Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jadyn's Birth Story

I wrote this a couple of months ago, but haven't gotten around to posting.  I am feeling the need to catch up on my personal life, though, so here goes:

I've had this on my list of things to do for ages, but just have never gotten to it.  Luckily, I think I remember things pretty decently, I hope.

I had been dilated to a 2 for a couple of weeks and knew that I could possibly go anytime.  My due date wasn't until June 15, but I had been hoping for her to be born on a Wednesday so that I could have the maximum number of days off before I had to get back to teaching piano lessons.  My dad and Dallin were supposed to sing in their ward on June 10th. My dad had asked if I wanted to sing, but since my due date was so close to that, I didn't go for it because I just couldn't be sure I would be able to do it.  But they asked me to accompany them.  I told them I would as long as I didn't have the baby on the Friday or Saturday before they sang.  We practice multiple times for the two weeks prior just in case.

On Monday, the 4th of June, we had some painters come from Devin's work to paint the house.  I was due the 15th, but really figured I would come early.  Still, I hoped and prayed that all would be complete with the painting before we had Jadyn.  The other thing was, I prayed that we could have her on a Wednesday so that I could have the most time with just our little family before I had to go to work teaching piano again (I teach every Monday/Tuesday).  They thought they could finish the painting on Monday and Tuesday, and I did all I could to ensure that happened, but they didn't have enough guys so it went into Wednesday.  The house was just a disaster area, but I felt so much fluid leaking those days that I thought it wouldn't be too much longer before I went into labor.  I also knew I had been overloaded working between the house being painted and piano lessons, and I just kept telling Devin to expect her to come Wednesday (that's why I was a bit disappointed when the house wasn't finished Tuesday).  I felt like I had so much to do, and I didn't want Jadyn and our family to come to a house that was in disarray. I continued to practice with my Dad and Dallin just in case.  Wednesday, some thing had gone wrong with the paint colors too, so Devin was running around that morning trying to get the colors changed.  I was nervous, because I just didn't know if everything would get done. 

I had been having a lot of Braxton Hick's contractions for several weeks.  They weren't ever getting regular though, nor were they getting stronger, so I just continued about my business.  Around lunch on Wednesday, I started moving some furniture back in the bonus room.  I felt like the contractions were getting stronger, but they were just so sporadic, I didn't know what to think.  Because of that, I continued to just think they were Braxton Hicks and worked forward.  It was going to take a lot of work to get all of the furniture back and then get the house cleaned.  And I remember telling the painter that I thought I was probably in labor, so not to think I was strange if I just stopped dead in my tracks or pulled weird faces.  I was tired and worn out, but determined.  I called my mom and JaNae to tell them that I thought I was probably in labor, but that I wasn't sure because the contractions would be 7 minutes apart, then 5, then 10, then 7 again.  They just weren't getting any closer together that I could tell. And I just kept timing them, but thought maybe I was just confused and a little too hopeful. I called Devin as well and told him I thought it would be the night.  He wasn't going to come home from work though unless I was ready to go to the hospital.  The painters left around 3:15 after a mad rush to get as much of it done as possible (there was only a SMALL amount of trim work that needed to be done on Friday), and then I just continued cleaning.  Devin came home from work around 5.  He started helping me get the house together and got his stuff packed just in case.  I had already had mine packed for quite some time, so I just kept cleaning.

Finally, the contractions were starting to get pretty strong. I would pause or have to move around.  They still weren't regular, but I thought there was a pretty good chance she would be coming soon.  I called JaNae to tell her to start to travel down (she takes pictures of the kiddos when they're born).  At about 8, I got out of the shower, and realized that I couldn't walk much through the contractions.  They were getting too strong and almost unbearable.  We decided we'd better leave and deliver the kids to my mom.  I still needed to clean a few things, so I finished the bathroom up and some laundry while Devin mopped the downstairs and vacuumed (I had literally moved all of the house back together AND deep cleaned the house during that entire day).  Then we loaded Camden into the car to take him to my parents.  I think we got there around 10 or so.  He was getting excited to have "Baby Jadyn" come (and she has forever been known by that name since).  He kept asking if Baby Jadyn was going to come out of my belly.  He was anxious and really seemed to understand what was going on.  He wanted to go to the hospital with us, but was content with staying at my parents.

We arrived at the hospital about 11:00.  They checked me in and called the doctor to see if I should stay.  My water sack was about ready to burst, they said.  It took a while to get me back to a room (much longer than I remember anything taking at the hospital in Orem with Camden--there, they had my epidural given to me in 15 minutes there).  I assumed it would be about the same at this hospital, but apparently their procedures are different.  Even though the anesthesiologist was at the hospital, I had to wait for my blood to be drawn and analyzed to make sure I could get my epidural.  It took like 2 more hours~!!  I was in some SERIOUS pain at that point, but wasn't dilating any more than I had been at my last doctor appointment.  With Camden, I had dilated MUCH more than this by the time I got to the hospital, AND my contractions NEVER got that painful.  I had a lot of back labor with him,……and let me just tell you, I MUCH prefer the back labor!  I was in so much pain I really thought I was going to be throwing up any minute.  If I had to go through one more contraction, I probably would have.  I was also starving.  I hadn't eaten anything since lunch!  Because I figured I was in labor, and my last nurse let me have a little bit of apple juice, I didn't think anything of it.  But later, I realized that was the biggest mistake I made.

The epidural was finally administered at around 2:00am.  Devin had been able to sleep the whole time I was contracting, but I hadn't slept since Tuesday night--not ONE little wink!  I was exhausted.  Because my blood pressure is so low, every time I am at the hospital and I start to fall asleep, it sends the machines into a beeping frenzy, so I still didn't get much sleep.  The nurse came to check on me around 4am.  I was dilating again (at an 8)!  And so luckily, I wouldn't need any pitocin or anything to help move the labor along!  I think the epidural helped me to relax enough to let me body do what it needed to do.  She said she would call the doctor and he would arrive in about 2 hours.  We called my parents and JaNae and told them the news.  They showed up around 6.  The nurse then came in and said she would call the doctor.  But I was already at a ten.  I knew Jadyn would be there soon because I was starting to feel the pressure that came with each contraction.  I don't remember what time he showed up, but he said she was at a 3+ already when he checked me, so it was GO time!  And it really was, because I gave two 10 second pushes (through one contraction) and she was THERE!  First thing I asked the doctor was if I had torn (since I did SO BADLY with Camden).  He said it was minimal. YAY!  Devin did cut the cord this time with Jadyn….it didn't seem nearly as rushed.  They took her and she weighed in at 8 lbs 6 ounces (a FULL pound and a half SMALLER than Camden!). I think she was like 20.5 inches long.  They handed her to me after wiping her down and Devin was standing to my left.  She cranked her head all the way around to look at him because she heard him talking.  Talk about being a Daddy's Girl already :O).  She wanted to see her dad.  She also had a lot of pictures of her taken.  She was very alert and just content as can be.  She was even making faces at the camera by sticking her tongue out.

When I had Camden, I was kind of time sensitive as to when I needed to have him because I was working at Jean and Bay's and wanted the maximum time I possibly could to recuperate.  It was roughly the same with Jadyn, too.  Camden, I needed to have on a Friday and Jadyn needed to come on a Wednesday to get the maximum amount of time I wanted before working again.  Luckily, the Lord answered my prayers both times.  There is no reason but Divine Providence that it would happen that way…..I was so grateful to have that beautiful baby girl and have the maximum amount of time with her as I could.

I wanted something to eat immediately after Jadyn was born; I was just SO famished.  They said my breakfast was on the way.  Then they moved me to recovery.  Devin got his food, but mine never came and never came (kinda like the epidural--this happened BOTH mornings I was there).  I didn't get to eat until about 10:00 AM!  Ridiculous!  I could've killed someone.  And I was tired.  I didn't get to see Jadyn again until around that time as well.  There were lots of babies born that night, I guess.

Camden came the next day and LOVED her.  We gave him a little book to tell him about having a sister.  He brought her a blanket.  Jadyn also had her grandparents and Uncle Dallin visit.

Recovery with Jadyn was a MILLION times easier than with Cam.  I guess that pound and a half and minimal tearing made a HUGE difference.  I also didn't get any intrauterine infections for the first several weeks, or recurring mastitis like I had with Cam.  It was fabulous.  I mean, not that I didn't have pain, but I now know that if all of my recoveries were normal like this one, I could have several babies.  As tired as I was from the lack of sleep, it was still a dream compared to what I had been used to.  I have even hoped to get pregnant again rather soon because it was SUCH a different experience than the last.

We are grateful to have Jadyn and Camden absolutely adores her EVERYDAY.  He has never been disgruntled or angry to have her in our lives.  On the contrary, I just can't get him to leave her alone he loves her TOO much! :O)  He's going to be a great big brother to her and I hope he will always stay as kind to her and hope that she will continue to flash him the grinniest grins.  They will be little buddies and I LOVE it!

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I love birth stories! I'm sooo glad your delivery and recovery went better this time. You guys really had a tough go of it last time! (Didn't some of you get the swine flu too?!) Yay for smoother times and no sibling animosity!