Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My newest project

I know it's not even after Thanksgiving yet, BUT....I don't get the privilege of going home to be with our family, SO...I have begun a few little projects. These aren't the best pictures of them, but they have been really fun. Someday, down the road, when we get a Christmas tree, I will hang them with joy and lights and they will shine and be beautiful....I HOPE! :O)

This tree courtesy of Shelise Mayer

I am also planning on making some that display "hope," "love," and "joy;" along with the first letters of our first and last names! They are fun, inexpensive, and will hopefully look great!

P.S. I usually DETEST the color purple. I am gradually developing a liking for it...AND I have even chosen to do our tree in purples (for royalty), greens (for lots of things), and whites/clear (for reflection---to bring out the LIGHT). Because, to me, ornaments and Christmas decorations are supposed to symbolize something. I want it to MEAN something to us at that special time of year!


DeAnna and Matthew said...

so, this has nothing to do with your post,lol, but nice ornaments... anyway, i have that bless the house little tray thing too. we got it for our wedding.lol.. random

Taralee said...

I love those!! I kinda want to make some! :) Where did you find that craft? Totally fun!

Rhonda said...

I think that tree works great for a Christmas tree. :) How creative!