Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We must love him

Camden HATES (and by hates, I mean, DESPISES) being on his stomach. Another thing he does not do well-->falling asleep on his own. Yesterday, I put him on his stomach. He immediately started to get upset, but because I am a loving mother and know it will be good for him, I let him throw a mini fit so he could get his vital tummy time. Next thing I know, he is FAST asleep. And this happened TWICE. So I snapped a few photos.

He actually looks peaceful and decently pleased in that photo

We have to prop him up on a pillow so he can look around. It keeps him pacified for a little longer than if we did otherwise. He's learning to like it a bit more each day, which is probably why he allowed himself to fall asleep this time.

I just thought it was funny that normally he is so unhappy and this time, he was SO far gone.

Another few photos of the smiley guy:

I also wanted to post a video that demonstrates his talking a little better than the last.


Shelise said...

Oh I love those smiling pictures of him. He's CUTE!

Courtney J said...

cutest baby ever!

Nikki said...

That seems like a perfect arrangement.

Jeannie said...

I enjoyed listening to Devin goo and ga. He is so cute, but not as cute as Camden.

Jon Ulf said...

I think it's interesting that he doesn't like to sleep on his tummy, Ileyana LOVES it. Even when she does fall asleep on her back, later we find he flipped over. Sometimes it freaks me out cause her face will be buried in a blanket. He's way cute you guys!