Thursday, July 30, 2009

My fingers are getting fat

But my husband would then correct me with "No, your fingers are getting pregnant..." But we both know they are swelling up in that annoying sort of way that happens the last few months of pregnancy! Every time I have mentioned swelling up or getting fat, the response is as is mentioned above. I know he is trying to be nice, but I know the truth :O) I guess I need to up my water intake.

Anyway, here I am at 32 weeks pregnant--one week ago!

I thought, prior to the taking of this picture, that I looked somewhat cute. I was a little disgruntled when I actually saw it and that my thoughts were inaccurate. Ha! Oh well...I guess all's well that ends well. :O) And it WILL end well, right?!

Ok nevermind...I think my camera was stolen out of Devin's car so I can't get the picture right now. But I'll give you another one that was taken at Antelope Island (North of Salt Lake) next to a tin buffalo. We spent ALL DAY at this island and I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it, so, it's not the greatest....but it gives you the idea of how large I am getting.

*Just as a side note, while we were looking for my camera, we went out to the cars to check for it. The glove comparments and center consoles were open and things were taken out of them--but I don't think anything was stolen. Not that our cars are clean by any degree, but we could definitely tell things were out of place. Kinda creepy; especially when you consider that the other night I went for a late walk and leaned up against my car. I had an eerie feeling that someone was watching me from INSIDE my car so I immediately went inside, but didn't think anything of it until now. Now I am nervous as to what COULD have happened if I had stayed out there!


Shelise said...

Oh my goodness look at your cute belly. How fun. Thanks for showing it. Only a few weeks left. How are you feeling? Good luck!

Taralee said...

Woohoo. Look at that CUTE belly! I'm getting so excited for you! Chase will be 1 soon which means you'll have a baby. His bday is Sept. 15.

That's FREAKY that you had that feeling. Oh my GOSH! Don't you EVER go walking by yourself at night you crazy girl. Even in Utah, I don't care what anyone says.

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think you might get induced?

That story is creeeepy!

Shannon O said...

You do have a super cute belly! A total basketball! :) Congrats and I look forward to seeing pics when he's born!!!

T-Ray said...

Antelope Island! I just went there for the first time. It was pretty fun.