Monday, June 15, 2009

Jay and Bean

Meet Bay and Jean. Or as sometimes is said by the slip of the tongue, "jay and bean" They are the elderly couple for whom I caretake. Today was their 30th anniversary (both second marriage due to early death for their spouses) and so we tried to give them a little hooplah since it is really difficult to take them anywhere. We had a scrumptious meal and I clipped some flowers from their rose bushes. We sprinkled rose petals all over the table and ate by candlelight! It was a surprise to Jean. It was so cute because Bay is quite forgetful, but when I told him dinner was almost ready, he ran to the bedroom to get a little more dressed up for his sweetheart. :O) Changing is no quick ordeal either, so he really means business! Anyway, it was fun to be able to celebrate a little with them.


Shelise said...

Oh yeah! I have been so curious about these two people you are taking care of. Thanks for posting pictures. So what was the scrumptious meal that you ate?

Rhonda said...

They are very lucky and blessed to have you to take care of them.