Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our little snuggles...

Devin has given me two really cute dates in the last few weeks and I can no longer resist writing about them. I must first tell you about a date we had several months ago in order to more fully illustrate why this is so cute!

We go on a date together each week and switch off who plans them. It has been quite enjoyable to have such a variety of dates over the last few years. One date in particular that I had planned ended up at Build-A-Bear. I didn't think Devin would enjoy it a ton, but I thought it would be a fun little idea to build a lot-of-love into a bear so when we eventually decided to have kids, we could pass him/her down to each child and it could be our own little tradition of sorts. We found a cuddly little guy/gal that we named Snuggles. Since we were on a budget, we didn't get any clothes or anything, so the lady up front gave us some free pink bows to go on her ears. She became a she by default.

Now, we shall fast forward several months to where we found out that our little baby is going to be a boy...NOT a girl. I figured Devin had forgotten about the bear entirely, even though Snuggles was conveniently placed in areas of the house where s/he could not be forgotten--until we moved that is. At that point, I put the bear and all other stuffed animals (I do indeed have somewhat of an obsession with them--at least throughout my own childhood) in with the crib/baby stuff in the back room of our home, only to forget about it because I was so preoccupied with getting the rest of the house organized (WHICH IT FINALLY IS!!! YAY).

Again, we'll fast forward. This time, to today! Devin drove ME out to the mall. It was absolutely a surprise, because I cannot DRAG him to the mall if I WANTED to. It is absolute torture to him! So when we get there, I am a little bit flabbergasted and thinking there is something wrong with his mental stability. Then, imagine my surprise when he pulls out SNUGGLES! He decided, on his OWN I might add, that we needed to pick out a little boy outfit since we will be having a little boy baby to give Snuggles to. Here is the result:

I am sure our little one will be pleased with his daddy! And I hope that he will follow his daddy's example of thoughtfulness in the future! We also spent a lovely evening dining out since I do not like to cook on Saturdays because I need a rest from the 11+ full out meals I fix during the week. It was just a wonderful evening away from the house!

The other date I wanted to mention was a blast because we got to go roast marshmallows and make s'mores--which, in an of itself, is a great time! BUT, this particular date, Devin had made a CD for me of a bunch of songs that made him think of me. Some of them are now on our blog for your enjoyment. The cutest and most adorable thing was that he drove me to the mountains and talked me through each and every song and why it brought me to his mind! THEN, we arrived at our destination and he pulled me out of the car and slow danced with me with the beautiful mountains towering over us to, "Slow Dancin, Swayin' to the music." AWWW! I love my handsome!


Taralee said...

I love your new blog look!
I love your story about your dates, so cute and so fun! Good job Devin!
I LOVE your snuggles for your baby. Perfect!!! :)

Rhonda said...

I'm quite sure that the missionary outfit could only be found in Utah. I can't imagine it being available in Las Vegas.

The Gonzales 'Ohana said...

Hi Megan! I was so excited to find your blog. It's very cute! And wow, Devin did good on those dates!
I have a blog, too. Let's be blog friends. :)
Aloha, Shelley