Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving Week

So I guess it's time to offer the details, although probably most of you know them by now.   With December 17th (BYU's December graduation) looming in the near future, we weren't sure that we were going to have an income for much longer.  Devin had exhausted most of the referrals he'd been given, but I wasn't worrying yet.  Not sure why the Lord decided to bless me with so much patience and serenity, but it was so, and I will forever be grateful.  Here's the long story, broken down into a MUCH shorter story:

December 4, 2010--Devin and I are babysitting my cousin's kids and she and her husband tell us they've heard of a job opening in Las Vegas, of all the impossible places, for a project manager position with a paint & drywall subcontractor.
December 3, 2010--Devin has an interview with a company based in Alamogordo, New Mexico for a superintendent job.
December 9, 2010--Devin has an over-the-phone interview with the Las Vegas subcontractor
December 12, 2010--Devin finds out he's been offered the job in Las Vegas.  I get assigned to plan and decorate the Ward Christmas party.  I contact my friend from high school to have her send me some apartment links.  Over the next couple of days, Devin and I go back-and-forth between whether or not we should buy a house or rent an apartment for a few months and then do so, or live with our parents for a few months before we buy a house.  Poor Adria had to continually send us different types of real estate listings depending on which decision we had made that particular day.  But she was a trooper and we appreciated ALL of the help!
December 13, 2010-- Devin realizes the company in NM isn't going to tell him their decision quickly enough.  He decides not to make the Las Vegas company wait any longer and accepts their offer.
December 13, 2010--I start rearranging our entire lives!  I list, show, sell our apartment contract over to someone else, nanny my last day, ask my cousin to take over some of the nannying for the remainder of the week, shuffle through the rental listings sent to me via email, bring order to the elderly finances, switch over our mail from every place I can possibly think of, cancel our utilities, etc. and start packing.
December 13-17, 2010--LOTS of help from siblings to get our stuff packed up! (Thanks to ALL of you!) And I planned and decorated (with the help of my good friend Joannie) the entire Christmas party.  Luckily, I didn't have to do the food, but it was certainly quite a task anyway.  I'll just say, by Friday night, I was exhausted.  Still, I didn't feel like I had reached my limits.  The Lord really, REALLY blessed us that entire week; especially because Devin was studying for finals and couldn't be around to help with Camden, packing, or the party very much.
December 18, 2010--The Elders Quorum, and Kyle, picks up all our belongings and loads the moving truck.  Devin drives the truck down to Las Vegas.  Camden and I stay behind to clean the apartment.
December 19, 2010--I play the piano for one musical number, sing in another, and train the new Relief Society Secretary.
December 20, 2010--Devin starts the project manager position at L.&R. Integrity, Camden and I drive down (in quite the snowstorm, I might add), stop by to see Devin's sister who is in pre-term labor and on bed rest, do some grocery shopping, and we all stay the night at Devin's parents house.
December 21, 2010--I go apartment shopping.  We find a place to move in, with the help of Adria.
December 22, 2010--Fill out all of the paperwork, get the money order & cashiers checks for deposit, negotiate with the landlord to do month-to-month and bring down the rent a little, get the keys, move in.

So, that pretty much, in-a-really-short-and-completely-undramatic-and-not-even-able-to-do-it-justice sort of way, sums up the move. Devin enjoys his job so far, and I am reacquainting myself to life in Vegas.  And surprisingly, really missing Utah.  But, of course, that will be for another time.  To all of my Utah friends, just know, I miss and love you all!  I am sure we'll be back to visit frequently.

P.S.  Whoever you are that blessed us with the food to eat on my previous post, you will never know how much it got us through moving week; especially with Camden and I being sick the entire week prior to that one!  Thank you, again from the bottom of my heart!