Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have a problem...

It's been FOREVER since I've actually updated and there is so much to update on, that it almost overwhelms me.  My dilemma, I work all day when the computer isn't in use, and then when I possibly have some down time, Devin needs it for homework.  So, I think this will be the super quick version because I'm being told the computer is needed once again.

This is all going to start before Christmas.  Here is one of my fabulous ex-roomates--but super friend and named "godmother" to Camden (though, we are admittedly not Catholic)--Shelley!  We love her!  She got this cute outfit for Camden for Christmas.  He is well pleased.  And it is one of the few outfits he has decided not to 'poo' his way out of.  He must like it!

 Not unlike his father, Camden is a big football fan!  He loves this football that Grams gave him when he came home from the hospital.  Who knows, maybe he will be a football star one day?!?  I
bet his daddy would love it.  They do enjoy watching football games together already. (But I am not losing him yet!  He loves his music, books, and food, too!)

These make me laugh.  He looks like a greedy little gnome in this one, and the other, he is about to chomp down.

We didn't get any really GOOD shots with Santa.  At least he wasn't afraid of the old guy.  I bet he will be someday. We were just trying to make him smile in these pictures, but all he would do was suck on his hands and look up at daddy.  Not to mention, I'm not very pleased with Devin's camera.  I can only get blurry pictures it seems! I want MY camera back

And here are a few for Grandma Romney.  Daddy says you like baby bums?!?  Don't ask me why one cheek is red :O)  These are a little more censored than the others.  But the others were cuter.  I'll save Camden the embarrassment. 

Oops!  I ran out of time.  (To be cont...)


T-Ray said...

I have not seen Shelley in FOREVER!! She looks great and your baby is as cute as always.

Taralee said...

LOVE the bum shot!! He is such a handsome little guy!!! I love all his little smiles and faces :)

I totally understand the whole "don't know where to begin" problem. I was just typing that in a post of my own (I'll be posting it as soon as I can finish it). You're smart to just do a little when you can though. It makes me happy to see some cute pictures!

Love ya!

Colin Minor said...

So cute!! you have the cutest little boy EVER!! Oh my gosh i cant get over how cute he is!!