Monday, November 1, 2010


 We had a GREAT time at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago!  Luckily, it was in between Camden's sick times!
 He got his first ride in a wagon (right)
And every pumpkin was a 'ba'--ball (left)

What is this thing? (left)
Oh, is this what I'm supposed to be doing? (right)

 He loved the mirror room,

climbing through tunnels,

staying busy running around from one exciting thing to another,

the bounce house,

and the animals! (This was, by the way, the goat that bit his arm while
Camden was practicing being "soft"--I guess the ole' Billy didn't even want a slight stroke)

 Daddy wasn't with mommy and me at the pumpkin patch, so I wouldn't sit very still.  
That's also why Mom and I didn't get any pictures together.  I 
think you won't mind though, since I'm definitely the cuter of the two! :O)

We really had a lot of fun at the patch!  We definitely got lost in the cornmaze, but Camden loved, loved, LOVED the free space to just walk and walk and walk as he pleased!  Seeing all of the colorful characters was also a lot of fun, though difficult to get him to sit still to capture his face in the circles.  I think the funniest part was when the goat bit him.  Honestly, I know I should have, but I wasn't expecting it!  I've taught Camden to be very soft with animals.  With no signs about ferocious, baby-attacking goats in sight, I thought he was good to go.  At first touch, everything seemed fine, but as Camden began to stroke Billy, he turned right around and chomped down on Camden's right arm. I couldn't resist laughing out loud!  Camden turned to me with the most pitiful tears in his eyes and puckered down lips and began to cry.  I know, I'm an awful mother, but it was just so darn funny--only because no Camden's were actually hurt in the making of this story.  It was just a startled reaction.

We had a good old time at Pumpkinland.  Picked out a few pumpkins and some corn to add a little Fall to our living room.  I think, despite the goat, Camden will enjoy going again! And so will I!

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Angela Winterton said...

Darling pictures! I can't believe how big Camden is.