Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, we are moving today. I am actually quite sad to leave our tiny apartment because I have truly grown to love it! I love having it set up just the way I like it and having all of my own things. It is just nice to be organized and established, and I will miss that a lot.

I also had my last day working at Wells Fargo today. My coworkers were all so-very-kind and brought lots of fruit, sandwiches, and some yummy desserts for my parting. I brought a cake as well and we all enjoyed some laughs with some great food! I will certainly miss them, and I truly believe I will miss this job! I know it seems silly, but I have really enjoyed working for WF. For my coworkers, for the people, and for the great experience gained. I know that I will have those days where I wish I could be back, laughing about stories and helping the regulars. They become your friends and a part of you; so it's hard to leave. I had a good cry about it last night and hope that no more tears will come....I have a feeling that won't be possible.

We are moving in with an older couple whom we will be in charge of making lunch and dinner meals, helping them around the house and with changing clothes/bathroom stuff, grocery shopping, light cleaning and yard maintenance, and errands/dr. appointments, etc. I am quite excited about it in many ways, but a little apprehensive in others. It always takes me a while to get used to the duties of a new job, so until I feel comfortable with it, I know it will be a little overwhelming.

I wanted to do this because I will be able to work from home when the baby comes. We will also have free living expenses, meals, utilities, and will get paid on top of that. It will be a very good situation for us and hopefully for the couple we will be living with. Because of the mental/physical disabilities of the couple, however, it will be quite challenging mentally/emotionally for me. I am going to need a lot of growth but I know the Lord can help me!

It is a bigger place, so our baby will fit much better! So no more squishing ourselves hopefully, BUT I don't know what we will do with all of our furniture because a lot of the place is already furnished and we will have to fit our own stuff in as well. We shall see how my pregnant brain works with organizing things!

I will also miss the little raccoons! I know that sounds funny, but one of them is seriously the cutest thing you've ever seen! I will miss my schedule and "freedom"-my covered parking space even, but we will gain so much more with this move and it will challenge us in ways we can't even imagine yet! I am just praying that I can do it! :O)


Kjell Crowe said...

perfect for when you have the baby!

Becca said...

that will be tough but someone as good with people as you will have a wonderful impact on their lives, as they will with yours.

i still can't get over that my oldest friend is pregnant (as in, friend for the longest time, not oldest in years). :)

i'm so happy for you!!

Rhonda said...

I think this new job is right up your alley. You're so kind and thoughtful with people. They're lucky to have you. Good Luck!