Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello Everyone!

I don't often try to ask others for help, especially electronically because I know it can sometimes be found bothersome, however, I really love my brother and am trying to help him succeed in his goal! Please read below:

I am trying to help my brother get to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. He has to have the most views on this you tube video, however, for some reason it is not showing in the search results on you tube, so his numbers are much lower than the results of his competitors whose videos ARE showing in the search results. We are trying to rally a lot of people to just "watch" the video to increase his numbers, but we have to spread the word by different means because of this unfortunate event. Please watch this video (you don't actually have to WATCH it, just play it through to the end) and then email it to at least 10 others (PLEASE!) in your address book to do the same. Also, if you wouldn't mind posting it to your own blogs, we could get more numbers and hopefully more people to post it to their own facebooks, blogs, emails, etc. It would mean so much to my technology-loving brother, and our family, for him to win.

Thank you a TON! Because of the mishap, he is already 400 views behind, even though he was ahead in the beginning of the competition. It would be the best Christmas present to him EVER if we can make it happen! Please help us! Thanks again!

~Meg Romney

P.S. Only one view per IP address will register, so watching it multiple times will not be necessary. Thank you!

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Carissa Rasmussen said...

I watched it...Funny enough Tyler showed me how to do the exact same thing after an ISYS lab at school one day. Suuuuper exciting:) haha I was like, cool hunny