Thursday, September 3, 2009

No more pictures, but good news!

Doc says I'm dilated to a 2. He wanted to induce me for next week, but says based on the amount I am dilated, he will wait just a bit longer. I have an appointment on Tuesday, so we'll see if I progress any from now until then!

Other news:

-Dev has now had the flu 9 days. After two doctor appointments, they still aren't testing for H1N1, but don't believe that he has it.

-If I show ANY signs at all of any type of flu when I deliver, they will isolate me from the baby for at least 24 hours. That means no bonding, no feeding, etc.

-The doctor says I should require everyone who comes into the house to wear a mask and/or get both flu vaccinations. Especially considering we have an elderly couple here and will soon have a newborn. Both at high risk. I suppose I will have to buy a box of masks considering we have TONS of people coming in and out of here. Plus, he reminds us how often we need to wash our hands, etc.

These are NOT the circumstances I was imagining bringing a baby into this world. I just hope the flu isn't as bad as they think it will be! But, we've already had 3 of the 4 of us in this house with the regular flu, so guess we will be pretty immune to that! (I'm the only one who hasn't gotten it--which is really a blessing, because someone had to aid these people who are infected AND pregnant women seem to get it worse! Glad I've dodged the bullet for a while. I certainly don't want to have the flu AND be in labor at the same time!!)


Nikki said...

Wow! Only a week! I hope everything goes smoothly.

Shelise said...

Yikes! I'll be praying for you. Good luck. I'm such a worrier so now I'm going to be concerned until everything is resolved.

llcall said...

i'm so sorry to hear about the flu going around your house! i really hope you keep being blessed to not get it. good luck with the delivery, etc. hope it goes smoothly!

Yulia Phelps said...

Meghan, I hope you don't get the flu so you can bond with your baby. I will be praying for you. I happy that you'll be a mommy soon.

Janae Walker said...

good luck! you might have already had the baby, but hope everything goes well!