Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How we made the announcement

**Note: I cannot get the pictures to load up properly and this already loaded on the blog. It will be a few days before I can get the pics up.**

I realize that I have a lot to catch up on still from December and January...oh yeah, plus February since it has passed too! This year is flyin. Maybe I will just say now that one of the greatest surprises I was given for Christmas was that my parents surprised us all with tickets to WICKED in Los Angeles! The day after Christmas, we left for the show, stayed the night there and had a great weekend! My grandparents joined us and it was a blast! I have yet to get the pictures from my grandpa that we took that weekend/at Christmastime (I have since lost my camera) and so hopefully I will get them up someday.

Anyway, I thought I could just share how we made the announcement to our parents that we were having a baby (this was in January).

We sent them an email which was titled "FW: A family funny..." and then said

"Please note: forwarded message attached

Looks like we'll be needing a lot more of these in the coming months...

Dev and Meg"

Here was the attachment:

Lately, Meghan’s been acting really moody and she hasn’t wanted me to touch her very much. She’s also been really sensitive to smells. For example, for a few days she kept telling me that I smelled like farts…even after I had gotten right out of the shower! So I figured she was pregnant cuz a) I don’t smell like farts and b) she’s never been able to keep her hands off me until now. (haha)

So, January 2nd and 3rd she did two pregnancy tests from the dollar store but they came back negative; however, her period just never came. She was being all emotional, so when we went to the doctor’s office today we asked for a blood test. We called back two hours later to hear the results. Meghan wanted me to call so I did but they said it was confidential and so they could only tell Meghan. So I handed her the phone and the lady said that the results came back positive! As soon as she said that Meghan got really serious and nervous. Her voice was shaky and I could see that she was gonna cry soon. I started laughing because Meghan is so funny when she cries. Her face scrunches up and it’s the cutest thing I have ever seen. Meghan started crying while still on the phone and after a few brief pauses the lady asked what was wrong. Meghan said “I’m crying and my husband is laughing at me.” When they finished on the phone Meghan just let it all out. I wish I could’ve recorded it. She kept saying I don’t know what to do and I’m scared over and over again. She said that she just didn’t expect to hear that the results were positive and she was just in shock. Then she said “You and me are gonna be parents, that’s so dumb.” (As in, she didn’t know if we could handle it) While still bawling, she said, “I’m gonna be fat and you’re not going to like me.” I said, “You’re gonna be how Heavenly Father wants you to be. She responded—all the meanwhile crying her eyes out—with, “what if Heavenly Father wants me to be fat?! I told her that he wants you to be fat for a little while and then you’ll get skinny again.

I think the only thing that she was sad about was that she wouldn’t be able to play on our intramural soccer team now. She LOVES to play especially that now we were gonna be able to play with JaNae. (She’s decided that she may just play anyways for the regular season until she is further along). Oh well, that’s how life goes sometimes. She’ll be a great mother and I am so proud of her. We really weren’t expecting it to work so fast cuz we just started trying at the end of November. She is about 5 weeks along. It’s awesome to think that our baby is growing inside of her. Meghan is such a strong woman and I’m sure that she’ll make it through whatever comes her way. She is very good at adjusting and adapting to all the changes in her life. In the meantime, I will try to be patient and help out as much as possible while working and going to school. It puts a little more pressure on me to get through school and earn a living but I’m sure that with the Lord’s help we can get through it. We were planning on doing an internship next semester but instead we’ll be here getting ready to have a baby!

Congratulations grandparents, aunts and uncles!!!! Thanks so much for your help in getting us to this point and please keep us in your prayers.

P.S. We’re trying to remember that there is always a good possibility of miscarriage in the first few months so we should maybe stay level headed and not get too excited til then. We would like to try to keep this with family and close friends for a bit.

So, I guess this picture turns out after all---even though we REALLY didn’t know Meg was prego yet, I was just joking around when JaNae was trying to take pictures of us….

Even though it’s not a very cute picture of Meghan<-- (Meg says) "I was trying to tell him to stop" :O))

Devin wrote that obviously. We called my parents first and tried to get my brother Dallin to think of an excuse to get my mom to read her email. He has a hard time playing along with me since he's not quite as goofy, but finally he got everyone gathered around, they read it and were very excited!~ It will be their first grandchild; so they are anticipating spoiling the child with lots of goodies. They weren't quite as surprised as they otherwise would have been since I had been asking my mom tons of questions--I had some issues a little earlier on-- and she was very suspicious.

Devin's family was a lot more surprised because Justin (his brother) was able to play along a little better. He had a better excuse and told them "Everyone gather around really fast, I just got an email from my mission president!" Needless to say, they hurried, he began reading the email, they were all baffled because it didn't sound very much like an email from a mission president, and then we got a good laugh and some screams when they finally realized what they were being told! This will be their second grand baby.

We bought that onesie because the baby is due in September! We are excited and I am finally starting to show--even though most people would still disagree. What can I say?! I see myself naked; they don't!


Jenny Lewis said...

Aww! I am so excited for you guys! Meghan you are going to be one of those super cute moms adored by all! I thought the announcement to the family was so hilarious! I love the part "I'm crying and my husband is laughing at me."- that is just TOO cute!

Moser Clan said...

I'm thrilled for you guys. There is no greater gift!

Shelise said...

I may have already told you this when we talked a few weeks ago, but I had the same reaction when I found out I was pregnant with Hudson. I cried! I was happy but SO scared too. Its just a feeling of knowing there is no turning back at that point. The second time around I wasnt as scared because I kind of knew what to expect and our lives had already been changed forever so hey why not add another. lol.

How are you feeling by now? Yeah I bet you probably dont look too much like your showing to other people but like you said they dont see you naked. haha.

Thanks for sharing that I cant wait to see the pictures.

Taralee said...

That's a fun way that you told everyone! I'm SO excited for you guys :) I can't wait to see your tummy, I bet it's dang cute.

Oh, and I'm glad other people don't see you naked haha!!!