Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok, This is Devin here and I'm new to this blogging thing so sorry if the format isn't great. Megs doesn't know I'm posting these pics but they were just so cute that I have to show them to the world. I'm also hoping to score some major points with Meghan by doing this! Anyways, my family came in town and we went four wheelin. Megs decided to come along for a mild ride. I asked her to pose in some cute positions and this is what we got.

As you can see, Megs has a very fun and spunky personality and is always up for having some fun and trying new things. We are expecting a baby boy in September and Meghan is the cutest pregnant woman I've ever seen. Before she got pregnant I told her that pregnant women scared me and it bothered me that they were always munching. But Meghan just gets cuter the more pregnant she gets.
When we were dating quite a few people who were close to us thought that we were an odd couple. Before Meghan came back to me I was seeing a girl that was basically a clone of myself. She liked sports a lot and was the cheerleader type and everyone tought that we would get married. Then Meghan made herself available and I dropped the other girl so fast. We are different but thats what I liked about Meghan. She was like a breath of fresh air and she has introduced me to new things and given me new ideas about life. She's a talented musician and loves the arts so our kids will get the best of both worlds! (She has also started liking sports a lot more since we've been married.)
The other thing I liked about Meghan was her values. I could tell that she had a big heart and that she really liked to make people feel good about themselves. I knew that she would be the perfect Mom for our kids because she would love them and teach them the right way. She's also good at being firm and holding her ground which is an important attribute for mothers.

Right now she takes care of two old people who give us free food and rent in return. She has really sacrificed a lot for our family so that I can get through school. Now a baby will be added into the mix so she will have three people to take care of. A lot will be required of her and I will be there to help in any way possible. Seeing how much she does for me really inspires me to be the best student and husband that I can be. She's worth every ounce of my effort.

I just want everyone to know that Megan is the best wife and most selfless person ever. I love her and appreciate evrything that she does. (She's also a very pretty lady!)


Brynley said...

so sweet devin!! I'm so happy for you both. Love the Pics Megs. it is so cute to see you pregnant. I'm so excited for you. If you need someone to talk to about being pregnant or when you are a mom with a newborn give me a call. You look so the way.

The Foote Family said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :) That is sweet.

The Gonzales 'Ohana said...

What a wonderful tribute to your cute wife! :)

Taralee said...

Awww, how sweet Devin! Yea, I would have to say that this post should score you a few extra points LOL!! You're a great guy and I'm glad that you guys are happy. This baby will bring you even closer, too. You'll fall in love with her all over as you see her mothering the baby, there's something so special and natural about it. And she'll definitely fall in love with you even more as she watches you be gentle and sweet with a new baby. Babies are AWESOME!!! I'm so excited for you guys.

Thanks for your thoughts Devin! :)

Shelise said...

Umm where have I been? How did I miss this post. I'm home alone tonight because Kyle is DJ-ing and I decided to look through the blog list that automatically updates itself and I came upon this and was actually a little annoyed that I never got the memo that it was updated. lol. Anyway. I have seen it now so thats all that matters.

Devin, that was so sweet! Meghan, you really do look so cute pregnant.

T.J. and Kathy Christensen said...

That was so sweet! You guys are so cute and we are so excited for you and your soon to come little baby boy!

Rhonda said...

Are you sure Meghan didn't write this about herself? JK I really don't approve of a pregnant woman four wheeling though. LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay, too sweet :)