictures on this computer??

Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're BA--ack!

This ugly picture taken courtesy of my iMac in my brand new house; WITH the internet!  We're back in business people!  LOTS more to come--when I feel a little more settled.  Hope you're awesome!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Whole New World

*I am fully aware that I fell out of the blogging world for like the last 2 months.  For several reasons.  We haven't had internet at my house since we moved to Vegas, so blogging isn't my first concern in the precious few moments when I DO have the internet. Also, I haven't been as into it.  See below.*

I used to love that song when I was little.  I literally tried to live my life in the movies (still do) because they are so romantic, and I am truly one of those.

Now, I really am living in a whole new world though. And it's not easy.  It's not awful either.  I have so many people who surround me with whom I share a deep love.  There has been so much support and my family has truly rescued me often.

I know I have mentioned health issues I've had before, but recently, they have been much worse.  Not really because I can't deal with the pain or sorrow that comes along with feeling like you can't take care of your husband or child or family or friends well enough, but the kind that comes when the doctors can't figure out what's wrong with you and you wonder if it will ever pass--if you will EVER be able to take care of your husband or child or family or friends well enough or if you will always be at their mercy.  I had a lot of dreams about the kind of wife and mother I would be back when I had lots of energy.  A year and a half ago that all changed. Don't get me wrong--I don't feel like I'm a terrible mother.  Camden is such a good, good child though that he allows for some of my physical inabilities.  He can keep himself quite entertained when I do not have the energy to get up.  He cuddles next to me in bed when he wants to be held (some of my FAVORITE moments!!).  And luckily, I do not ALWAYS have to be in bed, so overall, it works.

At least it is comforting to know that I have so much support and love.  The last couple weeks when I have been in the ER, my parents have taken over!  They took Camden and cared for him the first time for the LONG 14 hour wait to get into the ER so Devin could be there with me.  When Devin had to go to work, my dad switched him out so I would not be alone.  Devin sacrificed many hours of sleep and they all drove me around while I was on heavy pain killers.  They have held me up when I literally couldn't stand on my own.  My sweet brothers have cared so well for Camden by playing with him and getting him and me things needed while Mom was finishing her last week of college. (YAY Mom! Sorry again that I couldn't be there!) Not ONCE did I have to worry or have to figure out anything on my own.  My mom has taken me to countless hours of Dr's appointments and ER visits and my mother-in-law has been willing to watch Camden when there wasn't anyone else who could.  I am truly grateful for each of their service.

I have no question that a loving Heavenly Father is watching out for us.  There isn't a reason in this world we should have ended up in Las Vegas--not with the economy the way it is; and especially with Devin's career options.  But we did.  And there couldn't have been a greater blessing than to be here now at this time.  As hard as things could have been, they really haven't been for, "my yoke is easy, and my burden is light" (Matthew 11:30).  Truly His yoke is easy, and because of that, those moments that make for us a whole new world don't become so overwhelming to bear.

*An update for those who have been wondering--I have bilateral mild to moderate hydronephrosis in my kidneys (the right being worse than the left--among other symptoms which would probably be TMI).  They still do not know what is causing it.  Originally, it was concluded that I had possible kidney stones, but after CT scans, those were not found and problems and pain are still occurring.  I appreciate all of you who have kept us in your prayers and put my name in the temple.  I have felt the spiritual, emotional, and physical blessings the Lord offers through the Atonement, faith, prayer, and priesthood power.  Thank you, thank you!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I want, pretty please, and thank you

I want one of these:

February Sale Price $449.00

And the only thing stopping me is:

(no, not the mountains and hills, the person.....oh, and probably the price tag) :O)

What about you?  You have a want right now, you can't have?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few Camden funnies!

Camden HATES that I sat him on the toilet today when he started farting and saying "poo poo." Unfortunately, it didn't scare the crap outta him, but it did scare the living daylight out.  He was screaming bloody murder!  I never knew kids were TRULY scared of the toilet!
I was scrolling quickly through facebook one day.  Camden was sitting on my lap because we had just done some ABC songs on youtube (he loves to watch but will, unfortunately, never join in on singing along).  As I was moving down through the pictures, Cam pointed at one and declared, "Jasu!" (which is how he says Jesus).  When I took a closer look, it was a picture of a Muslim.  I guess he just assumes any pictures of a man with a beard are Jesus!   
Camden is obsessed with balls.  He calls a basketball 'bakasu.'  The other day, there was a basketball game playing on the computer (we don't have television) and I could hear him saying "shoot! shoot! Go! Go!  Oh, shoot! Bakasu shoot!"  It was darn near the cutest thing!  
If Cam wants to go outside, he doesn't whine at me or the back door.  He just helps himself through the doggie door and enjoys some time in the great wide world.  The other day, while at my in-laws, he brought me some dog poop back in.  Thanks Cam.  That was a joy... 
*Cam still loves Elmo, telephones, and remote controls. He is starting to really enjoy jumping off of things, as well as turning on and off all the lights (mostly ON since that is his favorite word right now--besides bakasu).  He's quite the daredevil and is apparently not afraid of anything but the toilet. 

On a separate note, my husband came home from playing basketball tonight and said he has shot well from 3 point range for the last two weeks.  I'd say he knows how to Jimmer.  or perhaps he's intruding on someone else's court.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something you can learn about me....

I LOOOOOOOVE March madness!  Don't ask me why for sure, but I have always enjoyed the competition and rivalries, the comradery and unified feeling of watching a game in a community.  And certainly, Jimmer Fredette's superhuman abilities are contributing to my extra special feelings toward my alma mater (did you WATCH last night's game?!?!).  For me, there is just that innate desire for people to come together and be unified in a single purpose.  And sports isn't a bad place for that to happen.  Though, I'm not as big a football fan (as my husband), I do feel that sports can contribute to disciplining, uniting, and adding a sense of enjoyment for many people--though, I would much prefer basketball/soccer to any other (I don't at all like golf).  Not to mention, I have seen the great amount of bonding shared between my husband and his siblings through playing sports, as well as the fun I have had with my own family, so I certainly see their use.  I also LOOOOVED intramurals at BYU (I really just loved BYU period).  I miss them terribly!  It was such a good form of exercise and social fulfillment for me.  It's was just so nice to get off my butt and go DO something with the body Heavenly Father gave me.  Sports are fun family outings that are little to no money, which is always a priority for us.

I HAAAAAAAATE sewing!  I really thought it was just because I was in a small apartment for the last several years.  But nope.  I really just don't like sewing.  At all.  I even have a sewing machine and all the accessories.  My mother-in-law paid me to fix a whole pile of clothes several weeks ago.  Luckily, I got paid, because I have decided that short of earning money, I will not be sewing for fun.  Between the broken needles, rethreading bobbins, cleaning up tiny pieces of thread and fabric that make themselves comfortable around the entire house for weeks, wasting of thread, and just my utter distaste for the whole process (it is NOT relaxing for me....therefore=not fun), I have decided it's just not worth it to do on a regular basis. Sure, I love the finished product, but the process to get there is hardly ever worth it to me. I much prefer repurposing furniture and such to sewing (P.S.  Watch for it--the old fashioned table and chairs I bought recently are about to get a makeover---Okay, perhaps AFTER we move to the new home we will hopefully get {made an offer MONDAY; now just waiting for bank approval. Could still be months}).  That is what I enjoy.

I DOOOOOOONNNN'T like taking pictures.  I like being in pictures just fine, but I will never have the desire to make my picture taking skills equate to a photographer's.  It just isn't in me.  SOOOOO glad I have my sissy poo, JaNae, to take care of that department for me. Please, move closer to me ASAP!  (Otherwise, we may just be missing a big chunk of Camden's life--and perhaps several more children to come).  I just can't get in that good of a habit, unfortunately.  I did long for the habit of being able to take ANY pictures (that being separate from taking any GOOD pictures), but maybe that will still occur one day.

I will NEEEEEEEVER make time to paint my nails.  Not fun, smelly, and I peal off my fingernails anyway, so that would just draw attention to things undesirable to look at.  Further, if nails are short, I think they look goofy painted.  I am just not able to grow out my nails--piano playing (and nervous habits of pealing prior to playing in front of people) will do that to a person.

I am EEEEEEEECCCCCSTATIC to be teaching piano again!  My students are doing FABULOUSLY!  I just got so lucky to have obtained some naturally talented young ones, and we are just having SO.MUCH.FUN!  A nice bonus, is that I can get paid to do what I love, and Camden has luckily done very well with it so far.  I can control my hours and how much I work at it, too, so all around just a positive experience!  I can't wait until we get to the point of doing recitals!  They are AWESOME!  I have missed my intimate relationship with music.  Having music in my home is very important for my family.  It is one of the priorities of priorities for me and will certainly bring the Spirit into our home.

I LOOOOOVE cooking/baking, but only if I have my own kitchen stuff and I know where everything is.  I spend a great deal of time planning my meals for each week, as well as the grocery shopping I need to do (I keep my grocery shopping to a max of once per week and sometimes try to do it more like every other week).  I have been staying with my brothers-in-law this week and cooking has been more challenging because I don't have the kitchen items I am used to, but it is just so satisfying when people can sit together, eat dinner/lunch/brunch/breakfast, chat and be satisfied.   Plus, baking is the way I have decided to gift people for their birthdays, mother's days, etc. lately because it's an inexpensive way to give a gift, while still putting effort into it; especially when you're dealing with people who already have everything they need. (Plus, I REALLY don't like Bath & Body works kinds of things as gifts and that seems to be the alternative.  It's just an expensive cop out in my opinion.)  Anyway, I don't really like eating a lot of food, but I sure do like feeding other people a lot!! :O)

I THRIIIIIVE off of writing in my journal and reading the Ensign.  During my last 3 years of high school, and my first few years of college, I wrote in my journal every single day.  I never missed a day and I ended up having several books full of records.  When I got married, I kinda lost that everyday habit.  Journal entries became few and far between.  I have started to get back into the habit and it really does wonders for my disposition and happiness.  It is something I truly enjoy--it's just making the time to do it!  The Ensign has had some wonderful, wonderful articles (as usual) and I just love to read all of the stories and prophecies given by our church leaders.  It is a wonderful blessing to have that magazine!  There have been some articles lately that have specifically helped me during our house search.  It has been a real blessing to receive the inspiration while going through the experience.  I am grateful the Lord watches out for me personally.

A few updates:

-Camden is going to nursery now. He has definitely needed an adjustment period.  We're not there yet....
He also says a lot lot lot of words, but tries to combine them and it doesn't quite come out right.  He will be quite the talker though, when it all comes together for him.  He LOVES being in Las Vegas with his grandparents and some uncles.
-I have been spending a lot of time working on things.  My mom is now paying me to clean her house twice per month, piano lessons, and watching my down syndrome brother-in-law, Calvin.  Camden has a blast with all of this because he loves to be at Grandma's house, wants to learn the piano, and enjoys the fun sounds Calvin makes at him (as well as all the TOYS Uncle Calvin has!). 
-Devin is doing well at work.  He enjoys his job and the hours are certainly nice for him.  He has been doing a great job and the company is keeping regular work, so we are grateful and happy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who knew? Today I'm grateful for...

My mom wrote this post today on her blog and it really got me thinking.

Many don't know this history, and it's actually quite relieving to see so much joy entering my mother's life as she begins to open up and share her life (and what an amazing life it is).  What a blessing the internet can be that way. 

It also got me thinking about the answer to her question....why does God allow suffering?   Such a difficult, overbearing type of question to answer; especially when I feel so inadequate to share my own thoughts.  Often, I look at my life and wonder to myself, "when is the despair going to hit? When will have to suffer like 'her'?"  I hope I never have to, because really, my life has been so great.  For me, however, there have been difficult things--things I'd wish on no one, but do wish more had a real understanding. 

Though my griefs are not mine to share, so never will I open up this way in such a public way. The last few weeks, however I have found just that--some understanding.  The supposed ailment/problem/painful annoyance of TMJ, turned into a great, great blessing as I have been able to go to the DENTIST (yes, you read that right) for relief from not only my physical pain, but also some of my spiritual aching. And it has helped tremendously to have new found friends/cheerleaders in my journey. 

So, sometimes, I think God allows us to experience aching in order to create an opportunity for us to find healing.  Sometimes, He allows it to create more gratitude for our lives as they were or will be...or even as they are.  Sometimes, He allows it so that we will turn to Him more fully  (as we do that, our lives will be increasingly blessed).  And sometimes, He allows it, so others can learn these things vicariously through others experiences  and find the beauty-full in our own just a little bit more each day.

This perspective keeps me moving some days.  So today, I'm grateful for the dentist.

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to

How to eat pizza:

Suck on it.  Just suck and suck until you can't suck anymore.  That way, you burn calories WHILE you eat, and you get so tired of sucking, you won't finish it anyway--it just takes TOO long.  This is how I prevent myself from gaining any weight at all.  But, mommy can sometimes convince me to chew if she breaks my food into small enough pieces--then again, I still want to wait until I am in the mood to chew.  Sometimes, I just swallow pieces whole.  In fact, this eating process can make me so exhausted, I fall asleep in the shower. Mom then takes embarrassing pictures of me in a doggie towel (which I love, but won't admit to anyone).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A lip or tu

I woke up from my *lovely* Sunday nap to these beauties.

(yes, flowers for the day before Valentine's Day, because I asked to not receive flowers on Valentine's Day this year)
Tulips, of course!  There's a story behind them.  You see, when I first entered Young Women, we had a new beginnings program in which the parents of every new beehive were to share a flower that reminds them of their daughter.  Most of the flowers chosen were extremely heartfelt and sentimental.  One friend received a rose from her parents because of her exquisite beauty inside and out.  Another, a lily for similar reasons and virtue and grace.  Perhaps a daisy because of how much sunshine 'she' brought into the lives of others.
For me, my mother chose tulips.  Why?  To remind me to always keep my "two-lips" clean and pure.  Apparently I wasn't excessively dainty, exquisite, beautiful, virtuous, or graceful, because my mother basically called me the biggest flirt alive, right in front of everyone.  If you know my mother, she's a jokester, so I would never have put this past her, however, I realized while she was talking (and she even said) that she had no idea she was to choose a flower that really "fit" me as a person, but rather, just choose a flower for me period.  She figured most girls would receive a rose (as most did) and wanted me to be a little different.  As is her way, she was able to create a very effective teaching moment through her humor, and it has certainly stuck with me.
Continuing through the years, the tulip became my favorite flower for more reasons than just this anecdote implies.  Not only can I realize the magnificent beauty of this flower, but I also realize something priceless.  These flowers stay open and REACH toward the sun.  I hope I can do that--always remain stretched toward the Son.
Now, I also realize that the tulip tends to describe me a bit as a PERSON.  This blog may say it best, "You think that when you see a tulip wrapped tight, just admiring the outside of it, you’ve seen the best that tulip has to offer.  After all, when you think of tulips, you think of them with their petals closed.  I was thrilled when this purple beauty opened to show there is always more beauty on the inside.  Same is true with most every person I know."
What a great reminder for me, and for everyone, I suppose.  You can find true beauty deep within people, and yourself, as you and they open up to show it.  Now, I'm just grateful that my husband can share in my love for tulips as well.  You see, although he often can't remember my birthday, or my middle name for that matter, he does and will always remember that tulips are my favorite flower of them all.  So, I guess my mother continues to make an impact in all the little facets of my life.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to the LOVES of my life!!
 And just because he's getting to be the biggest cheese ball...

What a dream...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Normally, I've been pretty in, I don't really want to have one*.  I'm not a flowery, too-big-of-a-bow-for-the-top-of-THAT-little-girl's-head type of person, but today, I had second thoughts.  Not that I'm going to convert to the bows, but perhaps it would be good for my husband to have the same experience I've seen many of my other male friends having with their daughters--being ABSOLUTELY smitten and wrapped around a little girl's finger must just be that priceless.  It is probably good for all men to have that experience--the experience of having a precious, virtuous, fragile daughter of God that sort-of belongs to him. That he doesn't have to raise to be "a protector" but rather, "a nurturer."  That is his forever to maintain and protect and spoil rotten.  And the true desire to never see another man hurt her at all; under any condition, ever.  I think it does something for a daddy's heart that perhaps a boy might not be able to do. Yes, I do think that every man should have that glorious opportunity after all.

*As an editor's note, I must add that never, under any condition whatsoever, ever, EVER, would I love or desire a daughter any less, I've just normally secretly hoped I had all boys.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving Week

So I guess it's time to offer the details, although probably most of you know them by now.   With December 17th (BYU's December graduation) looming in the near future, we weren't sure that we were going to have an income for much longer.  Devin had exhausted most of the referrals he'd been given, but I wasn't worrying yet.  Not sure why the Lord decided to bless me with so much patience and serenity, but it was so, and I will forever be grateful.  Here's the long story, broken down into a MUCH shorter story:

December 4, 2010--Devin and I are babysitting my cousin's kids and she and her husband tell us they've heard of a job opening in Las Vegas, of all the impossible places, for a project manager position with a paint & drywall subcontractor.
December 3, 2010--Devin has an interview with a company based in Alamogordo, New Mexico for a superintendent job.
December 9, 2010--Devin has an over-the-phone interview with the Las Vegas subcontractor
December 12, 2010--Devin finds out he's been offered the job in Las Vegas.  I get assigned to plan and decorate the Ward Christmas party.  I contact my friend from high school to have her send me some apartment links.  Over the next couple of days, Devin and I go back-and-forth between whether or not we should buy a house or rent an apartment for a few months and then do so, or live with our parents for a few months before we buy a house.  Poor Adria had to continually send us different types of real estate listings depending on which decision we had made that particular day.  But she was a trooper and we appreciated ALL of the help!
December 13, 2010-- Devin realizes the company in NM isn't going to tell him their decision quickly enough.  He decides not to make the Las Vegas company wait any longer and accepts their offer.
December 13, 2010--I start rearranging our entire lives!  I list, show, sell our apartment contract over to someone else, nanny my last day, ask my cousin to take over some of the nannying for the remainder of the week, shuffle through the rental listings sent to me via email, bring order to the elderly finances, switch over our mail from every place I can possibly think of, cancel our utilities, etc. and start packing.
December 13-17, 2010--LOTS of help from siblings to get our stuff packed up! (Thanks to ALL of you!) And I planned and decorated (with the help of my good friend Joannie) the entire Christmas party.  Luckily, I didn't have to do the food, but it was certainly quite a task anyway.  I'll just say, by Friday night, I was exhausted.  Still, I didn't feel like I had reached my limits.  The Lord really, REALLY blessed us that entire week; especially because Devin was studying for finals and couldn't be around to help with Camden, packing, or the party very much.
December 18, 2010--The Elders Quorum, and Kyle, picks up all our belongings and loads the moving truck.  Devin drives the truck down to Las Vegas.  Camden and I stay behind to clean the apartment.
December 19, 2010--I play the piano for one musical number, sing in another, and train the new Relief Society Secretary.
December 20, 2010--Devin starts the project manager position at L.&R. Integrity, Camden and I drive down (in quite the snowstorm, I might add), stop by to see Devin's sister who is in pre-term labor and on bed rest, do some grocery shopping, and we all stay the night at Devin's parents house.
December 21, 2010--I go apartment shopping.  We find a place to move in, with the help of Adria.
December 22, 2010--Fill out all of the paperwork, get the money order & cashiers checks for deposit, negotiate with the landlord to do month-to-month and bring down the rent a little, get the keys, move in.

So, that pretty much, in-a-really-short-and-completely-undramatic-and-not-even-able-to-do-it-justice sort of way, sums up the move. Devin enjoys his job so far, and I am reacquainting myself to life in Vegas.  And surprisingly, really missing Utah.  But, of course, that will be for another time.  To all of my Utah friends, just know, I miss and love you all!  I am sure we'll be back to visit frequently.

P.S.  Whoever you are that blessed us with the food to eat on my previous post, you will never know how much it got us through moving week; especially with Camden and I being sick the entire week prior to that one!  Thank you, again from the bottom of my heart!