Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zeee baby!

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We thought Camden looked hilarious with his little hat and blessing outfit on.
He's a darling little guy.
I love him :)
He's tasty.
This one he looks just like Megs!
Half smile/Half scared
A little more full.
Love it.
Delivered by: Dr. Wayne Young
Soul searching
Hmmm. Thanking hard.
Blank stares.
RX: Feed when hungry. Change when wet. Love me dearly. And don't forget.
Beevis. (says Devin)
Sleepy lil guy.
Love, JaNae


Taralee said...

Awwww. All of them are darling. Nice job JaNae! They turned out great! He's a good looking little guy.

We are... said...

At 5 weeks

The Foote Family said...

He is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I haven't checked blogs for a while and holy cow you have been through a LOT since he was born. I am so glad things are going better. He is such a cutie. I want to hold him in real life. Oh, and bytheway---way to go delivering a nearly ten pound baby!!!!!!!!!!!!