Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You talkin to ME?!

-Every time I say a prayer on Camden's and my meal, he always looks behind him and wonders who I'm talking to.
-When I tell Camden "no," he looks at me, shakes his head "yes" and keeps on doing it until the third time I say "no."  Then, he shakes his head "no" too and goes on to do something else.
-When Camden gets to hold my phone, he gets so excited he literally tries to squeeze it as hard as possible.  It looks like he's about to have a seizure.
-Lately, Camden has mysteriously been eating crackers I never gave him.  Come to find out, he kept going through his diaper bag, when I wasn't looking, to get treats.
-I'm beginning to realize I can't get strip in front of Camden anymore to take a shower.  As soon as I start undressing, he laughs hysterically at me.  I realize I'm not in THAT great of shape, but come on! :O)

-cuddling his blue blankie in bed
-his 'ba ba' (bottle)  (why no, he is no longer nursing.  Turns out, having mastitis for 5 months really decreases your milk supply--and your stamina--for nursing)
-or his 'ba ba' (ball)
-rolling cars
-singing/playing the piano
-playing in the refrigerator
-the pool
-my computer printer
-pulling books off the shelf/reading himself stories
-jumping on his bed
-pulling the fan/light cords to turn them on and off
-walking as fast as possible
-steering wheels
  • -eating (though last time we went to the doc, he had dropped to the 13th percentile for weight.  Is that even possible? for a child that was born in the 96th percentile?

  In Mexico during Hurricane Alex 
(why yes, a whole other story to tell)

P.S.  Wasn't that an AWESOME thunderstorm last night?!

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