Wednesday, December 30, 2009


With only two days left, we have gained the lead...but are now only up by 200 views and the second place man is gaining on us a little each day. We want to secure the lead and win; so everyone who reads this, PLEASE post it to your blog so that it gets as many hits as possible. You can just delete it on Friday evening once the contest is over. If we can get it on several blogs, regular readers/blog surfers will be SURE to help secure our win! Thank you for EVERYONE who has helped! We really appreciate it and Trevor really appreciates it! If we secure this win, it will be the first thing he has won in his life! Let's help him make this dream come true! Thanks again! And here is the video

*just as a side note, I have a TON of things to update on, but I am waiting a few more days so that I can get as many views for Trevor as possible. Come back later for cute pics and our WONDERFUL Christmas!

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