Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Injury of the Century

We had a pretty eventful weekend this past weekend. It all began with Devin's soccer game on Friday night. Things were going terribly, as is usual for this team, and I could tell Dev was getting pretty frustrated...it's just about the time he starts trying to do everything himself--as if it will get them the seven goals they still need just to be tied! :O) Anyway, with about two minutes left in the game, he went for a 50-50 ball, however, he was stretching for it a little more than the other guy was. Because he didn't have as much weight into the ball, he received most of the force and BAM! All I heard was this deafening scream and him tuck into a ball and start rolling while clutching at his ankle/leg/knee....I couldn't tell! I guess I'm not as much of a worrier as I thought, because I didn't immediately run over to be by his side (although, I really am a loving wife, I promise:O)).....until......he KEPT screaming, kept yelping, and continued to roll and groan. I. HAVE. NEVER. seen him react like that to pain...EVER. In actuality, I don't believe I have ever seen ANYONE react that way to pain. It was THE WORST drama I've ever seen!!!!

Everyone asked me if he was faking it for a call or something, and I said that was absolutely NOT the case. He NEVER has a reaction to pain, let alone one even remotely similar to this. I thought his femur had snapped in half for sure. A group of us rushed to be by his side, get him some ice, and see if he wanted an EMT, which he quickly responded with the affirmative. He had heard something snap in his knee. He continued to grimace. We started asking him questions for the EMT when all of a sudden, while I was holding the ice on his knee, he suddenly pushed the ice away. Then he responded that he no longer wanted the EMT. And to add to it all, he began to LAUGH--I think from sheer embarrassment at the thought of his dramatic presentation! I was feeling a little bit flabbergasted at that moment. I didn't know what to think, I mean, we all thought he was dieing a slow and painful death at the way he was reacting to this incident. One friend even commented that it seemed as if someone was sawing his leg in two. HOW could he be LAUGHING?!?! He said "the pain just stopped all of a sudden." For all I know, it was the injury of the century with the drama we were experiencing, but then the pain just STOPPED?! Well, it didn't ACTUALLY stop, but apparently it started to feel a lot better and he decided it wouldn't be worth paying for the ambulance just for a little help (yes, he is indeed a Romney); so, he just wanted to walk it off. He is still limping a little bit, and not quite able to attend work yet, but the doctor wants to see him again Thursday because he may have had a meniscus tear. All I can say is at least it wasn't his ACL (I think it actually may be a miracle because we REALLY need him to be able to work right now, and I know the Lord was watching out for us), AND we now have a DRAMA KING to add to the family.

P.S. Devin has even torn ligaments in his knee and broken bones, and he says it never hurt as bad as this. He wanted me to tell you that.

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