Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few Camden funnies!

Camden HATES that I sat him on the toilet today when he started farting and saying "poo poo." Unfortunately, it didn't scare the crap outta him, but it did scare the living daylight out.  He was screaming bloody murder!  I never knew kids were TRULY scared of the toilet!
I was scrolling quickly through facebook one day.  Camden was sitting on my lap because we had just done some ABC songs on youtube (he loves to watch but will, unfortunately, never join in on singing along).  As I was moving down through the pictures, Cam pointed at one and declared, "Jasu!" (which is how he says Jesus).  When I took a closer look, it was a picture of a Muslim.  I guess he just assumes any pictures of a man with a beard are Jesus!   
Camden is obsessed with balls.  He calls a basketball 'bakasu.'  The other day, there was a basketball game playing on the computer (we don't have television) and I could hear him saying "shoot! shoot! Go! Go!  Oh, shoot! Bakasu shoot!"  It was darn near the cutest thing!  
If Cam wants to go outside, he doesn't whine at me or the back door.  He just helps himself through the doggie door and enjoys some time in the great wide world.  The other day, while at my in-laws, he brought me some dog poop back in.  Thanks Cam.  That was a joy... 
*Cam still loves Elmo, telephones, and remote controls. He is starting to really enjoy jumping off of things, as well as turning on and off all the lights (mostly ON since that is his favorite word right now--besides bakasu).  He's quite the daredevil and is apparently not afraid of anything but the toilet. 

On a separate note, my husband came home from playing basketball tonight and said he has shot well from 3 point range for the last two weeks.  I'd say he knows how to Jimmer.  or perhaps he's intruding on someone else's court.


Addie Joyce said...

haha that's hilarious about the toilet! I used to be afraid of it too. And I love that he knows how to use the doggie door, quite a clever little one>

Anonymous said...

That doggie door thing kills me. And the toilet-fear...I'm not looking forward to that. It seems like toilet-training is one of the great trials of life :)