Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take 2 of 2

I don't do Christmas cards.

Maybe that makes me an awful person, but there are very few reasons I actually like them; especially nowadays when technology has allowed us to become so consumed in other people's lives throughout the year that it no longer seems logical to send out the same information via Christmas letter.  Not to mention the fact that when I get a whole stack of Christmas cards, I just don't know what to do with them.  I hate clutter, and I hate throwing things away.  True, it is my own personal weakness for which repudiation is needed, but seriously, they become momentos to me that I....(choke) treasure.  I have to hang them on my refrigerator and then--a few months later--convince myself it's time to take them down, and worse, load them into my scrapbook, special box for special items (which I never view again until it's time to fill it with MORE), or some sort of journal.

(I do like that most people are converting to e-mailed Christmas letters--considering it lessens my refrigerator load, but still allows the wonderful creativity which is CHRISTMAS)

Everyone sees a little too much of my family through Facebook, this blog, (and perhaps even in person) to really justify sending out MORE anyway.  But I still want to get pictures taken EVERY year (this not being something we ever really did growing up--not regularly anyway) because I think it is so fun to document and laugh at all of the funny styles we thought to be so very fantastic at the time!  Plus, isn't it wonderful to see how your kids have grown and multiplied through the years (or your dog--because at one time, I did want to take family pictures with my little Scruffy--too bad Devin didn't like him--or anyone else besides me, for that matter). 

This post is documenting take 2 of 2 for Camden/Family pictures 2010 because the first time failed miserably.  Not by any fault of our photographer,  mind you.  I had everything all ready.  Props in the car.  Camden carefully dressed and combed--his hair a tad shorter at the time--happy, and even in his car seat.  Driving away, JaNae and I hear the sound all mothers dread.  Gagging, vomiting, spewing, and sopping-wet-falling-down.  Camden was vomiting., his car seat, clothing, props! We turned right back around, cleaned up, and didn't attempt going out again as he continued to vomit all over my family room, his bedroom, blankets, and replacement clothing (on both our parts).

Fast forward a few weeks and here are our family pictures taken for this year (and probably all of my future years for decades to come) by my fabulous sister, JaNae! Not quite as carefully planned, but still turned out fabulously--DUH because if she's fabulous, that's the only way they COULD turn out!  JaNae has a real talent--one I wish she'd pursue more, because this is what she does without any training--AT ALL!  (And we are no easy bunch to shoot--on this second attempt, Camden wasn't quite as pleased to be taking pictures).  Anyway, without further adieu, our 'The Romney Clan 2010' photo album, specialty of JaNae is LoveLee Photography.

(DUDE, this shutterfly slideshow thingie really does some distortion damage!  Click on the link to make it larger and it does a better job.  Because, I just can't allow you to believe that is the type of work JaNae really does, nor is it what we really look like; and I don't have time to save each file individually in the nice format they should be in order to repost them here.  Excuse my laziness, but don't you be lazy)  :O)

Ok, but seriously, keep sending your paper Christmas cards our way anyway.  I'd hate to miss an update of people who are so dear to my heart (and sometimes the e-mailed versions don't work, as I've come to find out)!

P.S.  Turns out, when you're sick, you have lots of time for blogging, so be sure, if you're interested, to note this is not the only thing I posted today


Lindzie said...

Janae did a great job! :) Thanks for sharing!

John and Marissa said...

So adorable! I love these...Camden has such beautiful eyes!

Tim and Maria Jones said...

Tim and I are doing Christmas cards this year for the first time. We got them free from Shutterfly. Email me your address and I'll send you one!
Hope you get better soon! Good luck with the job hunt!

Michelle said...

The pictures turned out sooo cute! You have such a cute little family! Good luck with the job hunt and I hope you find something sooner rather than later.