Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy are we, Happy are we

This is the man that doesn't get enough face time on the blog, but deserves a lot more (and yes, he's wearing my sweater).  He just doesn't like getting his picture taken; so it's rather difficult to complete whole posts on him alone without using the same material.

He calls me his pookie.  Don't know where that came from, but I prefer it over Rooski (my other nickname) any day.

That's just him--so "creative" like that.  He is definitely his own person--no ifs, ands, or butts about it.  He won't be coerced into being someone else, but he is never satisfied with just staying at the level he is at present either.  Each Sunday, and everyday really, he takes time to ponder, set goals, evaluate past goals, and make a new resolve to be even better the next week.  And he does.

I wish I could be more like that really.  He's a great example of setting goals and carrying them through.

Dev wouldn't necessarily be considered a romantic (that's not obvious, is it??), but he's still sweet, zesty, and always striving to be a better husband and father; especially in the ways that truly count.  He calls our family to scripture study and prayer each day.  He gives me priesthood blessings on a regular basis.  He holds a family council every week.  He fulfills his callings.  He serves others regularly. He works hard at keeping his body healthy and involved.  He writes in a journal. Etc. Etc.  "Always striving" doesn't do it justice.

Camden LOVES his father.  When Daddy gets home from work/school, Camden is immediately excited.  Daddy is a good friend.  He is playful.  He is involved. 'Dad' was his first word for a reason, and Dad makes Camden a very happy boy!
(L-just clownin' around, R-best buds bouncing
--and hanging on for dear life!)

Devin also knows who he is--in a spiritual light as well as a mental/physical/emotional.  He knows what he wants, he knows what he likes, and he knows what keeps him happy. And he DOES the things to keep it so. Not only that, but he knows when I am getting too busy to DO the things I love, and he makes sure they happen.  He is constantly encouraging me to play the piano (SUCH an emotional outlet for me) by asking if we can sing together (this does not fall within his comfort zone btw).  He allows me my freedom to do what I need to do to make me feel good right 'along' with him (currently Zumba and Soccer games, and sometimes a massage!).   He is my protector; my equal--my other advocate.

He does the menial tasks of the family as well.  Nothing is beneath him when it comes to his family.  That is ultimately the most important thing to me, and I am grateful that he is so wise.

I can't adequately express my Happy Birthday sentiments to my husband without thanking this wonderful woman who birthed him.
(Hint: the one on the right; though
I know it's difficult to tell, since they're both
so young, vibrant and beautiful)

She has taught him peace.  She has taught him calm.  She has taught him wisdom is found in the Lord. And she has taught him to keep it simple; all the while going for everything he desires--but to make sure, above all else, that he and his family are truly happy.  *And HAPPY we are!

Happy to celebrate his big 27!!! 
LOVE and HUGS to you Sweetie Petey! 

*She has obviously also taught him her picture evading skills, because that is basically the only picture I have managed to take of her in the 5+ years I've known her


Lindzie said...

He had a good teacher to be who he is! I love your in-laws. They are such nice, good people. :) Happy birthday, Devin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meghan. I appreciate your thoughts. I look at those sweet pictures of Camden and remember when Devin was that little and how fun he was. It made my world go around. I am so excited to see you guys at Thanksgiving. I cant wait to play with Camden and get to catch up with you too. I think you're the best and love you dearly. Just get here safe and we can work some things out for you. Karen

Karen Romney said...

I dont know how to do this posting stuff very well obviously, i am your anonymous mother in law!