Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Funnies


This was my own stupid fun. And it's not funny to everyone else, but I caught this picture in the act :O) Sometimes, I am in need of a practical joke...and Devin was the brunt end of this one.

I told him that my mom had called when she hadn't. Stupid? Yes. But I was laughing so hard, I was crying! He called her back and this was his face when he realized she really hadn't called and he had been trying to get to the point all along. In my defense, they BOTH gang up against me from time to time....and my mom loves him more than me. So that is my childishness at it's very peak :O)

P.S. Take a look at his long hair before you read the next one.

This is more or less how it started....
And this is how it ended...

(This is ACTUALLY me AFTER the sob fest--and true, it is NOT very flattering of me, but I have to tell the true story...the way it happened; and this is the evidence)

Want to know the in-between?!

I have a thrifty husband and an even tighter budget; SO....when Devin asked me to cut his hair, I resisted it like the plague. :O) I simply don't cut hair, I just don't know how. Period. He prodded and pleaded and gave me facts such as those listed above; so I finally--and I'll admit VERY begrudgingly--consented.

I called me mom for some expert advice, but having never actually done it before, I'm not sure that I ever fully understood what she was trying to explain to me. Wrists facing this way, horizontal papers and the works....it just wasn't working for me. So I started cutting his hair.

I worked and worked....and it got shorter and shorter, but all in all, when I was finished, I wasn't absolutely horrified...just a little terrified. Plus, I left the sides pretty long because I was scared to cut Dev's ear off. I showed him the finished product in the mirror, knew I wouldn't EVER show it to my cosmetologist cousin's, and was almost on my way when Devin decided he wanted the sides just a little bit shorter. What he had paid no regard to, however, was that there was NO GUARD on the buzzers.

He took it to the area right above his sideburns and we got the following result:

And as a comparison, here is the other, non-bald side.

I'm not quite sure if you can see the two bald lines going up his head, but they are there. And just to add a little bit more proof, here is another pic of that side. (Sorry for the pornographic nature of this picture...it demonstrates some of the amount of hair I ended up stealing as well)

Yes, it actually ended up WORSE than I imagined--even after all of the snipping and attempts at blending the dang stuff. Anyway, his first reaction was to get a little upset at me for not telling him that I had taken the guard off to trim the edges....but after like a nanosecond, we thought of the talk given by Elder Wirthlin in General Conference and we busted out laughing uncontrollably. At the same time, I got a good look at Devin, and after all of the perfectionistic emotions flooded over me, I began to cry. AND cry. AND cry. AND cry. I sobbed for a while...and Devin thought it was funny. I managed to whisper "You. look. like. a. monster."

Now here, I must intercede and defend myself. I would never ACTUALLY think my husband looks like a monster. BUT, he had a huge and face defying, blue/purple/bleeding, fat lip and NOW, a big BALD spot on his head--not to mention WAY-shorter-than-I-meant-to-cut-it hair (which I have always been more of a fan of the longer side of hair for him). I felt bad, but I was just so overcome at the moment. Can I just say...he is not a monster, he does not look at a monster, and most importantly he does not ACT like a monster. He is an angel :O)

We had a good time over it, snapped some photos, and have used it as an example in many a lesson since (even though it only happened on Sunday). I also trimmed up the other side to make it look closer to the bald side....and for the first (not REALLY, but let's just say it for his sake) time, Devin let me put some make-up on him to "cover up" the mistake--a handy trick I learned from a good friend in high school when this type of thing happened to him.

My mom has now informed me that before any more futile attempts at cutting anyone else's hair, my cousin Tara has volunteered to teach me to cut hair for the future.


Rhonda said...

What great memories! You need to have Shelise and Tara give you some tips at when you're here for Christmas.

Jean said...

Bryce told me I should read your entry, that I'd identify with it. Man, he was right!! :D Takes me back...Wymount days, trying to save money by cutting Bryce's hair, having no clue, the actual session lasting about an hour and a half by the time all was said and done. What stress! I'm happy to say, hair does grow, and you get better the more you do it! I watched a hair cutting video (I think you can find them at a library, books with tips at least) and I did watch Taralee cut Brett and Bryce's hair once too. Still didn't help too much. :D You can do it! And way to keep the good perspective. It seriously is an investment. One day it's going to be a piece of cake for you. (I'm not personally there yet, but a lot closer!)