Saturday, February 27, 2010

A bunch of Random

I have SUCH a sweet boy!  Here are a bunch of pictures of him over the last couple of months. (P.S.  Bear with me....since my last post, blogger has changed dramatically or something, because it is definitely different from the last time I used it.  This will make for a not-so-good post because I don't have the time to put into it since I need to stop to figure this out).

Camden at about 3 1/2 months.  He's growing so quickly!  He has had some really bad cradle cap/eczema (I have heard different diagnoses), so those are the red spots you see on his forehead and cheek.  The spots are disappearing as long as I remember to put hydrocortizone cream on it everyday)  He's still a cutie, but he started becoming quite the drooler, so since I liked this particular outfit so much, I wanted to put a bib on to keep him from drooling all over it.  Unfortunately, I went to take a picture of him in the outfit and forgot to take off the bib!! ha ha. Oh well.  We'll get it some other time.

My dear Grandma Larson sent this outfit up with my cousin Shelise when her son pooped out of his outfit!  It was WAY too small for him, but just right for Camden.  It has a cute pair of pants with a dog on the bum, but he didn't have them on here.  He is about 4 months 1 week.

He loves his books!  Here he shows off his mad still-learning-to-sit skills.  Obviously, this is a while ago, cuz now he sits up by himself like a champ! (Without leaning so far forward)

Happy to have that book open and reading it!

Oh! My sweet boy!  Got a little tuckered out and just laid there staring and smiling at me.
About two months ago, Devin and I went bowling for one of our dates.  BYU is wonderful because they have pretty inexpensive bowling and we had a BOGO free pass.  Look at my husbands GREAT form.

It had been a while since we have gone bowling. But we made a little wager anyway.  Oh, it looks like hot mama won! (And so she was treated to a NEVER ON A SUNDAE at pizza factory.  If you haven't had it and you are in Provo, you  MUST)
Happy Birthday Grandpa Waters!!! 

We love You!
This is terrible because these pictures are so blurry.  But if the room is too dark, the flash on Devin's camera will still just not help it.  I really just wanted to show that last weekend (right at 5 months old), Camden's grandparents came.  We didn't get pictures, but we did get some video.  Unfortunately, our video doesn't connect to the computer, so this is all I have!

Surprised!  But he's still just too cute!

I still want to get our December pictures up on here, I just don't know that it will ever happen. In comparing them to the above pictures, I just can't believe how quickly Camden has grown!  Here is just one because I don't have time to put up the rest. This was just after we got home from our Christmas in Las Vegas. Camden's Uncle Dallin set up this gift for him. He loves it! (3 months)

P.S.  Can anyone tell me how to upload a video now? 

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