Monday, November 1, 2010

Behold the little ones...

I've had a flurry of emotions as of late.

My computer is nearly dead and so I have been making preparations to make sure I do not lose my photos permanently.  As I was saving all of my picture files to, I began to look at the pictures of Camden's birth.  What is absolutely amazing to me, is how VERY much CAMDEN it is!  Can you even imagine that a little newborn would have so many tendencies that he continues at present?   I hadn't paid as much attention to this at the time of his birth--why would I? I mean, I couldn't have known--but he had the same squished up wailing face when crying--stiff top lip, crinkled lower lip and all.  That peaceful face he adorns whilst in sleep? The same!  Even the way he smiles and looks at me is so similar. 

It's truly amazing to remember that they come with their own little real personalities!  They are who they are!  Not that they can't be shaped into something else, but there's something specific there, and it starts before/at birth.

I just couldn't help but think of all of this as I was flipping through several of the photos (many of which blogger won't load, so I just have to put similar pictures to what has already been posted).

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