Thursday, March 18, 2010

Camden's so cute half birthday

 Blog title courtesy of Devin

Today is Camden's half birthday.  We didn't do anything out of the ordinary.  Except watch the madness that is March, that is.  I am currently ahead--and at this point, shouldn't have a difficult time winning the whole shebang.

Little tidbits about the half birthday boy (and this is more for me than for you):

  • He rubs his eyes ferociously when he is tired.  Got that trait from his momma
  • It's not quite crawling yet, but he has been up on all fours for a few weeks.  Just rockin' out
  • The simple toys are his joys--none of those hit a button and the toy plays with itself kind of deals
  • It's not too difficult for him to "egg on" his dad to the point of play--and play, they do!
  • Light green and Camden do not go well together.  He is automatically mistaken for a girl when he wears that color.  And here I thought he was ALL BOY.
  • He loves to EAT!  He'll go to the doc on Monday, and I'm sure we'll get the A-OK to feed him solids (I've already bought some carrots and bananas for the grand event)
  • Sleeping at night has not been as much of an issue as of late.  He falls asleep and stays asleep (except for one feeding--which I'm hoping will change with more solid foods and juice), well now that his two bottom teeth have broken through.
  • He's definitely letting us know when he dislikes something, such as when I take my cell phone back after he talks with Grandma
  • There are only a few things that make him laugh hysterically!  And he really does sound like he's going to hyperventilate--or cry.  One of the two. I am not sure that I have ever seen a child laugh as hard for as long.  You know when you have one of those laugh-so-hard-I'm-gonna-pee-my-pants moments?  It's like that, but WORSE!  It's hilarious to watch, but there are only a few random things that have set him off.  And he will only laugh at it two or three times that way and then is seemingly annoyed that we continue to do it.  So we have yet to catch the real craziness on tape!  
  • He is getting excited to move.  He doesn't know it yet, but every fiber of his being is jumping ecstatically.  Possibly because we're about to have more fun with one another.  It's all happening April 3rd (as long as this apartment doesn't fall through like the others--please pray for us--we are getting a little nervous about being homeless come April 5th)
And there you have it!  A happy, healthy, packing, and exhausted Romney family!


Lil Bubbee said...

So where are you moving?! I hope everything falls into place for you guys! Will you still be in the ward, or are you leaving the boundaries? Let me know if I can help!!--Celi Ngatuvai

Janae Walker said...

such a cute little guy! i love each stage....enjoy it!

Whitney said...

Congrats Camden on your half b-day!! I'll for sure keep you in my prayers!! Good luck with the move!