Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's been a while, I know

I have had a TON going on but not much time! Finally, I am dropping everything I have to do so that I can update some blog and load some pictures. I had a FANTABULASTIC week last week and want to share the results (even though my camera is crud...or the person behind it doesn't know how to use it--I'm not sure which one yet.)

I'll start with this past weekend. Dev's family came into town for the Romney Reunion. We have our t-shirts here (and you can see my updated pregnant belly)...

Dev and his brothers went four-wheeling....and I went on a ride for a bit as well. Don't worry, nothing bumpy~! I wasn't ready to have the baby last weekend so I didn't think it wise to force myself too much into pre-term labor. Dev decided to drive right through a mud pit. I don't think this really shows the results that well, but he thought I looked really goofy so he wanted a pic! He took a few others but I may or may not decide to include them on this blog.

Other things Dev and his brothers did this weekend: Rafted down the Provo river, went bowling, played soccer (I did for a while until I pulled a muscle), played football, and lots of other ACTIVE stuff! I was working, so I didn't go with them, but we all had a good time with them here!

I hadn't put a picture up yet of our crib. Here is one.

The weekend before Trevor's homecoming, we went to Park City on a date and rode up the ski-lift to the top of the mountain for a picnic. :O) It was a great time!

Dev can't resist making funny faces. I can rarely get him to smile, cuz he hates pictures but if he HAS to take them, he wants to make them funny-looking.

As for Trevor's homecoming, it was WONDERFUL! I just LOVED being able to go home for it and am EXTREMELY grateful to my wonderful husband for taking on so much at our home so that I could make it there.

The four kids all together again at last!

Me and my VERY handsome missionary brother!

When we got home from the airport, we were all anxious to see if Trevor's dog, Sparky, would remember him. He did and WENT CRAZY he was SO excited to see Trevor! We were all very happy :O)
Next thing Trevor decided to do was take a dive into the swimming pool....IN HIS SUIT (he had just been released by President Asay)! My camera isn't very quick at snapping pictures, so this is not as great as JaNae's, but still fun! What a cute idea!

We did SO many fun things and it was truly a blessing to hear Trevor's testimony and report as he came home from his mission! He really enjoyed serving the people of Australia! And we are proud of him and LOVE HIM!

Dallin and Byrin also had their volleyball banquet for their undefeated year! Congrats guys! I just had to get a picture with each one of my champions!

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that's hilarious about jumping in the pool...He's been supressing that urge for awhile hasn't he:)