Saturday, November 29, 2008

A bit of thanks...

We had a great Thanksgiving; even though we weren't able to spend it with our extended families! I had to work Wednesday and Friday, so we decided it would be better just to stay in Provo for the day. We have some WONDERFUL family though!~ I won't go into details, but I will just say they are so generous, loving, and thoughtful! I was grateful--and touched-- that they still remembered us even though we couldn't make it down for Thanksgiving! We are VERY excited to go to Vegas for Christmas though!

We didn't really get a chance to do our annual turkey bowl, which happens to be one of my favorite traditions, considering it honors the day/time that Devin asked me on our first date. I was sad about that, but we still had fun hangin with a few couples from the ward. Sonna (Fegert) and Sloan Robison--along with their daughter Ruthie-- and Caroline and Charlie Bagget (and some of Caroline's family and friends) were our company and we had a really good time. I made a ham and my mom's famous/the-most-delicious-you-could-ever-possibly-taste rolls for the event. However, my version of the rolls didn't turn out nearly as splendid....and I can't figure out why because after I put them in a plastic bag over night, they were DEFINITELY as good! When I brought them to the dinner, the tops were a little hard, but now they're soft and fluffy as can be! Sad, but happy, because that means we get to eat them for a while still! They are truly the best! I missed a few of the traditional things my family has for dinner--such as frog-eye salad, grandpa's banana cream pie, and candied yams, etc.--BUT we got a few tastes for foreign: chinese potatoes, which Devin LOVED!!!

All in all, it was a great time! It was so fun to catch up with Sonna and to get to know Carolyn a little better while the guys were outside chasing one another around! We are truly grateful for SOOOOO many things, but especially all of our friends and family who have done so much for us and have taught us all of the important things in life! We love you!

P.S. The picture above is the little girl I nanny. We made her Indian outfit for Thanksgiving out of a paper bag courtesy of Smiths. She went home to color and paint it after, but I thought it was cute and fun! She is an adorable little girl and I am very grateful to nanny her!

Other grate-fulls:

-Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
-one another
-the warm feeling of home
-physical health
-mental health
-emotional health
-missionaries (especially family currently serving/preparing)
-safety and security
-the bed and blankets (this is my favorite--Devin always sees the big grin that lights my face up whenever I get into bed and my comfy covers at the end of the day)
-other sports we have fun playing
-cars to get us where we need to go
-blogs to keep in touch
-Meghan (this is Devin's)
-our ward
-service opportunities and performed
-Heavenly Father's creations (which Devin likes to remind me is everything--and we truly are grateful for everything, The End.)


Shelise said...

lol. You must really like football, you put it twice. Did you mean to or was that an accident?

We are... said...

ha ha, yeah....Devin wanted me to.